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McVities Moments Triple Chocolate Cookie

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Brand: Mc Vitie's

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2006 08:11
      Very helpful



      Leaves your mouth feeling dry

      I’m not really a biscuit or chocolate lover for that matter and it was an impulse buy when I picked up a packet of McVities Moments from our local garage whilst paying for petrol on the way home one evening. I was only really drawn to grabbing a box due to a huge but neatly stacked pile of them being placed next to the counter with a large ‘New’ sign above them.

      There are a few different types of McVities Moments and these seem to be the latest offering, simply entitled Triple Chocolate Cookie. If we believe McVities this Cookie is supposedly a crisp, melting triple chocolate cookie half coated in smooth Belgian milk chocolate and are perfect if you want a relaxing moment to yourself. Yeah right… well not in my house anyway, before I have even peeled the cellophane off, the dog would be on its way quickly followed by the kids, I definitely won’t get a chance to eat these on my own.

      --- Packaging ---

      The box is oblong shaped measuring 9 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches and is 1 ½ inches in depth. The background colour is a deep royal blue; there is a standard McVities logo and the word ‘Moments’ in a large typeface decorated in a brushed gold colour. There is a picture of 3 cookies stacked upon each other, with a few chunks of chocolate around the bottom cookie and of course the word New in Red in the top right hand corner. Inside the box is a small plastic tray with three compartments each containing 3 cookies. There is a plastic airtight cellophane wrapper covering the biscuits to keep them fresh.

      --- Appearance ---

      They say appearances can be deceptive and I’m so glad of that because if you walked into a room and saw one of these cookies on the floor, you could be mistaken for thinking the dog did not make it to the back garden in time. Measuring 2 ½ inches in diameter, they are of the standard circular domed shape cookie and are a dark brown burnt rusty colour. The surface has many lines; ridges and pit marks resembling the surface of some far off distant planet with small lumps of dark brown chocolate protruding out from the pitted surface.

      Taking a bite purely to see a cross section of the cookie reveals a fluffy even darker brown inside resembling that of an aero chocolate bar. The base of the cookie is smooth in texture and is chocolate covered.

      --- The taste ---

      Well it is definitely a Cookie, perhaps lighter than others, definitely not stodgy and it does melt on your tongue. As you bite into the cookie, you first pass through the crunchy biscuit layer, before reaching the fluffy but dry wheaty chocolate centre and the taste of coco is very present in this layer. Lastly you’ll reach the smoother layer of rich Belgian milk chocolate. All in all it’s quite a pleasant taste but one that does tend to linger long on your palette after you have finished the cookie. After one, I felt I needed a drink to re-lubricate my mouth as it was left feeling dry and chocolaty.

      --- Nutrition ---

      One biscuit contains 1.4g of Protein, 12.7g of Carbohydrate, 6.4g of Fat, 0.6g of Fibre and less than 0.1g of Sodium and 114 Calories.

      If you consider the average daily amount of Fats consumed by a woman should be no more than 70g, you had better not eat all nine Cookies because everything else for the day would need to be fat free.

      --- Opinion ---

      Not really for me, they were far to dry for my taste and extremely messy. As the base of the Cookie is Belgian Chocolate unless you eat the whole thing in one go you will get chocolate covered fingers and if you have kids that’s far from ideal. The kids loved them but surprisingly my wife was not that keen saying ones enough.

      Personally I thought as the base was Belgian chocolate, the overall taste would be more chocolaty than biscuit cookie but it was not and as I paid £1.49 in the local garage this does not represent good value for money considering you only get nine cookies. Sainsburys do sell these for 20p less at £1.29 per box but still that’s not the bargain of the century. Give me a mug of tea and a rich tea finger to dunk and I would be a happy man.

      Thanks for reading.


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