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Milka Chocolate

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Brand: Milka / Type: Milk

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    50 Reviews
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      24.10.2012 11:46
      Very helpful



      Milka Milk Chocolate with Alpine Milk.

      Milka Chocolate
      = = = = = = = =
      Milka Chocolate is part of Kraft foods, whom are a well known company that provides a large range of chocolate brands such as Cadbury, Green & Blacks, Toblerone and more. Milka is the leading European chocolate and one of Kraft's billion dollar brands. The unique lilac coloured packaging and the cow symbolize the brand together which it's Alpine heritage. I first saw Milka in my local Woolworths store which is going back a good few years now. I noticed that Milka did a wide range of different chocolate products and different flavoured products. I don't see many of the Milka products around much anymore and only tend to see the bars of milk chocolate rather than the different flavoured bars I used to see on sale in Woolworths. I have tried finding out which stores sell this chocolate and have typed this into money supermarket and found that you can buy the larger sized milk chocolate bar (100g) from Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose for approximately £1.19. I purchase a 45g bar from my local CostCutter shop for approximately 56p which is what I would expect to pay for a standard bar of chocolate.

      Nutritional Information
      = = = = = = = = = = = =
      The following information is per 45g bar of chocolate:

      Energy - 1000kj/240kcal
      Protein - 3.0g
      Carbohydrate - 26.5g
      Fat - 13.5g

      Contains: Milk, Hazelnuts and Soya.
      May Contain: Traces of other nuts.

      = = = = = =
      The chocolate comes in a purple wrapper which has Milka in large white letters. There is also a small picture of a cow on the front and it states that the product is milk chocolate made with alpine milk. On the back of the wrapper there is a list of ingredients and nutritional information. The chocolate bar stands out from others as no other chocolate bars have this light purple coloured wrapper. The wrapper is made from plastic rather than a foil and it has zig zagged ends which means the wrapper can be torn easily at the top to open. The bar I am reviewing is 45g, but you can purchase larger bars of this chocolate.

      = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      I tore the top of the wrapper open and looked at the chocolate, it smelt really sweet and creamy and not like other chocolate I have tried before. The bar has a total of 6 chunks to it each of which look smooth. The chocolate chunks are much smaller than what you would get in a bar such as Dairy Milk or Galaxy. I put one of the chunks into my mouth and bit into it, the chocolate immediately filled my mouth with a delicious sweet and creamy taste. As I chewed the chocolate it melted in my mouth and soon my whole mouth was filled with the creamy taste of the chocolate. The chocolate also had a slight hazelnut taste to it as well, which remind me slightly of kinder bueno. The chocolate was quite soft as it hadn't been in the fridge, but I prefer chocolate when it's slightly softer anyway. After eating the chocolate bar I did have a sweet taste left in my mouth so I drank some water and this got rid of the taste. The after taste wasn't unpleasant but I didn't want chocolate left on my teeth so I also chewed some gum after eating this as well. The chocolate did make me very thirsty due to the sweetness of the chocolate bar itself.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      It was nice to try a different brand of chocolate rather than Cadbury or Galaxy. Although I wasn't sure how good this chocolate would taste I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and delicious the chocolate did taste. I loved the fact that the chocolate has a slight hazelnut taste to it, which made it taste slightly different to a normal bar of chocolate. The fat content is quite high in such a small bar of chocolate, as the bar is much thinner than a standard bar of chocolate. I would definitely try some of the other Milka products in the range if I find them anywhere. I'm not sure this bar is better than other brands currently available how-ever it is nice to have a slightly different tasting chocolate bar available to buy if I fancy something different. I recommend this chocolate bars to others, especially if you like the slight taste of hazelnuts.

      (review also on ciao)


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        05.05.2012 19:31
        Very helpful



        A good children's chocolate

        I really love Milka chocolate. I love the lilac packaging which is so nostalgic of my childhood.
        The chocolate is the same as ever: creamy and soft to bite with a lovely melting sweetness and a creamy aftertaste. It isn't crisp at all.
        At the moment it is 59p in Morrison, which is very cheap, I grabbed a handful.
        It has minimal cocoa solids in it, and a hint of vanilla and praline, which is what I like at with lots of cocoa butter.
        This was originally made by Suchard, I was wondering about this, as apparently Suchard was acquired by Kraft quite a while ago- I had not realised this.
        Anyhow, the choclate is lovely as ever, not at all grainy and quite a smooth taste.
        I like a small piece after dinner, it's better then, I really appreciate the taste.
        It is not at all sophisticated, it's really a naive comfort sweet, if you like dark choc, you would dislike such a babyish unsubtle creamy flavour.

        Mind you, I am open to further testing.....

        these are the ingredients:

        Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder, Milk Fat, Hazelnut Paste, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring, Milk Chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids 30% minimum. Milk Solids 18% minimum., CONTAINS MILK, HAZELNUTS, SOYA. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER NUTS

        So that accounts for the praline taste!


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        16.06.2011 23:26
        Very helpful



        A nicely balanced creamy flavour with good variations available

        I remember I first tried Milka on a holiday in Europe - I think it was Switzerland, and wishing that it was available in the UK.

        In the last couple of years it seems to be much easier to find - I get mine from my local Tesco.

        The best things about Milka is the size. A 100g bar isn't the huge 200g family sized bars that you get from other brands, but is big enough to feel like you're having a treat. I've tried two flavours - the Happy Cow which is milk and white chocolate together, and the Dime bar version. Both of these are also available in the more standard size that you would find in the petrol station - around 35g.

        Milka is incredibly creamy - somewhere between Cadbury and Galaxy. I find it less sickly than Galaxy, but more creamy than Cadbury. The Happy Cow version is blended together to look like the patches on a cow, which I think is a nice touch!

        I also think that the price is reasonable. For the 100g bars, I pay around £1.30. I also find that this size is easy to eat over several nights, as breaking off a 3 square piece is plenty to give you a great chocolate hit!


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        12.05.2011 18:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A high quality Swiss Chocolate

        I remember buying this Alpine milk chocolate many years ago, but used to think it was very expensive. I couldn't believe it when i walked into Iceland the other day and I saw this on special offer at only £1.50 pence for 2 x 100g bars. I knew my kids would love this too, so i decided to buy it!!

        I really like the packaging and the colour of the wrapper is a lovely lilac colour. Across the front of the wrapper are the words Milka in white print. There is a picture of a cow with milka written across it in small print and the cows colouring is also lilac with white. There are mountains in the background of the picture of the little cow which has a large bell around its neck.

        The wrapper is really good actually; it is quite thick and at first i thought it was hard to open and was going to use scissors; then my daughter said it isn't hard to open and she showed me!. It actually shows you how to open it on the back of the packet!

        The chocolate itself is really delicious; with a slightly almondy flavour, very smooth and milky. It certainly goes down a treat. When i first showed it to my son, he said to me, " why didn't you get Cadburys?" Now, that was a bit cheeky! I told him that this chocolate is lovely and he would like it. The second he ate a little bit, he said " its really nice!". The bar did last him 2 days though and he wasn't greedy with it.

        'The name MILKA consists of the words milch and kakao (milk and cacao in German)'

        It was first produced in 1901 in Switzerland


        Cocoa butter
        Skimmed milk powder
        Cocoa mass
        Whey powder
        Milk fat
        Hazelnut paste
        Emulsifier;soya lecithin
        Flavouring; vanilla
        Milk chocolate contains;
        Cocoa solids 30% minimum
        Milk solids 18% minimum

        ~~Allergy Information~~

        Contains milk, hazelnuts, soya, may contain traces of other nuts and wheat.

        In the whole 100g bar there are a whopping 530 kcal; if you are good though and only eat a 25g serving!! you will be consuming 132 kcal.

        There are alot of varieties of chocolates and chocolates bars around, some of which are very expensive and i will only buy when on a special offer. I must say this is really one of them but I think its a quite good bargain to be able to get 2 bars at a reasonable price. This is a very good quality of Swiss chocolate; try it whilst its on special offer at Iceland; you won't regret it.

        Due to its wonderful taste and this current special offer i think it deserves the full five stars!


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          29.03.2011 21:49
          Very helpful



          Lovely smooth choc!

          I love smooth and creamy chocolate though of course it goes without saying that I do try to limit the amount of chocolate I eat!

          This I spotted a couple of weeks ago in Asda at the price of 60p a bar and having tried other Milka variety bars of chocolate in the past and really enjoying them I really fancied this plain milk chocolate bar.

          The Packaging:

          The plastic cover over the chocolate is light lilac in colour with a picture of a cow on the front of it and we are told that it is Milka Alpine Milk and that per 25g serving of chocolate there is 132 Kcals within it and we are shown a small diagram on there of the easy to reseal back this has to it so you can store it if you want to! On the back of the pack other infomation listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, the size is stated which in this case is 100g and there is a full nutritiional chart on there as well as contact details for the manufacturer. I do like the plastic resealable sort of zip idea this has to the back of it which is unusual and its nice enough and informative enough too packaging wise.

          The Chocolate Itself:

          Well this is a smooth, light brown and milky in appearance sweet smelling chocolate. I love the smoothness and the melt in the mouth ease this has yet do be careful it does melt in the hands too! Nicely sweet though not overly so, I like this creamy textured velvet like chocolate very much indeed and the fact is it really is creamy hence the name Milka it has I guess! A gorgeous chocolate bar for smooth milk chocolate fans...I love it!

          Nutritional Information Per 25g (The Important Bits):

          Energy: 132 Kcal
          Fat: 7.4g
          of which saturates:4.3g

          Available in all good supermarkets etc costing around about the £1.20 mark per bar though I bought mine in Asda and it cost me 60p which was a bargain!


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            07.03.2011 11:01
            Very helpful



            Not the nicest cheap chocolate you can buy

            A bar of Milka is available for under a pound in most supermarkets. I buy a bar now and again, and bought some from Poundland, (3 for £2), the other day. Milka bars are available in several flavours, this review is about the Alpine Milk version. The brand, symbolised by the lilac cow, has been owned by the food giant Kraft since 1990.

            There are 24 small thin chunks in a 100 gram bar. It's a bar that is a little too big to eaten by one person in one go, (there are 530 calories in a bar), that is, if it's someone who's eating sensibly, so, best shared. The purple wrapper is resealable, although I've never found it necessary to reseal a bar. Upon opening, the smell is quite faint, but light and creamy.

            I shared my bar of Milka with two family members and asked for a brainstorm of opinion on how it tasted - this is pretty much what we came up with:

            'like Galaxy with a hint of baby sick'
            'mild, creamy, sickly, bland'
            'the emphasis is definitely on the milk, not the chocolate'
            'sticks to your mouth, very sticky'
            'leaves a burn at the back of your throat'
            'something of honey and almond in there'
            'smooth and slightly waxy'
            'easy to bite into, soft not crumbly, light'
            'more texture than taste'
            'doesn't shriek quality, shrieks cheap and mass produced, but it's alright, tasty enough.'

            In conclusion I would say that the most straightforward way to describe the taste of Milka Alpine is as sweet, milky and slightly sickly. It's difficult to detect the cocoa in here as the taste is drowned out by other ingredients such as sugar, milk and vanillin. Milka turns into a sticky paste once in your mouth which is not entirely pleasant. It leaves an unpleasant after-burn in the throat, probably caused by too much vanillin - vanillin is an artificial flavouring which can be extracted from vanilla beans but is generally synthetically prepared for use in a cheap confectionery, it has a burning taste which is almost certainly the reason for the after-burn felt with this bar.

            Reviewing this chocolate bar has actually put me off it. Whereas before I paid more attention to the sweetness and creaminess, I now realise how little real taste it actually has and how artificial the little flavouring it has is. I am unlikely to buy this again, there are other cheap chocolate bars out there that taste better.

            Ingredients and Nutritional information:

            Sugar, Cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, whey powder, milk fat, hazelnut paste, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin). Milk chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 30% minimum, Milk solids 18% minimum.

            Allergen information: Milka contains, milk, hazelnuts, soya, may contain traces of other nuts

            Energy 2210 kJ/530 kcal, Protein 6.6g ,Carbohydrates 58.5g of which sugars 57.5g, Fat 29.5g (Of which saturates 17.5g), Fibre 1.8g ,Sodium 0.17g.


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              06.03.2011 19:05
              Very helpful



              I hate Kraft!

              Variety - Milka Alpine Chocolate bar 100g

              They say English girls prefer chocolate to sex, a big glass of chilled vino not far behind, probably why so many are single and can get comfortably with one more than the other on the sofa on a winters evening. But sex is never far away when advertising chocolate, the Flake advert the nadir. But to keep boys and girls eating choccie they often suggest it has some 'health giving qualities', usually the milk aspect, and so it's ok to indulge yourself home alone with a bar or two on that same sofa. You can eat as much as you like because nobody will ever know, right? Well, accept when you ask your boyfriend if you bum does indeed look big in that. It's better to have a bar of chocolate to hand than an unreliable boyfriend seems to be the marketer's message, one pleasure guaranteed every night. Therefore we guys know we can't lose if we keep the girls in chocolate and vino, and wrap it up with a kiss on the cheek. I know; I'm your perfect man already!

              Milka is marketed as a foreign chocolate, the Alpine bit suggesting it was made from fresh Swiss cow milk 'uddered' this morning and so incredibly good for you. The website offers you a chance to make friends with those healthy cows, which takes you to a tranquil Alpine hillside full of them, plus butterflies and tweeting birds. My new friend Olga looks a lot like a bird I met in Swindon. The website also reveals that American company Kraft make this particular brand of chocolate and anyone who has eaten American 'candy' knows how sweet and sickly experience the Twinkie bar can be. Krafty Kraft, of course, forced purchased our Cadburys with our tax money from billions of loans from our bailed out British banks and then closed all the factories in England and took the lot to America, one of our greatest brands no more and no doubt will ruin the chocolate like they do all chocolate. My potential loyalty to Milka sank a bit at this point.
              My first experience of foreign chocolate was the pure size of it. I recall as a kid being wide - eyed at these great slabs of the brown gold in the supermarkets of Austria when we had our first family holiday abroad. They were like gravestones and as thick as Peter Andre and you had to pay duty tax on item if you took one home. You needed a sledgehammer to break them apart and they were oddly flavoured with things like elderberries and acorns, that absurd recipe confirmed with big pictures of acorns and elderberries in the full range of primary colours on the glossy and loud wrapping. I never did get to taste one by I still dream of tiling our house with them.

              ~ Taste ~
              The instant sensation to the tongue is definitely Easter egg chocolate, recalling those wonderful days of your spotty youth when you didn't feel guilty about eating sweets. Milka has a real 'snap' to it when you break it on your teeth, the sign of a good candy (excuse the Americanism) product for me, but quickly milky on the tongue. I think this one will appeal to the ladies. Its predominate tang is milk and not at all bitter, this very much a light taste, but a little sickly sweet in that annoying way American bars are. It has the 'one Mars Bar is enough for me' consistency and taste or dickey tummy time. You do not want to tackle more than 100g guys. There is a slight after taste you don't get with the best chocolates though, which could be the slight hazelnut seasoning here.

              ~ Cost ~
              They don't seem to be available in your normal newsagent and so you have to seek them out in the bigger hypermarkets, Sainsbury's offering the Alpine at 87p and Tesco's at 63p, Tesco Express the obvious place to go. They are also in the pound stores, a three-for-two deal in Northampton's, an offer less about value and perhaps more about covering up the fact they are overcharging for single bars for a quid. The five in a pack Curly Wurlys in the same shops are worth it though. The fact Milka bars do cost a pound in these stores highlights just how confident these places are getting at overcharging and why they make so much money, especially in recession.

              ~Variety of the 100g Bars~
              Milka Caramel
              Milka Apline
              Milka White Chocolate
              Milka Chocolate Bittersweet
              Milka Chocolate Chonka & Rice?
              Milka Chocolate Happy Cow
              Milka Chocolate Hazelnuts
              Milka Chocolate Luflee Noisette
              Milka Chocolate Luflee White
              Milka Chocolate Noisette
              Milka Chocolate Raisin & Hazelnut
              Milka Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt
              Milka Chocolate Whole Nuts
              Milka Luflee Bar
              Milka Yoghurt Bar

              ~ Packaging ~
              It's very purple and shiny, like Lenny Henrys shirts in that dreadful hotel chain commercial, seemingly waterproof too. The healthy cow on the front looks imploring and the back of the packet lists all the ingredients. The writing is tiny so you don't bother reading it. There are many different names for sugar and they are all listed here.

              ~Nutrition Information~
              Energy (kJ/kcal) 2100 kJ/ 530kcal 553kJ / 132kcal (7%)
              Protein 6.6g 1.7g (3%)
              Carbohydrate 58.5g 14.5g (5%)
              Sugars 57.5g 14.5g (16%)
              Fat 29.5g 7.4g (11%)
              Saturates 17.5g 4.3g (22%)
              Fibre 1.8g 0.5g (2%)
              Sodium* 0.42g 0.1g (2%)

              Of the most unneeded bit here we have a re-sealable packet, like what you get with tobacco, even a diagram to show simpletons you how to pop it in an out if you're not sure. It's a bodice ripper job. Rip it open from the front and then it sticks back together again with some sort of presumably edible resin. In the history of 100g chocolate bars I have never heard of one that is saved for the next day. 200g and upwards maybe. These 100g bars are going on the same day mate, whether you can keep them fresh or not, and totally pointless packaging access.
              ~ Any Good ~

              Milka was Kraft's rival to the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar until they did what they did. I'm wondering if this brand will now take over from that mid size and range basic bar. If you buy a brand you have the right to get rid of it. Whatever happened to Harmony Hairspray!
              As a chocolate bar it's nicer than Cadburys Dairy Milk as I was never a fan of that one but not a patch on the greatest of all chocolate bars, the Galaxy 150g, the perfect chocolate experience. But Milka is ok and if you can get used to that aftertaste then I'm sure you will buy another one soon, although a handsome guy on your sofa is far better for you girls, and I just so happen to have taken advantage of the three for two quid deal at Poundland. Come and get em!


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                06.03.2011 17:52
                Very helpful



                yummy milky delightfulness

                **Please note this review discusses the original Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate..it doesn't have its own category**

                Milka is a chocolate brand under the Kraft Foods company. Milka Chocolate was introduced by the Suchard company which was taken over by Kraft in 1990. The chocolate is now produced in countries such as Germany and Poland. The products can be identified by a purple and white cow on the packaging.

                *~*Milka Moo*~*

                The Milka products are all based around milk chocolate. Whilst the bulk of the chocolate is formed in big bars, they also produce Santa Clause and Bunny Shaped chocolates for seasonal purchasing. The chocolate bars can be purchased in small, one person sizes or the most common size is a 100g bar. The current choice available is as follows :

                *Milka Hazelnut
                *Milka Happy Cows
                *Milka Daim
                *Milka Chocolate Cream
                *Milka Alpine Milk Caramel
                *Milka Alpine Milk

                The Alpine Milk variety is the classic one. It captures the essence of milk produced from Alpine Cows and blends it with the finest cocoa. Each batch contains a minimum of 30% cocoa solids and a minimum of 18% milk solids allowing it to be a delicious, creamy treat. It can be purchased in small bars or 100g bars depending on your preference.


                Whilst Cadbury cling on to purple coloured packaging, Milka follow suit but with a lilac theme. A plastic, sealed pack surrounds the chocolate. The pack is designed to be resealed down the back allowing for freshness. This variety can be identified by large white writing confirming the Milka brand, gold writing confirming its flavour and that famous purple and white cow. The back of the pack has the ingredients, nutrition etc.and can be recycled.


                Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, whey powder, milk fat, hazelnut paste, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin) - contains milk, hazelnuts and soya for allergy sufferers.


                Considering this is a chocolate based product, it isn't going to be healthy so everything in moderation. A 25g portion (1/4 of the bar) will strike you with the following :

                132 calories
                14.5 sugar
                4.3g saturated fat
                0.1g salt

                *~*Availability and Price*~*

                These 100g bars can be purchased in Poundland/Poundworld at £1.00 or 3 for £2.00. Supermarkets will offer these at around 60p.

                *~*My Thoughts*~*

                Despite being on a diet, I find it difficult to let go of my chocolate addiction but I have cut right back. I am partial to some Cadbury and the occasional Lindor chocolate but my heart lies with Milka. I was first introduced to Milka at an airport duty free many years ago and fell in love with it. Whilst my local corner shop doesn't seem to stock this anymore, I can freely purchase Milka from my local Poundshop. My favourite of all is the Happy Cows which combines milk and white chocolate..mmm yummy!

                I do indulge in a bar of the Alpine Milk every so often and currently have this one in front of me. The packaging is attractive and the cow doesn't look too scary! Unlike most chocolate bars, this one actually does reseal and fully so that I won't feel tempted to devour the full thing in one sitting as it really isn't ideal for my diet if I do that! Opening the pack. I am greeted with a long and quite thin brown bar. The bar isn't as thick as Dairy Milk but has a richer, more appealing colour and scent about it. Although the chocolate isn't perfortrated, it is sectioned into 24pieces which are rectangular. Each piece is given the Milka name on top and the base of the bar is completely smooth.

                *~*Going In For The Taste Test*~*

                The chocolate is instantly tempting by the appearance and the milky and slightly nutty aroma. I don't actually like anything with full nuts in it but I ate this for years before realising it had hazelnut paste and I won't stop now! I break off a slice of 4 pieces and it seperates from the rest of the bar with a crunch. Biting into one piece at a time, it takes a little bit of teeth work to break it off but once it is in my mouth, I can fully appreciate his quality.

                I find I need to chew this slightly rather than biting it as it softens up quite quickly. As I begin to chew it, it feels light and bubbly like a heavier version of an Areo bar. It firstly comes across as being really chocolatey and nothing else like and tastes quite rich..it certainly isn't too everyones tastes and it overpowers the tastebuds. Whilst I often swallow down chocolate quite quickly, I treat Milka Alpine Milk like I do white chocolate and that is with the respect it deserves. I find I need to allow the piece of softened chocolate to melt in my mouth around the heat of my tongue.

                As the chocolate melts, the rich cocoa flavour is joined with a sweet, generous serving of milk. It is almost like having a chocolate biscuit and then drinking some milk before bed. Its creamy and delightful nature makes me feel all fuzzy inside and forget about how many calories I am consuming! Once melted, the chocolate, or whats left of it, smooths out and can be swallowed. A sweet, nutty trace lingers in my mouth for a minute or two before the whole experience is over and I can decide whether or not I can handle another piece.

                Milka Alpine Milk is incredibly sweet and indulging from the moment the packet is opened until it settles in my tummy. Its rich flavour is perfectly complimented with creaminess and the nutty aftertaste is subtle enough to be suitable for those who aren't too keen on nutty products. Out of all the Milka varieties, I do notice the hazelnut more as there is no white chocolate or caramel etc to distract the taste away from it. I find that one slice of 4 pieces is thick enough and desirable enough to be sufficient. Anymore in one sitting leads me to feeling rather greedy and sickly. Therefore the bar does last me a while as long as I hide it from my son and fiance. My son isn't too keen on this though as its richer than his Milky Bar treats but he will occasionally ask for a small piece.

                I find melting this in a jug over a pan of hot water makes for an ideal cake topping. It melts quickly and despite its thickness, can be evenly spread onto cupcakes or sponges for a treat. Spreading it on warm pancakes and topping with some banana is another option which I am fond of. It is so much nicer tasting that baking chocolate.

                *~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*

                I do like Milka Alpine Milk as it fufills my chocolate addiction. It is a very cheap alternative to Cadbury or Nestle and is full of flavour. The quality is high and you would expect these bars to be so much more expensive as I believe the standard is on par with the likes of Lindt and Greens & Black. I fully recommend Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate.

                Thanks for reading x


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                  01.03.2011 16:09
                  Very helpful



                  A sweet, hazelnut tasting chocolate bar, Definatly not as good as its rivals.


                  Milka chocolate is one of the less well known brands of chocolate bar, occasionally I get the urge for some chocolate and Milka is not usually my bar of choice but I thought I'd give it a go.

                  ~*~*~*Product Information~*~*~*
                  Milka is produced by Kraft foods, a company I associate with cheese slices. The Milka brand is made using milk from Alpine cows, which is what gives Milka its distinctive taste. Milka is made up from the words Milk and Kakao (cocoa).

                  Each Milka bar is packaged in a distinctive lilac wrapper with a lilac cow pictured on the front along with the product name and a handy nutritional bar informing you that 25g of Milka contains 132kcal or 7% of your recommended daily calorie allowance. On the back of the bar there is an Ingredients list in various languages and a full size nutritional Information box. My Milka bar comes in a reseal-able wrapper and there is a diagram of how to open your wrapper so that you can reseal the bar for later consumption.

                  Ingredients:- Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, whey powder, milk fat, hazelnut paste, emulsifier (soya lecithin) flavouring (vanilla).

                  Nutritional Information:- each 25 gram serving gives you 132 kcal, 1.7 gram protein, 14.5 gram carbohydrate of which 14.5 gram are sugar, 7.4 gram fat of which 4.3 gram are saturates, 0.5 gram of fibre, 0.04 gram sodium.

                  ~*~*~*The Taste Test~*~*~*

                  The chocolate bar itself is quite glossy looking; the chocolate has been indented in to 24 pieces, each one stamped with the Milka logo, to make it easier to break pieces off.
                  The bar is smooth to the touch but starts to melt while being handled.
                  The aroma of the chocolate bar is quite mellow, like a cup of hot chocolate, there is defiantly a chocolate smell but there is also a milky smell, it smells a bit cheap.
                  When the chocolate is snapped it makes a nice cracking noise. The chocolate starts to melt in my mouth quite quickly and at first I get a nice creamy chocolate taste, that is soon followed up by the taste of hazelnuts (think nutella) after swallowing the taste is milky, not unpleasant but not a taste I enjoy. My mouth also feels dry after eating a square. The texture of the chocolate in my mouth is smooth, nothing like Galaxy smoothness but not as coarse as Cadburys.

                  ~*~*~*Overall Opinion~*~*~*

                  To be honest this is not a chocolate bar I would reach for, I probably would not eat it if it was the only bar in the cupboard. The taste is far too sweet for me and the nutty twang that hits me with every square really is not to my liking. I would probably use this bar in cooking and I am glad the package is reseal-able as I will be fastening this back up and giving it away. At £0.60 for a 100 gram bar from Tesco I think this is over priced and I would much rather spend my money on a different chocolate bar.

                  Taste 2/5
                  Smell 2/5
                  Texture 3.5/5
                  Packaging 3/5

                  More information on Milka chocolate can be found at www.discovermilka.co.uk

                  Thank you for reading X


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                    23.02.2011 15:44



                    I have a very sweet tooth and love milk chocolate, but Milka tastes like a poor quality cheap, waxy, chocolate. My first reaction was that it tasted as if it had been made with powder, which a quick look at the label confirmed. I should add that even a chocaholic friend of mine, who likes virtually anything made of chocolate, be it cheap or expensive, agreed with me. Try Sainsburys Basics at 31p for 100gm - I think it's better by far, as do my chocaholic mate, my mother, her neighbour and his wife!


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                    15.02.2011 13:38



                    Words cannot express how fabulous this product is!


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                    26.10.2010 00:02
                    Very helpful



                    Milka is a good rival to established brands

                    I have always been aware of the existence of Milka chocolate but in the last year or so it seems to me that it has gained more prominence on the shelves in shops in England. You will be able to recognise a bar of chocolate from this brand instantly due to the packaging being coloured a light shade of purple. The name "Milka" is splashed across the front in white lettering in a style that resembles spilt milk and also there is an image of the famous alpine cow wearing a bell that is associated with this range.

                    I bought my recent bar which weighed 100g for one pound and a penny from my local Tesco which I thought was a decent price. The whole serving here contains 530 calories and 29.5g of fat so as long as you don't eat it all and may be say eat half it is not much worse than any other confectionery item. The slab of chocolate which is designated in to smaller squares like other brands is flatter and the pieces are not as chunky as you would find in a rival product like Galaxy or Cadbury.

                    My all time favourite milk chocolate has to be Cadbury although I don't really refuse any type that often to be honest. Cadbury products are usually quite sweet and I would say that this Milka milk chocolate is very similar to Galaxy in that it is very creamy and smooth, so it makes a nice change from the regular milk Cadbury's chocolate I purchase most of the time. I am sure if you buy this you will not be disappointed.


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                      11.06.2010 18:05
                      Very helpful



                      A chocolate delight!!

                      I have just come back from my local Iceland, and was surprised and delighted, that they have these Milka bars on offer.

                      The offer was a multipack of 3 x 45g for a mere 50p. That had to ring bargain for me, so I gladly obliged and bought a pack.

                      Each bar is a purple colour, about 6 inches in length, and approx an inch in width. On the front of the packet it has a picture of a purple cow with Milka written on it.

                      It is also keen to spell out that it uses alpine milk, whatever that is. A quick check on their website told me what I needed

                      'In the Alps, the mountain streams run fast with pure water, the air is fresh and the grass is rich. For, where better to produce the rich creamy milk which gives Milka its exceptional taste?'

                      Well as they say the proof is in the eating, and I must say that I did find the chocolate extremely creamy.

                      The chocolate (although made by Kraft) tastes much sweeter too, than Cadbury's and I can only assume this is a direct link to the milk they use, and probably a bit down to the hazelnut paste that is in the chocolate too. As well as being creamy it is also extremely smooth and leaves a fantastic after taste.

                      The chocolate itself is made in Belgium and 45g will set you back a whopping 240 calories and 13.5g of fat. This is high, even for chocolate. However I must say the chocolate tastes divine.

                      I am hard pressed to find a make of chocolate that I have liked any better than this. Okay there are bars out there, which have been tinkered with - adding caramel, nuts, biscuit, wafer etc but for just pure chocolate this is the one. It is also very moreish but at 240 calories I couldn't justify eating another.................until later!!

                      Highly Recommended

                      Copyright stebiz 2010 - also on ciao.co.uk


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                        08.06.2010 21:44
                        Very helpful



                        One or two squares are ok any more is a little too much!!!!

                        MILKA CHOCOLATE BAR

                        I had never tried Milka Chocolate but after reading a review on dooyoo I gave it a try. I bought a 100g bar from Tesco for 97p, I thought I would share it with my fiancé one evening.
                        The Milka Chocolate Bar does not have the foil wrapper like Cadbury's chocolate, it just has one shiny lilac paper wrapper which is supposed to be re-sealable. I for one couldn't figure out how to make this re seal but as we planned to eat it all it did not really matter.
                        The wrapper as I said is lilac and quite distinctive with the Milka logo and the Milka cow with its alpine bell across the front. It also tells you that 25g contains 132 calories. The ingredients and the GDA's are on the back of the wrapper. They are per 25g:-
                        Calories 132
                        Protein 1.7g
                        Carbohydrate 14.5g of which sugars 14.5g
                        Fat 7.4g of which saturates 4.3g
                        Fibre 0.5g
                        Sodium 0.04g
                        The chocolate looks and smells the same as any standard chocolate bar the only difference is that Milka contains Alpine Milk. I popped a square in my mouth and the initial taste was delicious, very creamy, rich and smooth, I was annoyed that I had never tried it before, but after the second square I found it was far too creamy. The chocolate is extremely rich and seems extra sweet. I had four pieces and I had definatly had enough, not like me and chocolate at all!
                        Whilst I am sure that Milka chocolate is a good quality product I found it far too sweet and creamy for my taste, I know chocolate is supposed to be sweet but this was too much for me, I don't think I will buy it again.
                        Very smooth
                        Too rich, sweet and creamy.


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                          08.06.2010 18:04
                          Very helpful



                          Inoffensive and smooth, but nothing to rave about

                          You may well have noticed the sharply increased visibility of Milka chocolate on the supermarket shelves in recent months. It's been around in Britain for many years now, but as rather a beneath-the-radar brand, not always very easy to find. That's all changed now, though, since Kraft (boo, hiss, etc), who own Milka, have decided to push the stuff much harder. It seems slightly odd on the face of it to put it up against the newly acquired Cadbury, who make the same things, but there we are.

                          The Milka range as sold in the UK is not very large - about half a dozen bars in all - although in other countries there are a number of extra varieties available. The bar I am considering in particular here is the basic milk chocolate one. This is available both as small bars and as larger slabs; I managed to find a 45g bar in Wilkinson that had been reduced to 37p; the usual price was about ten pence higher. I reckon that's pretty good value for a branded bar of this size.

                          The dominant colour of Milka is purple. Lots and lots of purple. Not quite the same purple as you get with Cadbury bars (fortunately for Kraft!) but a more violet-y, less rich shade, which looks slightly less classy than Bournville's finest. The well known "Milka cow" which forms the brand logo is also purple - though it has the name "Milka" written on its side in white. There's the usual nutrition info (the 45g bar will give you 240 kcal and 13.5g fat, both of which are a little on the high side, I think) and it contains milk, hazelnuts and soya. You get a high 30% milk solids and an average 18% cocoa solids.

                          Adding to the excitement here, we're told that the chocolate is "Made with Alpine milk", which caused me to raise an eyebrow... because in fact this isn't Swiss chocolate at all. Actually, although Milka was founded (in 1901) by the Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard, he did so in Austria. But this bar isn't made there either. In fact, it's produced in Belgium! This is a perfectly respectable location for chocolate making, but you do have to admit that it's a little bit short on Alps. Still, the lack of mountains shouldn't make too much of a difference to the actual taste.

                          One thing you soon notice about this bar is that it's firmly in the "mild and creamy" category. The smell is very milky indeed, even when compared with other bars, such as Lindt's Excellence Extra Creamy, which have similar milk contents. The Milka bar has the expected six chunks, with the slightly curved breaks between them being a bit reminiscent of a Galaxy bar. Personally I prefer straight-edged chunks as I find them easier to break off, but I suppose if you're eating a whole bar in one go then it doesn't really matter anyway!

                          The taste is also very creamy, possibly even too much so: long after you've swallowed all the chocolate, there's a milky sensation which lingers in your throat, and while I don't mind it as such, it's a bit odd and feels almost as though you've been drinking sterilised milk! The chocolate melts in your mouth very nicely, though, and the chocolate flavour itself is perfectly acceptable, if not particularly memorable and a bit lacking in kick. Not a bad bar, but I doubt many existing fans of other brands will be instantly converted. Three and a half stars, rounded down to three as I don't find it that interesting.


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