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Milka Mini Eggs With Cream Filling

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Brand: Milka / Type: Egg

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2009 07:31
      Very helpful




      There are many things I miss about living on the Continent, but perhaps the most traumatic is having to survive without the ever-changing range of Milka goodies, especially the seasonal treats that pop up around Easter and Christmas. I know it's becoming more readily available over here, but the range of bars and Christmas Santas (now in shops) are nothing compared to the massive selection our continental neighbours can enjoy. A few weeks ago, however, I was browsing a Pound Shop in Stockport and rather alarmingly came across these babies. It was bad enough that they were stuffed thoughtlessly on a dusty shelf, but you should have seen the price - TWO 200g bags for £1. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

      These are mini eggs of the kind you get at Easter. In fact, given the best before date of the end of September 2009, they probably were Easter eggs that had somehow remained unsold and ended up languishing away here. The packaging is actually Portuguese, but it's pretty clear what they are - the plastic bag has see-through panels so you can see the size of the eggs (small) and that they are individually wrapped in foil.

      I would describe these as milk-cream filled chocolate mini eggs, which is, if my language skills are to be believed, roughly what the packet says. I don't actually speak Portuguese, but hey. I think they've also included the word 'smooth' - it's 'suave', the same in Spanish, and something I learnt at the gym in Mexico as a way to do sit ups (two counts up, two counts down, as opposed to 'a tiempo' which is double time). Just another way frequent gym going would subsequently allow me to eat more chocolate.

      The eggs are wrapped in foil that is the standard Milka purple colour. They are a bit fiddly to get into, and in my haste to get to the chocolate I generally tear it off in a few pieces which is messier than unrolling it neatly, but I have no patience when it comes to such matters. From the outside you can see the eggs are formed by two halves joined together - there's a noticeable line around the centre. The eggs have that generic, speckled eggshell pattern on them, but it's just an imprint in the chocolate, not icing or similar.

      You can smell the chocolate the second you start to unpeel carefefully / frantically rip off the foil. The eggs smell sweet with that standard nutty kick I always associate with Milka. It really gets my mouth watering and I could literally sit around sniffing them all day if eating them wasn't so much better.

      I like to make the eggs last, so try to bite them in half where the join is. This (almost) makes them last twice as long as I'm then left with two pieces that still only look like milk chocolate. Inside each, however, there is a generous white filling. This is the same texture and consistency as the chocolate shell but is not white chocolate - it is a creamy, milky filling with a tiny touch of vanilla to it. Unlike chocolate, it also doesn't melt in your mouth, so if you suck on a piece of the egg the milk chocolate coating will gradually disappear but the centre will stay pretty solid, and you can then bite down on this. I don't keep Milka in the fridge but the chocolate on these remains solid even at room temperature. You can nibble it off daintily like you can eat the chocolate off a KitKat, but it won't peel off in a dubious way like cheaper chocolate would.

      The nuttiness of the chocolate is a perfect compliment for the sweeter milk filling, and the result is a product that is undeniably sweet without being sickly. I have been eating Milka all my life, but don't think I'll ever grow out of it - and these eggs are definitely the kind you could dole out to your kids or keep for yourself. While it's not something that's usually a bonus, they do have a strong after taste, which keeps the memory of them with you even when the chocolate is long gone, and stops you reaching for another and another in quick succession.

      One egg weighs about 8g and contains 44 calories. This seems like a lot for something so small, but they are ultimately very satisfying. I take one or two to work with me, and like to have them after my lunch, for just a taste of chocolate without the commitment of a big bar. I like the in-built portion control that comes with them, although when in the house I am more likely to eat them 4 at a time.

      They really don't skimp on the chocolate with these - it is thick and luscious, and the milky filling is also generous. These may be a simple product, but they are delicious, and I would rather eat half a dozen of these than a cream cake or a donut or some other sticky treat. There's simply something so right about the combination of flavours, and the shape of the eggs, and the general wonder of these.

      Look out for them in a pound shop near you!


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