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Brand: Milka / Type: Milk

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2011 10:12
      Very helpful



      An interesting selection of flavour

      If you were to look at the presents my wife and I got for Christmas then you might be safe in assuming we liked Chocolates. Of course we had the standard tins of Roses and Quality Streets that seem to do the rounds at this time of year, but my parents bought us something I'd never seen before. They knew I liked Milka Chocolate and managed to find a box of Milka Mini's, a selection of four different Milka bars in handy bite size chocolates.


      As one of my favourite brands of Chocolate Milka has been around since the early 20th Century and over the years the company has merged and joined forces with other Confectionary and food manufactures. That was until Kraft took a controlling interest in the company that owned the brand in 1990 and suddenly Milka bars distribution began to expand. In fact my own encounter with Milka first occurred on a family holiday to France in 1992 and every since I have preferred the delicious, smooth taste of Milka to more popular brands such as Cadbury and Galaxy. With this in mind this box of Milka Mini's was the perfect choice of chocolate for my parents to get me.

      In The Box

      The box of Mini;s contains four of Milka's most popular bars in small, bit size pieces. The flavours are Alpine Milk, Daim, Hazelnuts and Chocolate Mousse. I had previously tried the Alpine Milk and Daim in larger bars but the other two were flavours I wasn't at all familiar with. Having eaten numerous types of Milka over the years I was pretty confident that whilst I wasn't familiar with the taste of the other two I would probably still enjoy them.

      The sweets themselves come in a standard 330g cardboard box with a decent mixture of each of the flavours inside. Each sweet is individually wrapped and clearly denotes on the wrapper which one is which. The little packets are very easy to open and as they are all individually foil wrapped it helps to keep them fresh as the best before date is 4 months after the date I received them. Of course at 135Kcal's per sweet it is fair to say that too many of these really wouldn't be that good for you and I can only admit that I'm glad I looked at this after eating the whole box and certainly not before.

      Let's be honest though these are all side issues to the actual taste of the sweets so it's probably best to get down to the important aspects of this present.

      Alpine Milk

      The Alpine milk is probably my favourite of the Milka brands and as the name suggests it is simply a combination of cocoa with milk from Alpine Cows. As you unwrap the sweet it has a very distinctive chocolate smell and this enhances the anticipation. From the moment you pop one of these in your mouth you can feel the soothing sensation of the chocolate as it melts onto your tongue. I find this particular chocolate to be incredibly smooth but at the same time very moreish. The soft texture really lingers after you've eaten the sweet leaving you wanting another.


      After the Alpine Milk the Daim caramel is my second favourite in this box. Named after the Daim bar, or Dime to those of us old enough to remember Armadillos, it is a combination of pieces of crunchy Daim caramel and Alpine Milk chocolate. Unlike the bigger bars of this the Daim to chocolate ratio seems to be a little heavy on the Daim side and after the chocolate melts away you are left with small, crunchy pieces of Daim, which in this small quantity are very nice.

      Chocolate Mousse

      The description of the Chocolate Mousse bar states that it is the Alpine Milk chocolate with the addition of a chocolate Mousse centre. The truth is that it looks and tastes exactly the same as the Alpine Milk. There didn't appear to be any taste difference between this one and the Alpine Milk and in truth it just meant that there were more that tasted like the best one in the box


      It seems to be an obligatory part of a box of chocolates that one of them has to be quite disgusting and in fairness it is usually the Hazelnut one. This box is no expectation and like the Daim I suspect in the bigger bars the Hazelnut to chocolate ratio works much better but in these bite sized pieces it is simply overwhelming. You don't get to taste, savour or even remotely notice the Alpine chocolate centre and despite the boxes claims it tastes like far more than 9% of Hazelnut in each little bar. If you like Hazelnuts with a hint of chocolate you'll love these but for me the taste was far too overwhelming.

      A Decent Buy?

      In truth I would say yes it is a very decent buy. Even with the disappointment of the Hazelnut bar the rest of them more than make up for it and at the current price of £3.99 in Sainsbury's they are a very worthwhile purchase. I find that Milka chocolate has a much smother taste than some of the English bars and found that these small bars were perfect to sample some of the other bars in the range. It is possible to get this little selection for less, I've seen it priced at £1.11 on one website but even at the RRP it is still a decent buy, even with the Hazelnut bars.
      Per 25g Chocolate

      Calories - 135
      Protein - 1.7g
      Carbs - 14g
      Fat - 7.8g
      Fibre - 0.5g
      Sodium - 0.04g

      Caution this product does contain Hazelnuts, Almonds, Soya and Milk and may also contain traces of Wheat


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