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Minghella Chocolate, Chilli and Garlic Ice Cream

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Brand: Minghella / Type: Creams

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2009 15:32
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      Nothing special

      I visited The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight this summer. There was much hype about the place, particularly the fact it sold garlic ice cream. Two of my favourite things in the world are garlic and ice cream, so I had to go and hunt this amazing creation down, not that I could possibly imagine what it would taste like.

      Expecting an assortment of weird and wonderful ice creams ready to be scooped and in a cone for you I was a little disappointed to find just a freezer of little cartons, all in the one flavour. For those of you who've read my Garlic Farm review will know I was a little disappointed with the whole place, but this is for the ice cream so I'll move on.

      The ice cream flavour they were stocking was 'Chocolate, Chilli and Garlic'. Adding two more of my favourite things, chocolate and chilli meant this was sounding like an ice cream made for me but what did it taste like altogether?

      The ice cream is made by a company called Minghella. Staying in the Isle of Wight, we'd sampled their products earlier in the week and they have a huge variety of flavours from the normal chocolate and vanilla types to more exotic creations like Turkish Delight. So far I'd been impressed with their products so this only made me more optimistic about this one.

      I'm pleased to say I tried it, but I can't say if it was offered again to me vs some Ben and Jerry's Phish food, that I'd choose it again! The ice cream is very dark brown colour and I was expecting a rich chocolate taste from the look of it. What I got in fact was a powdery cocoa taste, like cheap chocolate ice cream, not as sweet however. After it's started melting in your mouth you can detect the garlic, for a garlic fiend like me it didn't taste too strong but to someone less into the taste, it's probably quite obvious. It wasn't unpleasant to have the chocolate and garlic taste in my mouth at the same time, after all chocolate was originally used as a savoury ingredient, and the fact it wasn't sweet made a change. So where's the chilli? Well you can't taste any chilli as such but after you swallow the ice cream, you do get a small amount of heat in the back of the throat.

      For those of you interested in the nutritional information, 100g of this ice cream contains 264 calories and 13.2 gram of fat.

      My little pot, which was enough for a portion, cost me around £2 from the Garlic Farm. Expensive for what it is but worth paying for the novelty factor and a new taste experience, you'll probably only buy it once anyway!!

      I don't know if you can get this flavour ice cream anywhere else, It's not listed on Minghella's website so it may be it's just a flavour exclusively for the farm. If so I wouldn't make a special journey out there to try it.


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