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Mint Crisp M&Ms

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Type: Mint / Brand: Mars

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2008 15:46
      Very helpful



      For Mint lovers and M&M lovers all over the world

      Times have changed with M&Ms. The choice is no longer yellow or brown packet (peanut or regular). Now they also have blue (crispy), cream (almond), purple (dark chocolate) or green (new, mint crisp). I wasn't sure whether this would be a flavour combination that worked or not - mint is good, crisp is good, but is mint crisp just too much stuff going on in one little M&M (one little M?). However as you'll gather from the star rating, I think these are fabulous, and they're currently my favourite product in the range.

      The first thing you notice, apart from Harrison Ford staring you down (the packets on sale here are an Indiana Jones tie in) is the smell - before you even open the packet, the mint hints you and this gets much more intense as you open it up. It's the same smell as After Eights, quite natural since they're another chocolate/mint combo. For this new line, Mars have chosen to have M&Ms in just three colours: white, a pale green and a dark, forest green. People always need to add more greenery to their diets, right? The sweets are bigger than normal M&Ms, just as the regular crispy ones are (it's that crispy kernel that pads them out in both cases).

      I normally eat M&Ms whole (what with them being rather small) but in the interests of research I bit a few of them in half to examine. The ratio of parts seems to be roughly 60% crispy centre, 20% chocolate, 20% crispy shell though the actual size of the sweets varies drastically making me think these were maybe rushed off without the usual quality control of your normal M&Ms (or, perhaps, that the ones that didn't pass any quality control tests got shipped to Mexico...it wouldn't surprise me).

      Still, chocolate is for eating, not for looking at, and therefore to me the most important thing is the taste. I think these are really tasty. The mint is strong and fresh, but not over powering. They're not quite the same as chewing gum or brushing your teeth, but these do give you slightly minty breath which I like. The crispy part adds a nice crunch and a tiny hint of salt which is off set nicely against the mint chocolate. The chocolate and the shell are exactly those I've come to expect from any M&Ms. Living in this part of the world I especially appreciate the sweetness of the chocolate, since Mexican stuff is like Hershey's, the other key brand they sell here, both of which are more bitter.

      The real bonus for me is that the crispy bit makes me chew rather than inhale, so the packet lasts longer, which at 200 calories per bag, it needs to. These are more like sweets than chocolates really, but they aren't dipped in sugar (like, say, fizzy cola bottles) so my teeth don't feel revoltingly in need of a clean after eating. Because of the hard sugary sell, the usual M&M mantra applies too - these mints melt in your mouth, not in your hand - so they're handy for eating on the go, especially here where it's still very hot in the middle of the day, and other chocolates tend to get soft if you hold onto them for too long.

      I bought these in Mexico for 8 pesos (40p) but the way things tend to move across the pond I would expect you to be able to find them already in the likes of Selfridges or newsagents who seem to stay ahead of the curve with imported goodies (like Tutzy's in Piccadilly Gardens, or the Aleef's chain, both in Manchester).

      Highly recommended for fans of all things mint flavoured, and a great addition to the M&M range. They're Limited Edition but I hope they make them permanent as they're fab. If anyone from M&M land is reading this - how about Orange Crisp ones next?

      You can read a dubiously detailed analysis of the product and packet (including fun fact trivia) here: http://www.typetive.com/candyblog/item/mint_crisp_mms/


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      M&M's with a new green coating and minty flavour!

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