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Morrisons Organic Milk Chocolate

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Milk / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2010 22:10
      Very helpful



      An Average Organic Chocolate

      I brought a bar of this Organic Milk Chocolate from Morrisons just to try it, I've had a few different organic chocolate bars recently and wondered what this one would be like because Morrisons chocolate is usually quite nice. It's £1.26 for a 100g bar and comes in quite a nice wrapper for supermarket chocolate.

      It's not that good, there's nothing actually WRONG with it but it doesn't melt very good in my mouth and also tastes a bit like fake chocolate. It's not rich at all and tastes mega cheap to me like that Kinnerton chocolate you get the cheap Easter eggs made out of.

      The chocolate isn't disgusting but I won't buy it again because there's not a lot of flavour to it and I didn't like the weird after taste you get from it. The taste isn't that sweet either like most milk chocolate and it doesn't melt like Dairy Milk and other milk chocolate. The chocolate is also quite hard so you have to chew it for a bit before you can swallow it, I thought it could deffo have been creamier too and it just reminded me of eating some Tesco Value chocolate recently.

      I reckon for the price this is average, Green And Blacks organic chocolate is £1.79 for the same sized bar but the quality is loads better than this so you'd expect to pay more.

      I won't bother again though because there are better chocolates in the supermarket and this tastes too cheap for me to enjoy it much because I like a luxurious chocolate to sit down and chill with, this tastes like the supermarket chocolate it is and every so often you'll get the feeling that you're not actually eating PROPER chocolate but some sort of chocolate substitute! lol

      Not recommended by me.... not a TERRIBLE bar of chocolate but give me a nice Fairtrade Dairy Milk instead for a creamier yummier treat!


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      20.01.2010 12:52
      Very helpful



      It's OK but nothing to get excited about

      PRICE: £1.26 for a 100g bar

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g bar):

      Calories: 560
      Kj: 2,342
      Protein: 6.3g
      Carbohydrates: 51.9g
      (of which sugars): 51.2g
      Fat: 36.2g
      (of which saturates): 22.8g
      Fibre: 2g
      Sodium & salt equivalent: Trace


      Fairtrade cane sugar, Fairtrade cocoa butter, milk powder, Fairtrade cocoa liquor, soya lecithin


      Contains milk and soya
      Produced in a factory which uses gluten, nut & peanut ingredients


      It's my policy in life to try as many different species of chocolate as is possible, and it never ceases to amaze me that so many brands, all of which are made from the same basic ingredients, can taste so very different to one another.

      The next on my list to try recently was Morrisons Organic Milk Chocolate, which is a Fairtrade product claiming to be made from cocoa beans farmed in the Dominican Republic.

      Morrisons Organic Milk Chocolate comes in a rather smart, pale brown card wrapper which has an image of a few pieces of the chocolate on the front, together with the Fairtrade logo. The rear of the wrapper shows nutritional information, ingredients list, dietary/allergy advice, Morrisons' contact details and advice that the outer packaging is recyclable.

      Inside the card wrapper, the chocolate bar is sealed in thin silver foil, old-fashioned style. The bar is rectangular in shape, approximately 7" x 4", and almost wafer-thin. It is divided into squares which are larger than that of most other types of chocolate bar, and each square bears a carved-out image of something which I believe is intended to be a chocolate bean, but it actually looks like some kind of creepy-crawly tropical insect; from the appearance aspect, I found this a little off-putting.

      The colour of the chocolate is quite a dark brown, not being much paler than plain chocolate.

      On breaking off a piece, it made a satisfying 'snap' sound, and the piece was conveniently bite-sized.

      The chocolate felt quite cold in my mouth, despite it having been at room temperature for several hours. It didn't immediately start to melt, so I had to crunch a bit in order to get what I hoped would be a flavour burst.

      The first taste I experienced was a sort of candified, rather sweet reminiscence of Gala Peter Dessert Chocolate (those who could be deemed over the hill age-wise may remember Gala Peter which vanished from our shop shelves longer ago than I care to remember). It took a few moments to taste anything particularly chocolatey, and when I did, it was a cocoa-ish, somewhat powdery, dark flavour which though not overly strong, was quite pleasant.

      The chocolate still didn't melt easily in my mouth, and as I swallowed, I noticed a slight chemical-type under-taste which lingered for some while after the whole bar had been consumed. I didn't find the under-taste remarkably unpleasant though.

      Though there is nothing particularly wrong with Morrisons Organic Milk Chocolate - it tastes OK and does more or less hit the chocolate spot - I can't say I felt I was eating anything anything special. I'm not sure what I was expecting taste-wise from the chocolate being organic, but there was nothing in it which made me wish I could have more after I'd finished eating.

      Considering the lack of specialness about this chocolate, I do personally feel it is on the expensive side - perhaps I'd have found it more satisfactory if the dimensions of the bar were decreased, and it be made chunkier and thicker as opposed to the flatness which is similar to that of a small Milky Bar or a Caramac. As said above, I also found the little pictures on the squares a bit off-putting due to their resemblance to creepy-crawlies, and I'd prefer to see either no decoration of that nature or something a bit more appetising to look at. The best thing for me about this chocolate is that it isn't too sweet, and is of the cocoa-ish type, flavour-wise which is how I prefer my chocolate to be.

      Of course it's very high in fat and calories, but it would be unrealistic to expect anything different from chocolate. The ingredients list is very respectable though, and contains no suspicious flavourings or additives in the slightest.

      I wouldn't say that I'd dash out to buy Morrisons Organic Milk Chocolate as a matter of urgency in future, but I wouldn't deem it as a product which I'd go to great lengths to avoid. It's pretty average, without being unpleasant - perhaps I'd buy it again if it were say on a BOGOF or some other kind of special offer, as I don't feel it's special enough to justify the price.

      Not a bad one Morrisons, but it didn't hit my spot or want to make me gorge myself stupid on the stuff as it didn't strike me as being anything which could be classed as mouth-wateringly luxurious.

      Thanks for reading!

      ~~ May also be published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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