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Nestle Crunch Coconut

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Nuts

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2009 10:29
      Very helpful



      Check the date before you enjoy!

      In my last days in Mexico I was busy packing, busy saying my goodbyes and busy visiting favourite places for one last time, but I was not too busy to keep looking for new, random chocolates, and found a lonely bar of this on a stand in the underpass near PWC en route to a class there.

      Nestle Crunch, as I've said before, was always something I thought ok but not massively special. However I like their more random bars, like the Crunch Caramel, and the Crunch Crisp, recently reviewed, so I was interested to try this, not least because I'd not have a coconutty chocolate treat for some time. Mexico doesn't do Bountys. And, like the USA, they call Mars bars 'Milky Ways', and Milky Ways are sold as '3 Musketeers' or 'Milky Way Mousse'. It's just wrong.

      This bar is unlike any other Crunch product except for its distinctive blue packaging. Inside, it looks more like a Yorkie than anything else, but with only 3 large chunks. This is notable because normal Crunch bars are all one piece without the pre-assigned segments which make breaking easier. Usual bars are also so thin and wishy-washy. Just how much Coconut have they packed in to make it so chunky?

      What this isn't, is a Crunch bar with a layer of coconut on top (like the Crunch with Caramel was). Instead, the coconut is well and truly blended into the bar along with the crispy crunch pieces, all encased in the usual American attempt at milk chocolate. There is a distinct coconut taste in every bite, but it's more like dried, desiccated stuff than the moist Bounty (or supermarket own Bounty knock-offs) on the market. The result is a bar that is a bit drier than your average chocolate treat, but won't leave you totally parched. It is, however, confusing to the taste-buds initially.

      The bar has a great, crisp, crunch to it, and in addition to being a bit chunkier than the normal Crunch bar, it also tasted more chocolatey, even with the inclusion of an extra ingredient. The only downside I found is the pieces of coconut being separate shards rather than lumped together, meaning I kept feeling like they would get stuck in my teeth.

      Choosing to but the one and only bar of this from a dubious stand was a gamble that didn't really pay off for me. It tasted great at night, but the next morning, my stomach was objecting strongly. I checked online and found most references to the bar were from 2003, so it's likely (what with this being Mexico, and all) that this was an ancient bar, recently discovered left over from an old stock. On the one hand, I don't blame Nestle for this since it was more the shop's fault than theirs, but on the other hand, I had checked the bar for a best before or sell by date before buying. I retrieved the wrapper from the bin to double check, and can confirm no date was printed on it anywhere. Hmmm. It should be noted that the bar didn't look old or misshapen at all when I ate it, and the wrapper was a bit dusty given where it was being sold, but didn't look too old and faded. I do not have a sensitive stomach normally (and you should see the state of my kitchen), but there was nothing else it could have been.

      Obviously if you don't like coconut, this won't be for you, but if you're a fan, this is an interesting bar, unlike anything I've ever tried. The combination of crunch with dry rather than chewy, moist coconut is unusual but they've got it to work here. Just be sure to check the best before date.

      One 43g bar has 220 calories and 12g fat. However, silver lining and all that, I imagine I didn't digest even half of this...

      From the UK, your best bet is to buy online:


      They currently have them in stock, and as this is a more civilised country than my former home, I'm sure the date will be fine.


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