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Nestle Milkybar - Chunky

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      20.04.2010 23:07
      Very helpful



      Milky bars are not on me if they're 80p

      Milky bars are from Nestle and have been around for many years, they are made with all natural ingredients which makes them a healthier chocolate choice and a good treat for children.

      I forgot how great these things were, and while at a coach stop I spotted 'Milky Bar chunky' I just had to purchase one. It cost me 80p for a small little bar, and the original was at the same price. I didn't care though, nothing was going to stop me getting a milky bar fix! They can usually be purchased for around 40-50p in corner shops and supermarkets, which makes them somewhat better value.

      It was in a foiled packaging with the Milkybar logo, it was in 6 chunks of white chocolate. The parts were quite small compared to your average dairy milk, but I feel the milky bars are more targetted at children and is a perfect amount for them, the chunks are smoothy creamy white chocolate.

      They taste gorgeous, the same taste as the milky bar but chunkier, and maybe a little more filling. They taste like creamy white lucious chocolate and melt away in your mouth like a dream, the taste isn't sickly like darker chocolate. Which I like because I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate. It's great that the chunks are so dissolvable as I've nearly cracked my teeth on a dairy milk before! If you are a pig like me you might want to get more of these to feel 'satisfied'.

      Nestle bars are made with all natural ingredients :
      Dried whole cows milk, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whey powder, Vegtable fat, Emulisifier lecithin, Natural flavouring.
      Bars may contain traces of wheat gluten.

      Per bar there is 202 calories and 11.7g of fat but they are so worth it!
      Overall these milky bars are just great, you get more layers of heavenly white chocolate in the chunks and taste nice. They are a great treat for children but you may find yourself wrestling off them in the end because they are so irrisistable.


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        16.10.2009 22:30
        Very helpful



        See review!

        You should all of have heard of milkybar which is made by Nestle. I'm sure you all remember the milkybar kid adverts with the blonde boy riding a horse in a western background in a cow boy costume saying "Milkybars are on me". Milkybar has been enjoyed for over 70 years and is trusted my mums. Milkybar is made from natural ingredients and contains dried whole cow's milk.

        Milkybar chunky can be bought from your local newsagents and good supermarkets for about 54p which is more expensive than the standard thicker bar. The chunky milkybar is 37g. Milkybar chunky is only sold as separate bars and cannot be bought in multi-packs like the standard sized bars.

        When opening the foil wrapper you can immediately smell a lovely creamy smell of chocolate. It smells very sweet and makes my mouth water. When peeling the wrapper back to reveal the bar there are small sections of the bar in which you can simply break the chunks off. The chocolate is an off white colour. There are about 5 chunks in total in this bar. But then each chunk can then be broken in half to make smaller chunks.

        ***TASTE TEST***
        When putting a chunk into my mouth you can immediately taste how creamy and smooth this chocolate is. It slowly melts on your tongue and in your mouth and fills your mouth with a gorgeous milky taste which is just divine. This bar is so yummy and creamy and is also very more-ish but can get sickly sweet after you have eaten one bar. The texture to the chocolate is very smooth. I like to put a chunk on my tongue and leave it to melt, I find that way you can taste how creamy and milky the chocolate is.


        * Protein - 7.5g
        * Carbohydrate - 58.1g of which sugars 57.7g
        * Fat - 31.6g of which saturates - 20.0g
        * Fibre - Nil
        * Sodium - 0.1g

        ***OTHER PRODUCTS***
        Other products in the milkybar range include:
        Milkybar buttons, Standard Bar, Family sharing Block, Buttons Sharing bag, Milkybar Moments Sharing Bag. You can also buy multi-packs of buttons, mini buttons, small bars and standard bars too.

        (Review also on ciao)


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