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Nestle Milkybar Hollow Cow

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Milk

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2010 16:25
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      Sweet for children but not great for adults!

      When I was browsing through the Easter eggs in my local supermarket yesterday I noticed these cute new chocolate Easter figures from Nestle Milkybar.

      I don't really agree with Easter eggs and think they are a total rip off but obviously if you have got young children in your family you can't not get them anything. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these sitting pretty on the shelf. They are exactly what I wanted as I didn't want to buy big eggs I wanted to buy a few small bits and put them all together as obviously this is more exciting for children. They were on offer at two for £3.00 so I bought four because I had three people to buy them for and then that left a treat for me :D

      First Impression

      What caught my eye was this cute little cow figure staring at me, I couldn't resist picking it up to have a further look and I was really excited to see that it was made by Milkybar. You hardly see any Milkybar chocolate any more and especially at Easter, I don't think I have ever seen a Milkybar Easter egg!


      The chocolate figurine is wrapped tightly in foil which is coloured to look like a cow. You have got the typical black and white patches on the cows body and then green grass along the bottom and the it has a very chirpy face :). Around the cows neck there is a little tag on some elastic that says Milkbar and then on the other side it has a "to" and "from" section so you can write on the tag who it is for, which is a nice touch.


      When you take the wrapper off you are greeted by a white chocolate hollow 11cm moulded cow that looks very tasty. It is quite hard to break which is good as it shows you it is fairly thick so there is a fair amount of chocolate there. I was really looking forward to trying the chocolate as i hadn't had Milkybar in years and I used to love it but I was really disappointed. The taste wasn't anything like I remembered at all it was quite sugary, you could basically taste the granules in your mouth and it wasn't creamy like it used to be, even my boyfriend said it didn't taste as nice and he doesn't usually complain about chocolate! It was very sickly and I could only eat a tiny little bit but this was always the case with Milkybar chocolate.


      I was really disappointed as it is a really cute Easter gift and I thought it would taste lovely. I am not really bothered that I have bought them for my young relatives as they are children and will eat anything sweet and sugary :) so I haven't got any problems there but I wouldn't suggest buying them for an adult.

      Boring Bit

      These are usually £2.91 each but are on offer at the moment in most supermarkets for two for £3.00 which is a very good price.

      I can't find any nutritional information on this and it wasn't on the cow I can't give you any information on that but it may contain traces of peanuts, nuts and wheat gluten.

      I am going to give this 3 stars as it does look lovely and is eye catching and children will love how cute it looks and probably won't care about the taste but the chocolate isn't of the usual Milkybar standard that I love.


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