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Nestle Milkybar Tree Decorations

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Brand: Nestle / Type: White

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2008 16:52
      Very helpful



      An alternative to tinsel!

      Along with our obligatory Christmas tree I allow my children a tree of their own, this is simply due to the fact that I like my tree to look reasonably nice but due to a hampered childhood, (my mum wouldn't let us near her tree for fear of a decoration being out of place!), I like my kids to decorate their own tree.

      Along with a bag full of their home made dec's, which to be fair are truly fabulous , and look ten times better than the ones I have bought, I always buy some chocolate decorations for them to hang on their tree, (and by the amount left on there by the time I take the tree down, eat during the night!).

      The edible decorations I will review are "Milkybar tree decorations".

      The box itself is a lovely custard yellow in colour. There is a red painted bow across the top of the box, under which is all the usual information, brand name, which I'm sure many of you will already know is Nestle, product name, what is held within the box and the fact that these are made entirely of natural ingredients.
      At the bottom of the box is an outline of a Christmas tree with a clear plastic panel in the centre, this allows the purchaser the opportunity of viewing the chocolate baubles without opening the box and finally there is a delightful picture of the milky bar kid, apparently showing off his newly decorated tree.

      When you come to open the box you will find the top end is folded over with a perforated strip to open it with. Once the strip is removed and you have read the lovely little bit of "bumf" on the box, (it just asks the kids what is at the top of their tree?!) you can empty... very carefully.... The eight baubles out of the box.

      Each bauble is around the size of a golf ball. Each one is hollow and is made of white milky bar chocolate.

      Each one is wrapped individually in yellow and cream coloured foil, this is to keep them fresh whilst on the tree and the foil also reflects the fairy lights, making them glint and twinkle.
      Each one also has a picture on the front, this usually either the milky bar kid, his horse or for some strange reason a cow with a red clown nose!

      Around the back of the bauble there is the information that this contains milk and soya and may contain traces of peanuts, nuts and wheat gluten. You may feel that this written across what is meant to be a decoration spoils the effect a little, but bear in mind by the time you may eat them the box and all the warnings will have long been disposed of!

      I know that this may well be of no interest to you, but here is the nutritional information,

      Per tree decoration-
      82 kcal
      1.1g protein
      8.7g carbohydrate
      8.7g of which sugars
      4.7g fat
      3.0g of which saturates

      As I mentioned earlier this product states that this contains all natural ingredients, this is from the cow's milk that the chocolate is made from through the ingredients that I wouldn't necessarily now what they are, even going as far as explaining where the ingredients come from and what they were originally made from.

      Now the important part...... the taste!

      These are of course delicious. White chocolate is not usually my bag, so to speak, but these are more than edible.
      As I mentioned the baubles are golf ball sized and hollow, but the chocolate is still around 1-1 ½ cm thick.
      The chocolate itself is creamy and smooth and there is more than a subtle hint of vanilla, this is actually quite strong but not overpowering.
      Once the chocolate has been consumed there is a lovely after taste that last for a few minutes, or at least until the next chocolate is eaten!

      The cost of these is probably more than you would spend on the Cadbury decorations that are available, but due to the fact that they are on "BUY TWO FOR £3.00" currently at Asda, I bought two boxes of these and two boxes of the Smarties ones (review to come!).
      At single price you will probably pay around the £2.00 mark.

      These are a lovely sweet to eat and they look lovely on your tree, recommended!

      For more information visit - www.milkybar.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Hollow white chocolate tree decorations.

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