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Nestle Munchies Mini Bites

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Brand: Nestle

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    3 Reviews
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      24.07.2010 17:41
      Very helpful



      Nice to share

      I just found a box of these lurking in the back of the cupboard so I decided to give them a little try! Munchies Mini Bites are available from supermarkets and the bites come in a cube shaped red box with large Munchies branding on it.

      Nestle describe the bites as having a 'chocolate and biscuit base layered with smooth caramel covered in real milk chocolate'. On the front of the box there is a good picture of the product showing you what you can expect and there is also clear nutritional values and a tick telling me the bites have no artificial colours or flavours.

      So opening the cardboard box is easy, you simply peel back the sticker and pop open the box. Should you wish to reseal these then you can do with a simple cardboard tab. Inside, the Munchies bites all lay piled up in the box. There is no excess packaging and instead there is just the outer box.

      I was initially surprised at how big the bites were, they are each about an inch square and a cm wide so I thought this was a really good size. Popping one into my mouth I immediately tasted the Munchies flavour. The chocolate was thick and creamy and the biscuit pieces had a buttery and smooth taste to them. The caramel was sweet and went really well with the chocolate and biscuit which meant the taste in your mouth is very nice. I will warn you, these taste slightly different than the original Munchies but nevertheless they are still very nice and certainly provide a chocolate hit!

      Now heres the best thing about these, they are very filling therefore I only managed 3 before I needed to stop. Usually I can polish off mammoth amounts of chocolate so I thought this was very good as it means I SHOULD eat less!

      Each bite contains 78 calories, 8.4g sugar, 3.3g fat (2.1g saturates) and trace of salt. If sharing these then this isn't too bad but if you are planning on eating more than 2 or 3 it could prove to be a problem! However, they are quite sickly and filling so I doubt anyone would manage more than a few. These would be great for sharing with friends or with family on a movie night.


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        30.05.2010 18:28
        Very helpful




        I saw these Munchies Mini bites in Asda along with the other verity Toffee Crisp Mini Bites, they were around £1.80 a box or 2 boxes for £2, so I got a box of each.

        What Are They
        According to the description on the box Munchies Mini Bite combines a biscuit and chocolate base, layered with smooth caramel and enrobed in milk chocolate.

        The Packaging
        This almost square bright red box with the Nestle Munchies logo and pictures of a Munchies Mini Bite is really eye catching and a very compact shape, the box opens from the top and has a small fold in flap to close the lid when you have had enough.

        The Contents
        Rattling around loose inside the box you get 15 mini bites, each rough looking bite is about an inch and a half square and reminds me of that chocolate covered cinder toffee you can get.

        Biting into a mini bite reveals the crumbly chocolate flavour biscuit base topped with a small amount of caramel all wrapped in Nestle milk chocolate.

        My Opinion
        I love Munchies! so was really looking forward to tucking into these, the first thing I noticed was they are real heavy duty little things, although they were intact they reminded me of them packs of reject/broken biscuits you get off the market or in the cheap shops as they looked a a bit roughed up after rattling about loose in the box, but looks isn't everything so I so I took a bite, the Chocolate flavour biscuit base immediately reminded me of bourbon creams which i don't like, the "layer of smooth caramel" was practically non existent and and you couldn't really taste it over the bourbon flavour, the Nestle chocolate coating was nice enough but once again i think the flavour was lost because of the rich base.

        Overall I think the heavy duty biscuit base takes over the hole thing and spoils it, it does not resemble Munchies chocolates at all, Munchies are mostly caramel with a bit of malty flavour biscuit inside, these are like heavy duty bourbon creams covered in milk chocolate and I did not taste the caramel or chocolate at all, I only ate one then the box sat for a couple of weeks until I gave them to my sister.

        If you see them on a 2 boxes for £2 offer then it might be worth getting a box of each variety to try but at the normal price of around £2 for 1 box these are nothing special and not worth the price, don't buy them because you love Munchies!

        More Info
        Each bite contains:

        Manufacturer details:

        Finsbury Food Group PLC
        30 City Road London, ENG EC1Y 2AG United Kingdom



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          16.01.2010 12:48
          Very helpful



          See review!

          ***MUNCHIES MINI BITES***
          I was in Sainsbury's and saw these mini bites down the cake aisle and they looked delicious so I just had to try them. These yummy bite seized treats are made by Nestle and you get 15 of these in one box. These yummy treats are crunchy biscuit and chocolate bites with a layer of smooth caramel and milk chocolate. These are also available to buy in Toffee Crisp too, but I haven't had munchies for a long time and when I do have munchies I eat them quickly because I love them so much! I bought these from Sainsbury's and they cost me £1.99 which I think is reasonable.

          Each bite contains the following:

          * Calories - 78 (4% RDA)
          * Sugar - 8.4g (9% RDA)
          * Fat - 3.3g (5% RDA)
          * Saturates - 2.1g (11% RDA)
          * Salt - Trace

          May contain traces of nut

          The mini bites come in a cute, square card box which reminds me slightly of a take away box! There is a tab and a flap on the top of the box so you can keep the box closed after opening it. On the front and sides of the box it states that the product is new and it shoes you a picture of the mini bites as well. You will also find nutritional information on the front too. On the side of the box is contact information for Nestle and a list of ingredients too.

          When opening the box you can smell a sweet smell and it does smell chocolatey as well. The mini bites are a reasonable sized square shape and you can see they are covered in yummy milk chocolate. When you take one out of the box you can see the top of the square is quite rough which is probably due to the caramel layer which rests on top of the biscuit base.

          ***TASTE TEST***
          When biting into these your teeth will sink straight into the caramel layer and then you will feel your teeth sink into the crunchy biscuit layer. The biscuit is nice and crunchy and tastes very sweet with the caramel and the chocolate. The overall texture in your mouth is just like eating a chocolate digestive biscuit but a lot sweeter. If you bite into the mini bite you can clearly see the biscuit pieces inside amongst the chocolate and you can see the caramel slightly as well.

          After eating about 3 or 4 of these they can get very, very sweet and I started to feel quite bloated and slightly sick as well. The bad thing about these is that they are very more-ish and if I have a box in front of me I keep finding myself taking another one out and eating it.

          ***OVERALL OPINION***
          These mini bites are so delicious and so more-ish. Although each mini bite doesn't contain too much fat, if you eat too many they do! These are great to buy and to share with friend's and would be a good idea at a party as well, as you can simply pop the box on the table and leave it open so people can help themselves. If you like munchies and sweet treats definitely give these a try but if you are not a fan of very sweet things then maybe you should give these a miss as they are very sweet and do get sickly. Overall a great, yummy treat that I would probably buy again

          (review also on ciao)


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