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Nestle Quality Street

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    67 Reviews
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      24.01.2015 16:32
      Very helpful


      • "Many Different Varieties"


      • None

      Satisfies My Sweet Tooth!

      I'm often asked by friends and family what kind of sweets I would prefer as a birthday or Christmas gift. I always give the same answer: Quality Street. They are by far my favourite affordable sweet collection because of their diversity and high quality.

      I most recently received a large box of these Nestle branded sweets at Christmas time. They came in an octagon shaped box which is 756g in chocolate weight. The box has a lid which peels off and which can be clicked back into place easily. I actually like keeping these large boxes for storage in the shed after use. They make great boxes for things like nails and bolts!

      The box has information printed on the bottom. It's hard to believe that these sweets have been around for more than 75 years but that's what the information states. There is also a list of full ingredients and a nutritional value chart. Whilst the sweets have no artificial colours, flavours, hydrogenated fats or preservatives they are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers (as they contain hazelnuts) or those who are lactose intolerant. They are suitable for vegetarians though.

      The sweets inside are wrapped in very colourful foil which is covered in a cellophane layer for extra protection. They are very bright and look like sweets made for celebrations. Each sweet has a certain shape and colour which identifies what they are. It is not likely that you would mix two sweets up as they all look very different.

      My personal favourites in the collection are the Noisette Green Triangle. This is a milk chocolate truffle made out of a soft, creamy hazelnut pate. I also love the strawberry creams as the fondant centre is so runny and delicious. The Orange Crème is similar but the fruitiness is quite tangy contrasted against a crisp dark layer of chocolate. There are a few toffee varieties which are rather similar although the toffee penny stands alone as having the most creamy, milky, melt in the mouth toffee you could imagine!

      What I like about the collection is that although there are similar ingredients in many of the sweets they all taste completely individual. The Caramel Swirl is a case of soft, melty caramel in a milk chocolate that seems to have a rather cocoa rich bite. Whilst the Purple One is also a milk chocolate and caramel blend (along with a whole hazelnut encased in the centre) but it has a different flavour and texture.

      These sweets are fun to share and they can provide a night's entertainment as you can enjoy many different flavours and experiences with the box. I would recommend them to anyone who has a very sweet tooth! These larger boxes are around £5 but smaller boxes are also available.


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      17.01.2015 21:25
      Very helpful



      I used to hate these... used to:)

      Please don't think it strange to review something that is so familiar and really known to all.
      Years ago I couldn't stand these for the amount of toffees that were in them, after a particularly nasty experience where a fight broke out between my teeth and the toffee, and the toffee won. I also felt the chocolate was too bitter.

      I turned my back on the brand and thought nothing of it until our family were brought a box, I was dying for chocolate [slight exgeration] but this was the only thing that was near at the time and forced by my loving family to try them again [!] I did and nearly ate the whole box! As you do.

      But from a customer point of view I was surprised. There seemed to be a difference in the quality [ pardon the pun!]
      There was more choice of non-toffees and the toffees they had were actually softer than I remember them to be and the chocolate surrounding it was much more smooth and not as bitter.
      I like the subtle changes they've made [it seems] to the bitterness and the chocolate overall is more lovely than Roses] but don't tell anyone.
      My favourite is actually all of them and I never in a million years thought I would try these again, seeing there is so much competition out there.
      However, if like Moi, you have drifted away then I call you to come back to what you know! They really are much better.x


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      09.12.2013 23:42
      Very helpful



      Still some tasty classic goodies, but the overall quality has deteriorated

      PRICE: Currently on special offer at my local Sainsbury's @ £4.50 for an 820g tub


      Calories: 132
      Kj: 552
      Protein: 0.9g
      Carbohydrate: 19.2g
      - of which sugars: 16.2g
      Fat: 5.5g
      - of which saturates: 3.1g
      Fibre: 0.4g
      Sodium: Trace
      Salt equivalent: 0.07g


      Sugar, glucose syrup, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, dried whole milk, glucose/fructose syrup, coconut, lactose and proteins from whey, whey powder, butter, hazelnuts, butterfat, E471, salt, fat-reduced cocoa powder


      Suitable for vegetarians
      Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
      Do or may contain nuts/nut traces
      No hydrogenated vegetable oils


      Quality Street Chocolates have been around for as long as I remember, probably far pre-dating me. I have strong memories of them from childhood, and whenever I feel the need for some comforting or simply fancy a chocolate fix with lots of different centres and flavours, I will treat myself to some instead of an ordinary chocolate bar.

      My latest purchase was a tub of Quality Street, on special offer at Sainsbury's. This tub is octagonal in shape, and not made of tin like it used to be....it is now constructed of some sort of reinforced plastic. The modern-day design is far less intricate than it once was, now simply being a purple background with the image of a few of the wrapped sweets on the front and sides. Also shown around the sides of the tub are lists of nutritional information, dietary/allergy advice, ingredients, storage instructions, manufacturer's contact details and information on recycling the packaging.

      The tub is packed generously with the sweets double wrapped, firstly in foil then brightly coloured thin cellophane. Even though the sweets are double-wrapped, as soon as the cover of the tub is removed a faint aroma of chocolate tinged with a slight nutty element rises up and is quite pleasant. I did find the lid of the tub quite difficult to remove though, in that after much pulling, heaving, groaning, broken nails and the utterance of many colourful expletives, I discovered that the rim of the lid is sealed all around with an almost invisible and very fast stuck sellotape. I managed to eventually get to the contents inside by running a sharp knife all around the rim, breaking the very stubborn sellotape seal.

      I can't just stop at one or two chocolates when going through one of my very indulgent phases, having to sample each filling variety at least once....mostly twice though.

      Many of the centres are the same as they always have been, at least within my memory, these including the lovely whole hazelnut embedded in a rich, soft, gooey caramel then surrounded by a thick layer of creamy, good quality chocolate. Other favourites of mine are the strawberry cream - although this is a dark chocolate rather than a milk chocolate sweet and I wish it were otherwise - the orange cream which I love, an oblong-shaped coconut-filled sweet in a lovely green wrapper and a few others.

      My recent sampling of Quality Street Chocolates did leave me with some mixed feelings though. I did enjoy my usual favourites, but felt that over the years since I last had a substantial amount of them, that the ratio of soft centres to hard centres has changed in that there are far too many toffees and other difficult to chew varieties which play nasty games with my fillings. Also, I find these hard centres to be far too sweet for my own palate. I simply find it tiresome chewing through the old classic elongated chocolate covered toffee shape, the horrid dark toffee concoction which comes in a brown wrapper, and a couple of others. Also, whatever happened to the abundance of coffee-flavoured soft centre sweeties? I think in the whole tub which I scoffed recently over a few days and evenings, there was only one which contained anything even remotely resenbling a coffee flavour.

      Also, I feel that the efficiency with which the chocolates are wrapped has gone downhill, seeming as if the setting process of the chocolate isn't being allowed to complete properly before the sweets are wrapped. This results in leakage of the soft centres through the chocolate coatings onto the inner part of the wrappings, and makes the sweets difficult to remove. On a couple of occasions during my recent scoffing marathon, I found myself chewing on little bits of silver paper that I hadn't noticed I'd not properly removed from the ultra sticky sweet fillings which had leaked out and acted like super-glue on velcro.

      I do like to gobble up all the hard centres first, so that I can then pleasurably (well hopefully) indulge in my favourites, the soft centres plus the hazelnut in caramel goo, to my heart's delight and content. However, due what seems like a larger ratio of hard centres to soft these days, my gratification was delayed and my poor fillings were put through the mill as I wearily chomped my way through mounds of hard toffee just so I could then allow myself the indulgence of my favoured soft centres. However, and aside from the standard of wrapping having declined somewhat, it is still worth grinding my teeth through the murk in order to get to the good part.....those soft centres are almost like a luxurious reward for my endurance.

      At full whack, a large tub of Quality Street these days can be quite expensive, as the price of chocolate in general has recently shot through the roof. However, if you can manage to find one of these large tubs on special offer at around £4.50 to £5.00, then it is comparatively good value and I feel, even with the disadvantages, worth a purchase. A tin or tub of Quality Street is also a must for Christmas, as they are great to idly nosh on during the afternoon period when everybody is full to the brim with turkey, mince pies and pudding, yet they always seem to find room for the odd orange cream or hazelnut in caramel goo to keep them awake during the 950th screening of something like Bridge On The River Kwai or The Sound Of Music.

      However pertinent or otherwise it is for me to say, I do these days actually overall prefer Quality Street's main rival, but compared to other similarly tinned or tubbed chocolate collections, they come out at a second best. I just wish more care would be taken with the wrapping, that there were less hard centres and that the price was permanently at around the £4.50 to £5.00 mark. For me in this day and age, the memory and indulgence of the Quality Street experience doesn't quite match up to my childhood recollections, but nonetheless there still are some delicious fruity, nutty and richly gooey centres to be enjoyed, and the chocolate - well at least the milk chocolate - remains at its old very high standard....rich, thick, creamy and utterly delicious.

      Of course Quality Street Chocolates are high in fat, sugar and calories, but surely that is to be expected from a product of this nature.

      Overall, were the quality of these once heavenly delicious sweeties exactly as high as it used to be, with the balance between hard and soft centres being more even, plus do away with that boring dark chocolate which rears up its head now and again inside of the tub, I would award the full whack of stars, but as the product now stands, I have to reluctantly knock two off because taken as a whole, they don't delight me as much as they used to.

      Thanks for reading!


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        11.01.2013 18:56
        Very helpful



        Great value, good variety of chocolates in a recyclable tin

        Christmas has come and gone and like so many homes in Britain, ours has the obligatory tin of Quality Street, which is always bought for for visitors, but mostly eaten by myself.

        Quality Street is made by Nestle. The Quality Street tin which is Hexagonal in shape, comes with an assortment of milk and dark chocolate and toffees inside, with different coloured wrappers for each kind of goodies, together with a small leaflet showing the variety of sweets contained within the tin. The wrapper gives a brief description of the contents. The great thing about the tins, is the contents being so plentiful. There are plenty of sweets to share around with all your friends and family and most people love chocolate. They are great value at Christmas with a tin being bought for around £5 in most supermarkets as they always seem to go on special offer around this time. They are perfect for gifts for mums and all chocolate lovers alike.

        The chocolates and toffees inside are:
        Milk chocolate block, Caramel Swirl, Green Triangle, Orange Creme, Coconut Eclair, Toffee Finger, Orange Chocolate Crunch, The Purple One (my personal favourite), Strawberry Delight, Toffee Deluxe, Toffee Penny and Fudge. Each of the different delights are recognisable from the colour of the wrapper. There is normally an even amount of each of the treats.

        Quality Street contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no hydrogenated vegetable oils. The tin and the contents of the tin can be recycled, but the tin can always be saved for storage purposes. I tend to use mine to house my first aid box.

        The base of the tin contains lots of information on how to recycle, together with nutritional information and even contact information and the web address for nestle. All in all, the tin is great value and let's face it, chocolates, especially a variey, make people very happy.


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          04.11.2012 13:00
          Very helpful



          Not for me though my mate loved em!

          The other night my friend popped to the shop to get a few essentials and came back with a huge tub of Quality Street for us to munch through whilst watching the soaps. Me.... I was a bit disappointed with them if I'm perfectly honest with you as I much prefers Heros or Celebrations or something like that as I am not keen on the fruity and squishy offerings that come in these and never have been!

          The Packaging:

          Ok well we all know that these come in different styles of packaging from the decorative tins to the plastic containers and in a variety sizes too. The one my friend got was a see through plastic tub with a purple coloured plastic twist on/off lid to the top of it with Quality Street engraved into it and then on the front of the tub there is a purple and pink label and on that a picture is shown of a few of the sweets and we are told that they are Nestle Quality Street 'Over 75 Years Of Magic Moment' and the then on the back label we are told a little bit about the sweets, the ingredients are given nutritional information is listed, the best before date is given as is the weight stated (which in this case is 700g inc wrappings) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the box there is a colourful leaflet showing us which chocolates/toffees are in there, their names and what they are meant to taste of!

          The Chocolates/Sweets:

          Milk Choc Block:

          This is milk chocolate with a gooey helping of milk chocolate inside of each one. This is a decent little block of chocolate and plainish in flavour.

          Caramel Swirl:

          Comes in a milk chocolate, small cup form with a gooey centre of generous and sweet caramel. I love these though they are rather sweet.

          The Green Triangle:

          Soft milk chocolate with a mushy sort of chocolate centre, I'm not all that keen on these as to me they have a slightly nutty taste to them and I'm not keen on that!

          Orange Creme:

          Dark chocolate with a whitish soft centre that tastes of oranges, to me too sweet and I'm not overly keen on the soft centres these have but my mate is so they went first out of the tub!

          Coconut Eclair:

          Oblong and chunky these are milk chocolate with a mushed up coconut within them, to me taste a bit like Bounty, nice enough.

          Toffee Finger:

          Thinnish, long milk chocolate sticks with a firm toffee inside them. For me these are about the best in the tub however the toffee is really hard and there isn't enough chocolate on them in my humble opinion.

          Strawberry Delight:

          Again a round dark chocolate with a pinkish fondant inside which is strawberry flavoured and its another not for me as its really sweet and sickly and so soft its mushy.

          The Purple One:

          Milk chocolate and of decent size with a hard hazelnut inside surrounded by a gooey thick caramel sauce, again I don't mind this one too much and it isn't as sweet as many of the other caramel and toffee offerings within our tub.

          Orange Chocolate Crunch:

          Another orange flavoured chocolate, this one though is crunchy and not as bad to me as the gooey one.

          Toffee Penny:

          This is a hard, round piece of toffee with no chocolate on it. Again this is hard though I like these though after a couple they do get sickly as they are so very sweet!


          I love these ones! Soft milk chocolate and plenty of it this time with a soft fudge inside I can't get enough of them!

          All In All:

          Well although we got plenty in the tub I felt I had little choice to choose from though we were fortunate as my mate likes the soft centres and I prefer the hard however I felt really, really bored with these. There is little variety in my opinion and not enough chocolate on any of them and the chocolate isn't as rich and/or as smooth as I would like it to be.

          My mate bought out tub in our local Spa shop for £3.99.

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            22.02.2012 18:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A nice treat for a special ocasion

            Although we do have chocolate as a treat in our house the only time we ever buy tins of chocolates is at Christmas and these consist of the traditional Roses and Quality Streets. I always get given a large tin of chocolates by work on the day we break up before the Christmas break and this year we all received a tin of Quality Streets. Quality Streets are one of my favourites when it comes to what I call Christmas chocolates, although to be honest I like most chocolate but Quality Streets are always a little bit different to what you would normally eat throughout the year.

            Quality Streets come in different forms including boxes and tins, I received a tin of these chocolates, the tin I always think is quite distinctive and stands out on the shelf and you cannot fail to tell that it is a Quality Street tin. The tin is made from metal and is a hexagon shape and is mainly a pinky purple colour, it has the words "Quality Street" written in white cross the lid is pictures of the different chocolates inside the tin just beneath this, all of the writing and pictures on the tin are slightly raised making the tin textured as well as very colourful, the Nestle logo also appears on the lid of the tin inside a small red oval. The base of the tin is plain silver with a small amount of product information written on it in black writing, the name "Quality Streets" and pictures is also repeated around the sides of the tin (this information is based on the tin I have) The lid of the tin is taped on when your purchase it and simply pulls off and pushes back on again.

            When you first open a tin of Quality Streets it is full of brightly coloured wrapped chocolates of different shapes, in each tin you received a small hexagon pieces of paper, on one side it is designed to look like the lid of the tin, a pinky purple with the words "Quality Streets" written on it, and on the other side is a list of all the chocolates inside the tin, this includes a picture of the chocolate, the name and from what I can remember a short description of what each chocolate is, although most of the names are quite self explanatory. The chocolates which currently feature inside a tin of Quality Streets include
            *Toffee Deluxe - This is basically a toffee covered in Nestle milk chocolate
            *Orange Creme - A dark chocolate containing a orange creme filling, the filling is thicker than a fondant
            *Orange Crunch - This is a hexagon shaped solid milk chocolate which is orange flavoured with small crunchy pieces within it
            *Milk Chocolate Hazelnut in Caramel - This is Quality Streets famous 'The Purple One' and the names says exactly what it is, this has since been made into a larger version of the chocolate and sold individually
            *Chocolate Noisette - This the Green Triangle chocolate and is basically a milk chocolate praline, again this has been made into a larger version and sold individually
            *Chocolate Toffee Finger - This is a finger shaped piece of toffee and covered in milk chocolate
            *Toffee Penny - This contains no chocolate at all and is simply a round toffee.
            *Vanilla Fudge - A rectangle shaped piece of soft fudge covered in milk chocolate
            *Strawberry Delight - This is very similar to the Orange Crème, a round dark chocolate filled with a strawberry flavoured filling
            *Coconut Éclair - This is a block of whatjkmmmmmmmmmjkiummmdedf reminds me a little of coconut ice although a bit harder covered in milk chocolate
            *Caramel Swirl - A done shaped milk chocolate filled with caramel
            *Milk Chocolate Block - Simply a thick piece of Nestle milk chocolate

            Each of the chocolates is wrapped in a different colour wrapper some of which consist of a foil layer which is then covered in a brightly coloured plastic wrapper, others are just wrapped in a colourful piece of foil. I have to say that I do like most of the chocolates available in Quality Streets, I do not like nut and with this tin of chocolates you actually get hardly any nut ones apart from the Milk chocolate hazelnut in caramel and I will quite happily eat around the nut with this one. Out of the ones currently available I think my favourites have to be the Green Triangle, the Caramel Swirl and the Orange Crunch, although I do really like all of the others, my least favourite I have to say is the toffee penny, purely because it is the only one without chocolate, however this happens to be my husbands favourite so even these do not go to waste in our house. In my opinion Quality Street are ideal for the whole family, because they cover such a wide range of different fillings there is more than likely something to suit most people, they are the sort of chocolates which are ideal for both children and adults to share making them ideal for special occasions such as Christmas.

            Tins of Quality Streets are available in most supermarkets, as with a lot of the tins of chocolates such as these you often see that they are when being sold at full price around £10.00, however they are always on offered for half price and being sold at £5.00. Personally I think £5.00 is very good value for money as you really do get a lot of chocolates for your money, the tin is full when you first open it, obviously how long it lasts depends on how many people are sharing it, we opened our Christmas day and there were 6 of us and it lasted a good few days after Christmas. However I do not think I would be prepared to pay £10.00 for a tin in my opinion this is a little over priced for a tin of chocolates.

            Overall I would certainly recommend Quality Streets to anyone who loves chocolate, they are very good value for money when sold on offer. You get a good variety of chocolates inside with flavours and fillings suited to most people, they are excellent to share with friends or family and the range of different fillings makes them perfect for both children and adults to share. We always have a tin of these at Christmas whether we buy it ourselves or have it brought for us and we will certainly continue to do so, this isn't the sort of product I would buy on a regular occasion, I couldn't trust myself with a whole tin of chocolates in the house, however I will continue to purchase them for special occasions.


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              05.02.2012 19:03
              Very helpful




              To be totally honest I'm more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one. After recentely visiting my Mum and Dad in the lovely devon countryside, my mother bought out a tin of these sweets knowing forewell I wouldn't eat many as I rather eat a bag of crisps than sweets.

              The packaging~

              Comes in a metal octigan shaped purple tin with Quality street clearly shown at the top with pictures of sweets in bright colours. There is an information leaflet enclosed with a picture to help identify the sweets with the name of eat sweet written below. The tin is made from steel and the sweet wrappings are made from alminium and am pleased to say it is fully recyclable, all the contents also.

              quality Steet have been around since 1936.
              The contents of the tin weigh 969 g net 1kg inc. wraps.

              The sweets~
              The sweets are all shapes and sizes. some are in coloured tin foil, while otheres are in foil and plastic wrapping. They still taste like I remember them as a child. The chocolate is very smooth and milky. My favourite I must say is stawberry delight, it is coated in dark chocolate with a tangy strawberry fondant in the centre. I avoid the toffee ones as they pull out my crowns lol! I don't fancy a trip to the dentist just yet.

              For all you chocolate lovers out there they are well worth the buy. They cost around £7.00 a tin at Christmas and are available from all good super markets.


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              15.01.2012 20:46
              Very helpful



              Good well known brand of chocolates

              Over Christmas time at my place of employment we were overun with a couple of tins and a box of these sweets which are a very popular brand along with others like Roses and Celebrations. A real positive about these is that there really is a type of sweet in the tin that everyone will enjoy as long as they like chocolate. They are great to pass around and share and are good to eat or give as a gift at any time of year.

              I tend to really enjoy eating the caramel and toffee sweets amongst the assortment although there are others that I like. Each sweet is wrapped individually and coloured according to the type that it is. The fudge sweet and the caramel swirl are particularly pleasant and reasonably easy to bite and chew due to being softer. Most of the sweets are a centre of one kind or another which have a Nestle chocolate coating like the Coconut Ecclair which I am not a big fan of but people who like coconut sweets wil love these.

              The purple one is a hazelnut and caramel centre coated with chocolate which I think is tremendous especially the velvet like caramel filling and these are like the fudge and swirl not too tough on your teeth.

              My favourites in particular are the toffee deluxe which is a very hard centre with a chocolate coating, the toffee finger which is toffee just over an inch long coated in chocolate and also the toffee penny which is a circular disc of toffee by itself a little bigger than a two pence piece. These ones are great tasting but unlike the others are tough to bite and chew and will stick to your teeth especially the finger and the penny so be careful when you eat these ones.

              The other day I was so hungry at work that I went to our sole remaining tin of these and all that was left was the strawberry delights and the orange cremes and I decided to eat them anyway, they are quite nice, it is just that the others I mentioned previously appeal to me much more.

              For each three sweets an estimate is that these will contain 132 calories and 5.5g of fat so eaten in moderation these are a good treat and ideal for gatherings or parties


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                10.12.2011 14:56
                Very helpful



                great chocolate variety

                The only time that I ever remember having quality streets as a child was at Christmas where my parents would buy a tin of them for us to share over Christmas. So when my husband came home from work last night with a tin that his boss had brought for us I was eager to open them and see if they still contained my favourite ones.

                Qulaity streets are made by Nestle and were launched in 1936 and were then made by Macintosh who later ended up being brought by Nestle. Thanks there to Wikipedia for the facts.

                You can now buy quality streets in all different sized boxes and even larger sizes of some of the favourite individual sweets. But to me Christmas would not be Christmas without one of the large tins of Qulaity Streets. The supermarets are having there usual Christmas price war with all of the tins of sweets including Quality Streets, at the moment a 1kg tin (including wrappers) is £5.00 at Tesco.

                Inside the tin you will find all of the sweets individually wrapped in bright coloured wrappers. There is also a little paper menu allowing to to identify which chocolate is which. There is a total of 12 different chocolates contained in the tin:
                - Milk Chocolate Block (green foil and plastic wrapper) - This is exactly as it sounds just a simple block of nestle milk chocolate.
                - Caramel Swirl (gold foil wrapper) - This is a dome of hollow milk chocolate filled with a runny caramel centre.
                - Orange Cream - (orange foil and plastic wrapper) - This is a sweet orange flavoured crème wrapped in dark chocolate. On the menu it is shown as being round but this is the old version of this chocolate and it is now oblong.
                - Coconut Éclair - (blue foil and plastic wrapper) - This is a sticky desiccated coconut filling coated in milk chocolate. My mum loves these but I am not a coconut fan so tend to leave these until last.
                - Triangle - (green foil wrapper) - This is a triangle shaped chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate. This is my favourite quality street as I love the rich, creamy truffle centre.
                - Toffee Finger - (gold foil and plastic wrapper) - This is a long oblog of chewy toffee wrapped in milk chocolate.
                - Toffee Penny - (gold foil and plastic wrapper) - This is a flat round piece of toffee shaped like an old penny.
                - Fudge - (pink foil and plastic wrapper) - This one is a piece of creamy fudge wrapped in milk chocolate.
                - Strawberry Delight - (red foil and plastic wrapper) - This one is a strawberry flavour crème wrapped in dark chocolate. This was one that neither of my parents liked so I always used to get them all as a child which I never minded as I find them very nice.
                - The Purple One - (purple foil and plastic wrapper) - This one is made up of a whole hazelnut surrounded by runny caramel and wrapped in milk chocolate. This is my husbands favourite and I think one of the most popular quality streets hence the release of the large individual big purple one and more recently the big purple bar.
                - Chocolate Orange Crunch - (orange foil wrapper) - This one is a orange flavoured truffle that contains little crunchy sugar crystals inside and wrapped in milk chocolate to form a hexagonal shape.
                - Toffee Deluxe - (brown foil and plastic wrapper) - This one is a more luxurious richer toffee wrapped in milk chocolate. I remember when the brown wrappers used to be a coffee crème which I used to avoid as I hate anything coffee flavoured so when they change it for the toffee it was certainly welcomed by me.

                I certainly think that quality streets have improved over the years, you now seem to get a much bigger variety of different chocolates so there is pretty much something that everyone will like. For a while my parents stopped buying these and switched to roses instead as there seemed to be more crème chocolate added than anything else. But with the latest tin we have just had there seems to be an even amount of each chocolate included which is nice to see so I will certainly be buying them again in the future.


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                  21.11.2011 23:36
                  Very helpful



                  perfect for christmas

                  Well, Christmas is looming again already, and as a result the large tins of Quality Street Chocolates are making an appearence on supermarket shelves. In fact, I have already had a tin of these bought for me for my birthday, which was a few weeks ago.

                  Quality Street are bite sized assorted chocolates, and have been around since 1936 when Nestle began manufacturing them. Today they are a feature of many households, predominately at Christmas, when it appears to be compulsory to have at least one tin!

                  Over the years, Nestle have experimented with putting in and removing various chocolates from quality street, such as coffee cremes and chocolate eclairs, which seem to have vanished from the tins.

                  The current tin has the following 10 assorted chocolates in it:

                  Cadbury dairy milk
                  caramel velvet
                  golden barrel
                  hazel in caramel
                  strawberry dream
                  hazel whirl
                  tangy orange creme
                  brazillian darkness
                  county fudge

                  Many of the chocolates contain nuts and soya so beware if you have allergies.

                  You can usually buy a large tin of quality streets from between £5 - £6.50, depending on the supermarket as many do special offers around christmas. Throughout the rest of the year you can buy quality street in smaller cardboard cartons.

                  In terms of calories, be aware that just 3 sweets will rack up 132 calories! So try not to eat the whole tin!

                  Overall, I think that Quality street are a tasty bunch of bite sized chocolates, perfect for sharing at christmas and special occassions. Nobody likes ALL of the sweets in the tin, but you will probably like most of them. My personal favourite is Hazel nut in caramel, or 'the purple one.'


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                    01.01.2011 01:53
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                    Great for any occasion and lots of choice

                    Over the years, Quality Streets chocolates by Nestle are a common family chocolate box mostly seen at Christmas. You can buy these in a pretty purple Tin (as seen above but is now a bit more sparkly and the lettering on it is a bit 3-D) or a Box of chocolates, the same as the other big 'Christmas' chocolates: Celebrations by Mars, Roses by Cadbury and Heros which are also by Cadbury.
                    Although each chocolate is in a different coloured foil, they all have 'Quality Street' printed all over the wrappers which is repeated.
                    As i cannot eat whole nuts, the 'Purple one' cannot be reviewed by me but is probably is just like the Caramel swirl but longer and with a nut in lol.

                    Green Triangle: This one is in a green foil and in the shape of a triangle, so pretty obvious. This is kind of a Hazelnut creme, a bit like a truffel ('Noisette paste') I think this one is really nice and the flavour is really nutty and just like a good truffel. 5/5

                    Chocolate toffee finger (gold stick): this is a bit like the 'Toffee Deluxe' and is a chewy toffee covered in a Nestle chocolate coating!The flavour of Toffee is good and quite buttery although a bit of chewing is required! 4/5

                    Toffe penny (gold wrapper): There are 3 toffee's in Quality Street's selection and this is the one without the chocolate. This is basically a blob of toffee in a sort-of circle shape. the flavour is the same as both the chocolate covered toffee's although i think without the chocolate it is a bit more hard to chew on. 3.5/5

                    Vanilla Fudge (pink wrapper): The flavour of the fudge is very nice and a bit like country fudge in the Roses selection although this time obviously coated in the Nestle chocolate. The flavour is sweet and has buttery notes. 4/5

                    Strawberry delight (red wrapper): The chocolate on this creme is darker. The creme inside is not a pink colour like the Roses strawberry creme, instead just really white. i Prefer this flavour of strawberry creme to the Roses one because i find it more tasting like a strawberry and not so artificial. 5/5

                    Coconut eclair (blue wrapper): This is basically just a Nestle version of a Bounty. I think they pulled thos one of quite well. The chocolate tasted good on the coconut and the coconut itself was sweet and tasty although a little dry. 3.5/5

                    Caramel Swirl (gold dome): Much like a 'golden barrell', this milk chocolate Nestle dome is filled with sweet runny Caramel. There is a good amount of caramel in the dome, just enough to get a lovely flavour. The caramel itself tasted almost like the Cadbury golden barrell in roses, exept not quite so powerful. 4/5

                    Milk chocolate block (green wrapper): This is simple, just like Roses have their block of 'Dairy Milk', Quality Street have a blcok of Nestle milk chocolate. Some people will like this and some won't depending on how much you like Nestle chocolate just on its own. Some like it more than others and i like Nestle chocolate and its close behind Cadbury. 3.5/5

                    Orange Crunch (Orange wrapper): This is a octagon of Nestle chocolate with some of the Orange creme in and (i think) some pieces of biscuit. This tastes fab and the biscuit pieces arn't dry and have a great crunch to them. The creme is really sweet and not at all artificial tasting. 5/5

                    Orange creme (bright orange rectangle): A bit like the Orange crunch, the orange creme has a great flavour. Really sweet and orangey, not a bit artificial tasting just like the strawberry creme. 5/5

                    Overall, i really like Quality Street. Their cremes are really great, some of the best i have tasted. If there is one thing i could change is maybe replace a chocolate toffee with a different flavour.
                    I give Nestle Quality Street a 7.5 - 8/10


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                      27.12.2010 21:59
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                      Nice enough as an occasional treat

                      My favourite tin of sweets to get at Christmas is Celebrations, as much for the useful plastic 'tin' as the chocolates, but we do occasionally give and receive Quality Street. We would never choose this brand at any time other than Christmas.

                      Quality Street has been on the go for as long as I can remember and a long time before that (1936) and was traditionally a Rowntrees product - now Nestle.

                      The Christmas tin we have is octagonal and has lots of representations of sweets on the outside with a purple background. It's a pretty enough tin, I suppose.

                      On the bottom of the tin there is a white label which tells us that there are 1.2kg of sweets including wrappers - 1.16kg without.

                      Rather worryingly, they tell us that on average 3 sweets contain 132 calories and that over 55% of the product is sugar. Oh well.

                      You see these on promotion at all the major supermarkets and they must sell load and loads at around a fiver a time.

                      Quality Street comprises milk and plain chocolates and toffees, so in theory there are sweets to suit everyone. I used to work for Cadburys and we always used to think that this was a cheaper option because it contained toffees which are cheaper to make than chocolate, but then we were selling Roses so it was important that we found selling points when in competition!

                      Everyone has their favourites and somehow there always seem to be the same few sweets at the bottom of the tin - the sort you only choose when the other good ones are gone. In our house, it's the round gold wrapped toffees that get left, whereas the ones that always go first are the triangular green ones and the purple ones. Super! Apparently, it is the purple ones (hazelnut in caramel) that are the most popular, according to the manufacturers.

                      Quality Street as a brand is tremendously successful and although there is now much more competition in this lucrative market, they are well placed to continue to prosper.

                      Quality Street has its own website if you want to learn more. It's quite interesting in a sad anorak kind of way.


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                        14.10.2010 11:38
                        Very helpful



                        see review

                        Anyone who has read my previous reviews will know that I been doing the weight watchers diet for the last month or so, but obviously i'm human and often slip up.
                        So I thought i'd review my slip up because if you are going to ruin your diet, the best way to ruin it is by eating Quality street.

                        Although the picture on dooyoo is of the tin of quality street, I bought the box of chocolates.
                        The box itself is so attractive as it is a slender triangular shape and it is a rich purple colour with lovely silver sparkles on the front.
                        The front of the box has a little clear plastic window, so that you can see the chocolates inside.

                        The lid is a large flap on the top which has the words Quality street on it, once you lift the flap there are the words 'Enjoy' and 'What's your favourite?', which I thought was a nice personal touch to the product.

                        The chocolates: There are 12 different varieties of chocolates and I think there were about 4-5 of each.

                        Toffee deluxe: A very hard and chewy toffee, covered in a chocolate coating.
                        I found that these were extremly chewy and after a while it started to make my jaw hurt, not to mention it got stuck in my back teeth.

                        Milk choc block: This is simply a chunk of chocolate, which just sort of melted in my mouth and the chocolate had a smooth and rich texture.

                        Toffee finger: This is a long slender finger-like shape and it is very similar to the Toffee deluxe, the taste is great but i'm just not a big fan of toffee.

                        Orange creme: Creamy orange fondant coated in chocolate. I love to just let it melt in my mouth as it's just so gorgeous, but very moreish.

                        Orange chocolate crunch: Crispy orange pieces in a chocolate block, I found that this sort of crunched and crackled when chewing it, which was lovely.

                        The green triangle: This one was a pralaine center, which was rich, smooth and very creamy.

                        The purple one: A soft caramel center with a nut in the middle covered in a chocolate coating.
                        I think this was my least favourite one as I don't like nuts.

                        Fudge: A soft fudge filling inside a chocolate coating. Simply delicious and i'm glad there were a few of them.

                        Coconut eclair: coconut flakes packed into a chocolate coating. Tasted very much like a bounty bar.

                        Toffee penny: A penny shaped toffee, this is the only one that isn't covered in chocolate.

                        Caramel swirl: soft and creamy caramel with chocolate coating, similar to the purple one but without the nut.

                        Strawberry delight: Another gorgeous fondant centre, this time strawberry flavoured in chocolate coating.

                        My only complaint is that there are too many toffee chocolates, I would like some sort of coffee foundant for one of the chocolates.

                        I am a glutton for punishment as I had to look at the calorie content and i'm not surprised how much i'd just consumed.
                        Per 100g is 457 kcal, and as it's a 400g box if you were to eat the whole box then you would have to get straight down the gym.

                        If you are good at eating in moderation though, the average per 3 sweets is 129 kcal.

                        The box of sweets cost me 4 pounds 99 from my local shop.

                        Overall a very tasty but extremly naughty treat, with lots of different flavours to choose from.


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                          16.05.2010 12:29
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                          Not the most inspiring box of chocolatees ever

                          Quality Streets seem to have been around for ever, and in my opinion they are starting to show their age. I picked up a box on the way home last Friday and the fact that I still have half a box left should show you that I wasn't overly impressed.
                          First of all I am not a massive fan of Nestle chocolate, it tastes slightly weird to me and has a bit of a gritty texture. I much prefer Cadbury's chocolate to Nestle so perhaps I would have been better opting for a packet of Roses. Oh well.

                          Quality Street come in a distinctive purple packet which includes a good amount of nutritional information, so you can work out exactly how naughty you are being while eating them. They are fairly presentable and to be fair look very similar to their competitors (Roses, Celebrations, etc). They are available in a variety of different sized packs. My 400g pack (391g if you don't count the wrappers) cost me £3.50 which I thought was a bit steep for a smallish box.

                          On the back of the pack there is a 'menu' of what sweets are included in the pack. They are as follows:
                          Toffee Deluxe
                          Toffee Finger
                          Orange Chocolate Crunch
                          The Purple One
                          Coconut Éclair
                          Caramel Swirl
                          Milk Choc Block
                          Orange Cream
                          The Green Triangle
                          Vanilla Fudge
                          Toffee Penny
                          Strawberry Delight

                          Of the 12 varieties, 3 are toffee based which seems a bit excessive. Surely you could make do with 1 toffee flavoured Quality Street and think up some more imaginative ones in their place? There is not much to choose between the Toffee Penny, the Toffee Deluxe and the Toffee Finger so it definitely feels like toffee overkill.

                          My favourite chocolates are always the fruit creams, so I was a bit disappointed that Quality Streets only include the Strawberry Cream and the Orange Cream in their packs. I seem to remember that they used to do a Fruits of the Forest Cream but they have decided to omit this now, no doubt to make room for another toffee themed monstrosity.

                          My biggest gripe with Quality Streets is that they are a bit generic and unimaginative. I think they need to be spruced up and revamped a bit, with some new and exciting flavours. Until they do that, I would recommend giving them a wide birth. It's not that they taste horrible, just that they are a bit boring and mundane. You are far better off going for a tin of Roses or Celebrations in my opinion.


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                            24.03.2010 21:20
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                            I think next year we may have to go with something a little more exciting

                            Nestle Quality Street has always been a bit of a Christmas time ritual for me. However, I think this year we're going to look at the some of the alternatives as I've been quite disappointed with Quality Streets of late. They have lost there edge for me on the Christmas chocolate tin front as I only ever really enjoyed one or two of the chocolates within and with rivals celebrations in the same price bracket there seems to be a lot more for the taking.

                            The taste of the soft filled ones is very, very artificial. But saying this these have to be my favourites the strawberry and orange filled fondant chocolates have of late been the only reason for me to actually buy the chocolates at all. Although from many heated debates over Christmas after a little too much alcohol I can tell you now these particular chocolates are ones that you either love or really detest. I don't think the technology in making these sweets has changed in about 30 years - with the competition (such as Celebrations) really improving the taste of what you can get.

                            Other chocolates include plenty of nut filled ones which I and most of my family really hate so they are usually left in the box way after it has been opened. There are also the wide variety of toffee filled ones which would be nice if you had just the one of or maybe two but because you've bought one of those massive tins you feel somehow obliged to give yourself jaw ache trying to eat as many as possible

                            The price is good - and we got a deal last year whereby we got 2 boxes for a really good price of £10 from Sainsburys but I think I am right in assuming most of major supermarkets are offering similar deals especially in the festive season.


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