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Nestle Rolo Sharing Chocolate Bar

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3 Reviews
  • Only a pound for a large bar
  • Not as nice as original Rolos
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    3 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 17:21
      Very helpful


      • "Only a pound for a large bar"


      • "Not as nice as original Rolos"

      Pass me a tube of original Rolo's!

      From time to time I do like to treat myself to a nice largish bar of chocolate and that's what happened this morning when I was doing a mini shop in my local Nisa store.

      I love the usual, little Rolos and no I don't love anyone enough to give them my last one so Rolos in a bar seemed a nice change to me!

      The Packaging:

      The bar comes in a light and dark brown plastic wrapper which is oblong in shape and on the front of it we are clearly told that it is Nestle Rolo 'New' and that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, that it costs just a pound, there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown and we are asked 'Do you love anyone enough...to share?' and there is a picture shown of the chocolate bar then on the back of the packet other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart shown, the best before date is displayed and contact details for the manufacturer are stated. Nice enough and simple enough to open this is.

      The Bar Of Rolo:

      I was so looking forward to munching my way through the bar but to be honest before I knew it I had eaten all 10 squares of the chocolate which at 102kcal and 3.1g of saturated fat per 2 pieces is not a healthy option and I have to be honest I didn't think very much to the bar on the whole either and in my view it really isn't worth putting weight on for and I was very disappointed with it!

      What you get is one big bar of 10 milk chocolate squares and they are easily snap off the bar. It a milk chocolate, rather glossy looking bar and one side of it is flat and smooth with the top being raised like the top of an original Rolo and within that there is some golden caramel stored.

      The chocolate is nice enough but it isn't outstanding just ok really and the caramel within it is rather wet and gooey and for me was overly sweet and not the slightly chewy texture I expected compared to the original Rolos either.

      For me this is mediocre chocolate and nothing special at all and although still called Rolo its isn't anywhere near as good just a good marketing ploy to get more money from Rolo fans!

      Not for me, it isn't awful just plain and rather boring.

      Available from all good supermarkets etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        09.02.2013 00:26
        Very helpful



        The first few bites quite pleasant. After a while quite rich.

        I was browsing Tesco because I was bored and I came across my favourite isle. The confectionery isle! Whilst looking I noticed there was a variety of chocolate bars that were priced at £1 each. I thought bargain! As Tesco's are quite expensive I was surprised and treated myself to a new Rolo share bar.

        At first glance the bar seems quite small compared to other name branded chocolate bars. The Rolo symbol is quite out there so it easily catches your eye. Regards the background it's quite minimalistic. The rolo Symbol is in its original form Red. The background itself is quite plain with similar shades of Brown. The depth of the packaging is quite thin so it makes you think you're not getting too much of the chocolate. Quite stingy I think! If you are someone who is watching your weight there is a small GDA chart at the bottom right hand corner of the packet.

        On opening the pack the chocolate bar seems quite thin. Each segment is quite large. The smell is quite chocolaty which makes my taste buds tingle when wanting that chocolate fix. The taste though is quite rich so having too many blocks of it can be a bit too heavy on the tummy and can make you feel quite queasy. Through the bar there seems to be a lot of caramel which is very sticky and can make quite a mess when breaking a piece off from the bar. I noticed particularly that a few minutes after taking a bite there is a slight after taste which can be a little off putting if you feel a little nauseous.

        The hubby though strongly disagreed with this! He felt that the whole experience of tasting this was very satisfying. He likes very strong and creamy chocolate. He isn't sensitive to sickly chocolate.

        On the back of the chocolate bar there is a detailed chart of the nutritional value of the bar. In a 2 piece section of the bar there is 102 calories which is around twice as much as other chocolate bars. The reason for this is maybe because of the caramel within the bar. I wouldn't recommend this product for someone who is watching their weight or who has intolerance to sugar!

        My overall opinion is quite average as it's quite sickly. I personally would only buy this again if it was on offer. Other than that I think if I was to eat it again I would probably nick a few segments off my hubby or a friend.


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          31.05.2012 16:48
          Very helpful



          You can have my Rolo Bar!

          ---Why I Had This---

          My friend got me this bar to give me along with my Birthday gifts - not because I am mad on Rolo especially but because it was 'new'.

          ---The Brand---

          The original Rolos have been made since the 1930s and we are all familiar with then in a long round tube. Originally made by Mackintoch but now produced by Nestle.

          ---The Product---

          Bar of chocolate with rolos in it.
          New Rolo Bar - marked as £1.
          No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,
          Comes in a flat bar wrapped in coloured plactic paper.100 gram bar.
          The bar is in ten chunks - two chunks being 102 calories.
          Milk chocolate bar with caramel centre (30%).
          May contian traces of peanut, nuts or soya.


          £1 as marked on the packet.
          Currently at Tesco you can pick up 4 origial Rolo tubes for £1 - which seems much better value (their normal price is £1.49)..

          ---My Opinion---

          I have been familiar with Rolos since I was a child in the 60s - and those original caramel filled chocolates in a tube are still for sale thank goodness.
          I suppose manufacturers have to keep coming up with new gimicks - and this I think is one of them.
          The bar itself is milk choclate and it is divided into ten segments or chunks. Eack chunk looks as if it has had a Rolo placed on it and which has started to collapse and melt down - so although they still look like Rolos they are flatter than the proper Rolo. When snapped you get a square of chocolate with a Rolo on the top so to speak - but all fused into one. Being smaller Rolos there is less caramal this way and more chocolate - and I was not keen on it at all - in fact I gave half the bar to my husband. I found the chocolate sweet ad sickly and the caramel centre not as nice or as much as a proper Rolo.
          Not one I would want to try again - although I would have a tube of Rolos.
          Overall it was sweet and sickly - a poor imitation of a proper Rolo and also for £1 quite expensive in my opinion.

          ---Star Rating---

          2 stars - I think the original is best - and so why change it.

          ---Would I Recommend?---

          Not really - apart form a bit of a novelty.



          If you are keen on Rolo jewellery - 'your one last Rolo' take your pick from this website:


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