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Organica Vegan Hazelnut Nougat & Dark Chocolate Bar

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Brand: Organica / Type: Dark / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2009 16:31
      Very helpful



      These are delicious. Even non-vegans should treat themselves.

      This bar is such a treat because it is quite expensive - costing around 85p and it is also quite small. This makes buying it a bit of an extravagance. Buy it, however, I do - now and then when I spot it in the health food shop and feel like I deserve it.

      About the Company
      Organica is part of a small independent company called Venture Foods Ltd. They have a certified organic status and much of their produce is dairy and gluten-free.


      The bar comes in quite a simple purple and brown plastic wrapper with the 'organica' trademark and plain white font clearly telling you what the product is. It has 'Vegan' in slightly larger itallic writing. This makes it an easy choice for me as I am often scrutinising packets; at least with this one, I don't have to.


      If other people don't like ingredients lists - tough - because I do. I am interested in nutrition and I like to see what goes into my food - even if it is an unwise chocolate bar.

      Corn Syrup*, Dark Chocolate*(17%): (Raw Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Cocoa Mass*, Vanilla*), Nougat*(14%): (Raw Cane Sugar*, Hazelnuts*, Cocoa Mass*, Cocoa Butter*), Corn Powder, Tapioca Flour*, Palm Fat*, Lupin Flour*. *Organically produced ingredients.

      You see - here we have 'lupin flour' listed. I did not even know that flour could be made from lupins (if that's where it came from).

      Other nutritional information includes there are 464 calories per 100g. The actual bar is 40g. You can do the maths for that. I figure that around the 200cals mark for a choc bar is comparatively ok. There is 19.8g of fat per 100g also.

      It is suitable for a gluten free diet but is made in a factory which handles nuts (it has nuts in it!) and dairy products.

      Eating the Bar

      The bar is simply covered in dark chocolate which has a deep, rich chocolatey smell (you need to spend a bit of time savouring it because the eating of it will be over too soon. Biting into the bar is also too easy. It is a soft nougat which gives easily as you bite. Generally, I like a nougat to put up a bit of a fight but this one does not. However, it is a classy bit of nougat tastewise. Immediately you can detect the small pieces of hazlenut within the nougat. I am reminded of pieces of expensive continental nougat that I have eaten in the past (usually containing egg white) that are soft, nutty and delicious. I really like this bar.

      Where to Buy

      I find these bars in local health food shops. There are a number of varieties to test (which keeps me out of trouble). If you have no local health food shop nearby, you can buy Organica foods from a website such as ethicalsuperstore.com.

      To Conclude

      You would expect a bar this size to cost about 45p max. This makes the 85p price quite prohibitive. However, if you are a vegan with a sweet tooth (I try hard to resist) like me, there is little choice nougatwise. Clearly, this is a quality product and the price reflects this. I have to buy the thing. I just have to.

      4 stars because of the price (too expensive).


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