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Paynes Mint Cream Poppets

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2 Reviews

Brand: Paynes / Type: Mint

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    2 Reviews
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      18.03.2010 19:29
      Very helpful
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      Worth every penny.

      Poppets are made by a company called Paynes and if you want to you can follow the company on-line at Twitter or Facebook!
      Paynes Poppets come in different and delicious flavours which include raisin, choc chip cookie, chewy toffee and mint cream.
      I love them all and I only have one small gripe about them, there are not enough in the box.
      Once you have opened that smart little cardboard box then no sooner you have begun to enjoy them do you find yourself clutching an empty rattleless box.

      So, How would I describe a mint Paynes Poppet to someone who had never had the pleasure of eating one before?
      I would tell them that the average Mint Poppet is about the same size as a Malteser and most of them are perfectly round and look divine.
      If you have ever eaten a Frys peppermint cream bar then you will be able to imagine partaking of a minty poppet.
      Inside of the poppet lurks a lush sweet peppermint fondant that is sheer perfection, Paynes have added just about the right amount of peppermint oil to make them highly addictive.
      The shell of the mint Poppet is made from smooth dark shiny chocolate and Paynes have made sure that the chocolate shell is thick enough to be well worth eating.

      How long does a Paynes Mint Poppet last?
      Try as I might I cannot suck a poppet. After slipping the minty delight into my mouth I try to resist the urge to bite and chew it but within seconds I am reaching into the box for yet another victim.

      How many do you get in a box?
      Not enough!
      Paynes fill the little box to the brim with the delicious sweeties but I am always deeply saddened when I realise that I have taken the last one out of its nest.
      Paynes obviously realise how important it is not to over-indulge!

      Are Paynes Poppets an expensive treat?
      There are many chocolate bars on the market that offer far better value but that does not mean that they taste as good.
      One small box of Poppets will cost you somewhere in the region of about 40p.

      Are Paynes Mint Poppets super fattening?
      I am afraid to say that all sweets and chocolate are fattening and that is why you should eat them in moderation, or so I try and keep telling myself.

      One small box of Paynes Mint Poppets contains 174 calories and a staggering 29% of those calories are sugar.
      Be aware that the mint Poppets contain milk and nut.

      What are the advantages of buying Paynes Poppets?
      The small box fits into your pocket or your handbag perfectly.
      The green and white cardboard box can be recycled after you have scoffed all of the contents.
      You could recycle the box and make it into a decoration for your Christmas tree.

      Any disadvantages?
      When the box is full it rattles and it is a dead give-away!
      The whole experience is over far too quickly.

      Where can I buy Paynes Poppets?
      I have seen them in the supermarkets but not in them all.
      They sell them at the cinema, which surprises me because of that rattly box.
      Many small independent sweet shops stock Paynes Poppets.

      Good luck with your hunt ! It will all be worth it.

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        23.11.2009 14:48
        Very helpful



        A nice mint & chocolate flavoured sweet. Give a pack a try

        Payne's Poppets are a sweet Brand Manufactured by Fox's Confectionary in the UK. They were first introduced in 1937. Along side the Mint variety, you can also buy Toffee (which have a hard chewy centre), Raisin (chocolate covered raisins) & Orange (which has an orange fondant centre)

        The Mint Poppets consist of a hard Mint flavoured fondant centre, which becomes softer as you eat it, surrounded by Dark Chocolate. I remember these from both my childhood & still sometimes have a box now.

        The Mint is well flavoured. It isn't too strong but it is still highly flavoured. It is quite sweet too. It is quite hard at first although it does soften up quite quickly. You can suck them or chomp them down depending on how long you want them to last. The chocolate is nice tasting but is a thinnish layer wrapping the fondant. A plus point though is aside from them tasting nice, they do a decent job of freshening your breath too.

        I would recommend them. There aren't that many mint flavoured chocolate sweets on the market. There certainly aren't many products that have a mint creme of fondant. They are a great little treat. Can last quite a while & also aren't filling so want stop you wanting food at meal times.

        The ingredients found inside are:
        Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Butter, Glazing Agent (Shellac, Gum Acacia), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Tapioca Dextrine, Invertase, Peppermint Oil, Vanillin.

        The Nutritional information based on a serving is:
        Energy kJ 735
        kcals 174
        Protein 0.8g
        Carbohydrate 33.3g
        Of which sugars 29.0g
        Fat 5.4g
        Of which saturates 3.2g
        Fibre 1.7g
        Sodium Trace
        Equivalent as salt Trace


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