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Peter Rabbit Personalised Chocolates

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Brand: Whittakers of Skipton

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 10:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic gift but the limit on letters could be a problem

      These chocolates are a tricky one to review because not only are they lovely chocolates which taste nice but they are also a great alternative gift, for children especially. Nowadays people are thinking of more weird and wonderful names to call their children. This is causing a huge problem when it comes to getting personalised items a less it comes from the internet and is printed on to your needs or is written on by hand like in Thornton's. Gone are the days when you can go to the rock shop on holiday and pick up a piece of rock in the shop with your name on many children can't do this as their name isn't a well known name. Now my boys don't have usual names I just didn't like any my fiancé came up with but my eldest is called Dillan. My fiancé didn't want to spell it the most common way and in the end decided on a mix of the two ways to spell it (Dylan & Dillon) meaning you can't get personalised items from a shop!

      Much to my amazement not only did my youngest Lucas receive the personalised peter rabbit chocolates but so did my eldest and it was spelt correctly. Now I must say now that if your name or the person you wish to buy this for is more than seven letters it is not possible to buy. Which I guess is a downside for all those long name people! But for those with a name seven letters or less it is a perfect gift.

      The seven chocolates are wrapped all individual with firstly a silver foil wrapping then a cream papered sleeve over the top. This is the part that has the letter on and one of Peter Rabbits characters. For those names that aren't quite seven letters long the other chocolates are wrapped the same but with just a larger picture of one of the characters on and no letter. All the letters are placed into a clear plastic rectangle case. With a title on it 'Peter rabbit personalised chocolates'.

      The characters and lettering is very traditional and as you would expect from a Peter rabbit product. I was so pleased when my son's opened them on Christmas day. My youngest didn't seem to show my enthusiasm until he realised they were chocolates. My eldest son was quite pleased when we told him that was his name on them.

      Now for the chocolate itself, I did have to try it to review it of course! Now as my children are only three and one this wasn't too difficult as we have full control of their chocolate. The chocolates are high quality from Whittaker's of Skipton. There is a warning that they may contain traces of nut so this is something to take into account. The taste of the chocolate is slightly sharp in initial taste and does have a lasting chocolate taste in your mouth after. The chocolate does become smooth once it has been in your mouth a few seconds and is pleasant enough. Neither of my boys complained about the taste and was quite happy to eat them. Personally I found the chocolate nice but nothing spectacular.

      As they were both given to my son's as a gift I am not entirely sure when you can buy them from but after looking on the internet I found them on the official Peter rabbit shop and you can order them direct from there. One pack containing seven letters will cost you £2.70. Now although the chocolate isn't the best I have ever tried I still think it is worth it. It is a lovely little gift especially for a young child. I have managed to remove the decorated covers from the chocolates carefully and place them back in the packet so we have been able to keep their names even though they have eaten the chocolates.


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