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Royalty Coconut Delight

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Brand: Royalty / Type: Nuts

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 09:39
      Very helpful



      The 'miss' of the hit-or-miss Royalty range

      Right next to the Mighty Bar in my local supermarket, is a pile of Coconut Delights, another product in the Royalty range of big brand name imitators. As you might guess from the name, this is modelled on a Bounty or any other coconut filled chocolate bar.

      Coconut Delight has its own style on the wrapper (it's brash and rather childish looking, and you won't pick one of these up accidentally thinking it's a Bounty) but once opened the two products look similar. Like the original, Coconut Delight comes in two oblong pieces, covered in chocolate with waves or ridges on the top.

      Like with the Mighty (aka the Mars knock off in the Royalty family), the chocolate on these is surprisingly generous. It is thick and looks appealing, with a nice gloss, not dull or grainy as some cheaper chocolates can be. It is sweet but not sickly sweet, and quite nice and crisp. The two pieces feel heavy - much more so than a Bounty - and it was with some hesitation that I bit in, not quite sure what I would find. Just like with the Mighty they seem to have made their mould thinner and deeper than with the Masterfoods range, so these are slightly chunkier than Bounty pieces too.

      This is a coconut bar, covered in milk chocolate, but the coconut in this is unlike that in a Bounty. While it has the same distinct taste of the fruit, the texture is totally different. The coconut filling in these is like sticky rice. It's almost gloopy and the coconut doesn't seem quite as shredded as in other products, meaning you get longer grains (again, the rice comparison). It's not wholly unpleasant, but it's an odd texture, wet when you expect it to be dry, and bitty when you expect it to be a bit more smooth. The coconut flavour is there and clear, with a nice tang to it, but the texture is simply, well, unexpected, and ruins the product in a way.

      I've had a few of these bars. They're not inedible or disgusting, but they are an acquired taste. Unlike the Mighty bar, which I liked from the start, this one took a while to convince me, and even then it's only got to a medium star rating. Some cheap products perfectly emulate the original brands on which they're based, and some, like this, fall a little short. I've had supermarket own brand coconut bars that are nicer than this, and nothing beats the real thing, so even though the chocolate coating is yummy and it comes with a more reasonable price tag, it's not going to become one I buy regularly.

      Like with the Mighty bar, something that really lets these down is the packaging. Wrapped in thin plastic, like many a chocolate bar, either the makeup of the wrapper, or the way they are packaged, always seems to damage the bar. I haven't had a single one yet that's been fully intact on opening, and most have cracks in the chocolate and splinters that have come off. With the centre a little runnier than you would expect, you often find some of the coconut has oozed out through the cracks.

      Despite being from the same manufacturer, these were a big let-down compared to the Mighty. I'm not sure who would make these their first choice: you'd have to like coconut to even consider it, but people who truly like coconut will probably dislike these. Ok when there's really nothing else in the shop, but otherwise not worth it.

      In the UK look out for them in independent grocers, or on Approved Food. I pay 2000 Le for one here which is about 30p, compared to 4500 Le for a Bounty bar of the same size.



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