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Royalty Mighty Bar

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Brand: Royalty / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2010 10:48
      Very helpful



      A poor man's Mars bar...but worthy none the less.

      It's amazing how many products are miss-named (or misleadingly names). Maryland cookies are unknown in Maryland, there's a Salsa Inglesa in Mexico that none of us Inglesas were familiar with and so on. This bar is plastered with Union Jacks and branded as Royalty, but I very much doubt the Queen scoffed one of these to celebrate her grandson's engagement yesterday.

      The Royalty Mighty Bar is a poor man's Mars bar, or at least that's the description we'll start with. It's about the same size, but costs half the price here, and following drops in my standards of cleanliness (no running water) and politeness (sometimes ignoring people is the only way to go), my taste in chocolate is following suit. Things I wouldn't consider trying at home, somehow now look ultra appealing.

      This chocolate bar is thinner but deeper than Mars, as if someone has taken the latter and squished it in. It is covered entirely in chocolate, with a sort of wave pattern on the top to add the tiniest bit of texture. Inside there is a layer of nougat, topped with a layer of caramel. So, yes, pretty much like Mars.

      The Mighty is subtly different, though. For one thing, the chocolate isn't an even coating all the way round, and there's an extra thick layer on top. The chocolate is quite nice - not the sort you'd want to eat 1kg of on its own, but lacking the grainy or too sweet hallmarks of really cheap chocolate. It's not what you'd describe as creamy, but you wouldn't really call it dusty either.

      Inside, the bar is mainly nougat. This is sweet and chewy but not too hard, more fluffy in places. It's comparable to the stuff you find in a Mars, but there's a greater ratio of it in this bar - it's practically a nougat bar with a caramel after-thought. The caramel is nice, runny and sweet, but there's really not very much of it, and it's possible to get a few bites that don't contain any of it.

      The one thing that really lets these down is the packaging. Wrapped in thin plastic, like many a chocolate bar, either the makeup of the wrapper, or the way they are packaged, always seems to damage the bar. I haven't had a single one yet that's been fully intact on opening, and most have oozed a lot of their contents out from numerous cracks in the chocolate. This is a real waste, especially as it's the caramel that tends to escape and there's not much of that to begin with. It also makes them messy to eat (you end up with sticky fingers the second you open them) and though you can suck the plastic to get all the good stuff off it, people might look at you funny if you do it in public.

      Packaging aside, these are a more than acceptable alternative to the real thing. They don't taste cheap, and while they're not identical to Mars, they work with the tried and tested flavour combination to be a good product in their own right. They rank about the same on the sickliness register as the brand name, so if you don't like Mars, you're unlikely to like these, but if you do and want to save pennies (though not calories) I would recommend trying these. I thought they would be a poor substitute but they turned out to be rather tasty, and great value for money.

      In the UK look out for them in independent grocers, or on Approved Food. I pay 2000 Le for one here which is about 30p, compared to 4500 Le for a Mars bar of the same size.

      Unlike some knock offs, this one doesn't try to emulate the original in its packaging, to trick you into buying it, but it may confuse you a little anyway. There are 3 bars in the range (which also includes fake Snickers, and faux Bounty) and this one looks a bit like the Nuttery version so make sure you pick up the right pack.



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