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Ryelands White Chocolate

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Brand: Ryelands / Type: White

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    2 Reviews
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      18.05.2013 15:00
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      A lovely sweet chocolate

      *Ryelands White Chocolate*

      This Ryelands white chocolate is one of those things that always ends up in my shopping basket when I go to Tesco!

      I buy the 100g bar, which composes of 24 squares of very sweet, white chocolate. The chocolate really is sugary, with sugar being the main ingredient, so those without a sweet tooth may find it too sweet to eat more than a couple of squares. It is cream in colour, is smooth and creamy. A square dissolves quickly in the mouth, so even if you manage not the bite it, it is gone in 30 seconds!

      The 100g bar is wrapped in foil and gold coloured shiny paper, but the 200g bar (in the picture above) is wrapped in blue plastic. The Ingredients are listed as 'Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Whole Milk, Whey Powder, Emulsifiers (soya lecithins, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), Vanilla Extract.' so it is not full of chemicals and E-numbers.

      The best before date on my most recent purchase is in 7 months time, and the chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place. For me its lucky if it lasts a day though!

      At 40p for 100g, this is very cheap compared to other brands, but is just as nice. For the same price as a small bar of chocolate you get so much more. And as I am in Slovakia at the moment, the Ryelands section is where I head first in Tesco when I want something sweet as it works out at only 23p a bar, cheaper than any chocolate here!

      Nutritional information: (per 100g)

      5.7g protein
      64.0 carbohydrate
      28g fat
      0.0g fibre
      0.1g sodium
      0.3g salt equivalent

      The allergy advice on the wrapper says contains milk and soya and this chocolate is suitable for vegetarians. There are many flavours of chocolate made by Ryelands, including peppermint and caramel chocolate, which I love as much as the white chocolate.

      A must try for all white chocolate lovers!


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        02.12.2009 12:58
        Very helpful



        Yummy - this should make white chocolate fans happy :o)

        I used to really like white chocolate when I was younger, and after not having had any for quite a while, I was surprised at how much a tiny bar of Milky Bar costs these days!

        Ryelands is a 'discounter brand' sold at Tesco, a brand I haven't had much experience with. I wasn't sure how good their white chocolate would be, but it was a good price considering the weight and chunkyness of the slab. I say 'slab' because it really is a substantial block of chocolate, which means you get a lot more for your money compared to only 2 branded child-size individual bars for the same price.

        Ryelands White Chocolate is sold amongst the other confectionary/chocolate multipacks and is sold in a primarily blue plastic wrapper. For 89p, you get 200g of white chocolate. Whilst it may not be the most presentable block of chocolate for a gift, it's still great for sharing or for keeping in the cupboard for when you want a few blocks.

        When you open the wrapper you'll notice the milky cream colour and the thickness of chocolate, which feels very substantial to hold. It can be broken into individual squares and measures 4 squares across by 8 squares long (I think, but I can't remember 100% as I've already eaten it all!).

        The chocolate tastes creamy and delicious, with no funny or bitter aftertaste, but it is quite drying, though I think that's expected from white chocolate. It's sweet, so just a few chunks should be enough to satisfy a white chocolate craving, but be warned, it's very moreish! I can keep eating this, but eating too much can be quite sickly because the blocks are very thick & chunky and sweet. It does have a great texture as well as taste; it's fairly hard to bite into, but then goes creamy when you eat it.

        White chocolate isn't the healthiest choice when it comes to chocolate, so it's hardly surprising that 4 squares (one row-width) contain 140 calories and 8.5g of fat, 5.3g of which are saturates. It can be sickly to eat more than this at once, so I would suggest only eating little bits at a time, making it good for sharing or keeping in the cupboard for when you want a creamy white chocolate treat.

        Ryelands chocolate, including this white version, is currently on offer at 2 for £1.50 in Tesco, and I would gladly try their other varieties (such as plain chocolate or chocolate & biscuit) after trying this one. Compared to other supermarket own brands, this is around the same price as Tesco's Luxury white chocolate, but you get 50g more with Ryelands. It's cheaper than more popular brands, such as Milky Bar, but in my opinion, still tastes lovely & so is a strong contender.

        Overall, I would definitely recommend this. Though it may be a bit drying, it's creamy & sweet, but thick and substantial, and a great price!


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