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Sainsbury's 50 Bite Size Chocolate Bars

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2009 10:30
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      Good value choccie bars

      Like most people I'm always on the look out for good value, and if that happens to involve chocolate, then that makes it even better by my reckoning. I spotted this huge bag of bite size chocolate bars in Sainsbury's the other day when I had actually gone in to buy a bag of rather more healthy apples, oh well best laid plans and all that...

      The bright red bag caught my eye as well as the words '50 Bite Size Chocolate Bars', "wow, 50" I thought, "they'll last for ages" - yeah right! On the front of the bag are pictures of the six different varieties of chocolate bars that make up the assortment. They are obviously own brand versions of the most popular chocolate bars and they looked delicious. They are: chunky caramel, nutty nougat, coconut bite, light &whippy, toffee biscuit and caramel crisp - can you tell what they are yet?
      The back of the big red outer bag is pretty much taken up with nutritional details and ingredients on each of the six different varieties. Inside the bars are individually wrapped and feature a pie chart showing the nutritional information in the traffic light colour scheme, which makes it nice and easy to see at a glance what you're consuming.

      The Chocolate Bars
      As these are so close to major branded choccie bars I can't help but compare them to the 'genuine' ones, so in the interest of research I have tested them all for you!

      *** Chunky Caramel (aka Mars Bar)
      'Soft nougat and caramel bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      Very very close in taste and texture to a Mars bar, the taste of the chocolate is slightly different, it's a bit creamier but the nougat and caramel is spot on. Each little bar is approx 5cm long and there were 10 in the packet.

      Calories - 95
      Total sugars - 13.2g
      Fat - 3.5g
      Sat fat - 2.2g
      Salt - 0.17g

      *** Nutty Nougat (aka Snickers)
      'Soft nougat, caramel and peanut bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      This is almost exactly the same as a Snickers bar, a layer of chewy nougat topped by caramel that is packed with peanuts. Lovely. Each little bar is approx 5cm long and there were 9 in the packet.

      Calories - 103
      Total sugars - 11g
      Fat - 4.8g
      Sat fat - 2.2g
      Salt - 0.14g

      *** Coconut Bite (aka Bounty)
      'Coconut bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      This is a Bounty bar, no question about it. It's identical from the rippled chocolate on the top to the moisture of the coconut and is the exact size of one half of a two-piece Bounty. I challenge anyone to tell the difference between this and a real thing.
      Each little bar is approx 5cm long and there were 9 in the packet.

      Calories - 103
      Total sugars - 14g
      Fat - 6.4g
      Sat fat - 4.8g
      Salt - trace

      *** Light & Whippy (aka Milky Way)
      'Whipped nougat bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      The filling of this one is a soft sweet sticky mousse that tastes of nothing except sweetness. It's so sweet it almost burns the back of your throat and is much sweeter than a 'proper' Milky Way. Can't find anything positive to say about this one, but to be fair on it I don't actually like Milky Way either. Each little bar is approx 5cm long and there were 8 in the packet.

      Calories - 76
      Total sugars - 10.9g
      Fat - 2.9g
      Sat fat - 1.9g
      Salt - 0.1g

      *** Toffee Biscuit (aka Twix)
      'Biscuit and caramel bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      A mini single-fingered replica Twix but with a biscuit base which is crispier and has more of a crunch to it than the real thing. Each finger bar is approx 8cm long and there were 9 in the packet.

      Calories - 98
      Total sugars - 9.4g
      Fat - 4.8g
      Sat fat - 2.8g
      Salt - 0.1g

      *** Caramel Crisp (aka Lion Bar)
      'Caramel, crispy pieces and wafer bar covered in milk chocolate'.
      I can't remember the time I last had a Lion bar so I'm not sure how much like the real thing this Sainsbury's version is. It's a block of quite hard wafer wrapped on three sides by toffee with rice crispies on the toffee and then chocolate. It tasted a bit artificial and again very sweet. Not my favourite so I was quite pleased that there were the least amount of these in the bag. Each little bar is approx 5cm long and there were 7 in the packet.

      Calories - 98
      Total sugars - 10.6g
      Fat - 4.6g
      Sat fat - 2.6g
      Salt - 0.06g

      This bag of 50 chocolate bars (my bag actually contained 52 bars!) currently costs £3.32, obviously from Sainsburys, which works out just over 6p each, which I reckon is great value. Look at it another way, where else can you get a kilo of funsize chocolate for this price.
      The bars are generally very good, my only criticism would be that the chocolate is not quite up to the standard of the major brands, it's sweeter than usual but nowhere near the low standard of some 'cheap' chocolate. Lets just say you know you're not eating chocolate made by Cadbury or Mars and that's the one thing that lets these bars down.
      Like all chocolate they're not particularly good for you and some are down right bad for you, despite their tiny size. However because of the size if you are watching your weight you can easily have one of these and not feel too guilty and yet still feel like you've had a treat.
      These are a great alternative to the more expensive major brands and if you generally buy the funsize or treat size bars I recommend you give these a try.


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