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Sainsbury's Raspberry & Chocolate Mallows

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Brand: Sainsbury's

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    1 Review
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      26.05.2009 12:10
      Very helpful




      PRICE: £1.94 for a pack of 8


      Calories: 64
      Kj: 269
      Protein: 0.8g
      Carbohydrate (all sugars): 9.5g
      Fat: 2.5g
      - of which saturates: 1.5g
      - of which mono-unsaturates: 0.8g
      - of which polyunsaturates: Trace
      Fibre: 1.1g
      Salt (including sodium): Trace


      Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, water, skimmed cows' milk powder, maize starch, beef gelatine, raspberry, butter oil from cows' milk, soya lecithin, natural vanilla & raspberry flavourings, betanin


      Contains milk and soya
      Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers


      There's one thing I always have to do when either watching, or these TV-less days listening to the Eurovision Song Contest (yes I know I'm sad!!!), and that's to have a little box of preferably chocolate-coated goodies next to me to chomp on, especially when the going gets rough - as it inevitably does.

      This year's indulgence was something I'd not previously tried - Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Raspberry Chocolate Mallows.

      What promises to be a little treat from Sainsbury's, is to be found in the sweets and chocolates section of some branches. The chocolates come in a shallow brown plastic moulded tray, and are packed in a clear plastic wrapper which on the front just has a maroon-coloured panel with the product description and Sainsbury's logo. The back of the wrapper shows the nutritional information, ingredients list, dietary/allergy advice and Sainsbury's quality claim together with their contact details. There is also advice that the outer wrapper is recyclable, but as yet the inner plastic tray isn't.

      Each mallow is quite large, about the same size as a Belgian chocolate truffle; somewhat turd-shaped!! The outsides of the mallows are a mass of finely flaked Belgian chocolate, lightly dusted with what I assume to be cocoa powder. Each mallow is uniform in shape and size, being slightly larger than I could take in my mouth in one go - so I ate each one using two bites per mallow.

      The first song of the Contest began, and it was so bad that I reached for the box of sweets and removed one. On biting into the first mallow, I was showered with little pieces of the flaked chocolate coating, and had to scoop them up with a licked finger, and transport them mouthwards. That took quite a while, as the flakes had gone absolutely everywhere.

      On chewing the mallow, I was astonished to find that I couldn't taste the chocolate at all, and it felt greasily unpleasant as it melted in my mouth. On sinking my teeth into the middle of the sweet, I was expecting something like the inside of a Fry's Turkish Delight, but my expectations were way off target. The mallow inside is a pale pink, quite chewy and glutinous, with a very very faint tang of raspberry flavour.

      What felt quite horrible for me was that there were little raspberry seeds embedded in the mallow, and I found they got stuck between my teeth. I have never eaten real raspberries that have these unpleasant seeds in them, so why should something faintly raspberry-flavoured have them?

      Listening to the Contest and on the verge of switching off and playing something from my wonderful CD collection - I really yearn for the "bong tiddle bong" days of the Euro Song Contest - I took another sweet in the unrealistic hope that the first one had perhaps been a duff, but the next one was the same; a greasy, largely tasteless wodge of something that only remotely resembled mallow, bore very little raspberry flavour, and attacked my senses with these clusters of annoying pips embedded deep at random inside the gunge. Not even Van who was by this time lilting from my CD player could make these sweets a pleasant experience.

      Waste not want not though - I did over the next couple of days manage to finish the mallows, with a determined resolve never to buy them again.

      These mallows are high in fat and calories; that in itself I don't have a problem with if the product is delicious, but in this instance, that isn't so.

      I suppose there could be a body of people out there in the big bad world who find Sainsbury's Raspberry & Chocolate Mallows too wonderful for words, as I believe this product has been around for some time, and I'm sure Sainsbury's wouldn't continue to manufacture and sell it were it not popular, but it just isn't for me.

      Concluding word: Revolting!

      Thanks for reading.


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