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Silver Spoon Milk Chocolate Chips

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Type: Milk / Brand: Silver Spoon

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    5 Reviews
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      28.11.2012 22:40
      Very helpful



      Best chocolate chips I've sampled!

      I used to be the worst cook, I even had trouble frying an egg! As my son approached weaning age I realised if I didnt want to raise him on processed food and expensive jars I would have to do something about this. That was a year ago and once id masted making things like spag bol, pies, roasting a chicken etc I had a bit of a baking fad. My favourite thing to make (and eat) is chocolate chip cakes. Ive been through a variety of different brands but I always come back to silver spoon!

      The picture shows the white chocolate chip version, i actually havent tried these as I tend to stick to milk chocolate chips although apart from the colour of the chips and the slogan the packaging is very much the same.
      The chocolate chips come in an 100g dark blue packet. The background is covered by tasty looking chocolate chips. They have a white spoon shape with the words "silver spoon cakecraft" printed on it. Underneath it states what the product is and says "Perfect for decorating, melting and baking".
      The back of the packet gives tips on how to melt the chips. It also has tips on how to use them such as making faces on pancakes or covering untidy icing. Th right hand side displays the ingredients, nutritional values, company address and website and the best before date. It also shows you the true to life size of the chips inside.
      I find the sizing of the pack to be ideal. I can use them for around 3x12 cakes.

      A problem I've had with chocolate chips in the past is some of them sort of melt in the cake. Some people like this but that wasnt the effect i wanted, especially if some of them sunk and stuck to the cake case, id find bits of cake ripping off as you take the wrapper off. These stay pretty much in shape in the cake and dont sink to much either as they're lightweight.
      Tastewise they taste great, my choc chip cakes always dissapear much quicker than my plain ones. I make 24 in one go (12 is never enough) and between 2 adults and 1 toddler they are gone within 48 hours usually!

      I usually pick these up at tesco for a cheap 70p. They can be more expensive in some places- co op often charge over a pound when I've picked them up there before. I havent seen them in my local asda (much to my annoyance when doing the shopping there as their only substitute was useless!) Tesco often have an offer on them aswell such as 3 for 2 so I will stock up when they do.

      For anyone making cookies or cakes and considering getting some chocolate chips for these I'd definitly say go for silver spoon, I have yet to find better and they're not a bad price either!


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      05.04.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      Great buy

      These chocolate chips have become a main staple of my food cupboard. I am always baking, usually with the children and nine times out of ten these little 'chips' will make an appearance in our lovely cakes.

      The chocolate chips are made by silver spoon who are probably most famous for their sugar. They seem to be making more and more cake craft products and judging by the ones I have used, they are brilliant.

      These chocolate chips come in a blue foil packet. Each pack contains 100g. You probably get about 250 chips per bag. The bag is sealed like a bag of crisps and it isn't possible to reseal it. This is the only downfall, as you will either need to transfer the chips into another bag or pot or use a clip or tie to close the bag, otherwise the chocolate chips will fall out and be rolling about the place.

      Each chocolate chip has about half a centimeter diameter and is shaped like a little rain drop.

      The chocolate doesn't taste fantastic and is certainly not on par with a nice dairy milk, as far as chocolate chips go it is a pretty good standard
      There are different ways to use these chocolate chips, my main use is to add them to cakes and muffins, to do this simply stir in a hand full into your mixing bowl just before you are about to put the cake mix into the cases or tin. Don't be tempted to go too heavy handed other wise you will lose the 'chip' element and just have a chocolate cake.

      I also add these to ice cream or sundaes, they taste nice and look pretty. My children like adding them onto their porridge, where they melt and make the porridge go a light brown colour with a hint of chocolate taste.

      You can also melt these down to make cake covering or to put into chocolate moulds. I have done this before and whilst I do prefer the cooking chocolate and you don't get much melted chocolate for your money. They do melt down really well and make a good substitute if you haven't got any other chocolate. To melt them you can put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and then give them a stir.

      The chocolate chips are available from most supermarkets and grocery stores. Each 100g pack costs about £0.75. They are also available in White chocolate and Plain chocolate . You will find them in the home baking aisle.

      Each 100g pack contains 529 calories and 30.1g of fat. I won't list the ingredients but they do contain Soya and milk.

      Perfect addition to your larder.


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        09.01.2010 00:32
        Very helpful



        A Yummy Change From Plain Fairy Cakes!

        My little sister looks forward to playgroup twice a week but yesterday after struggling there in the snow (a 10 minute walk that took over half an hour because of the slippy pavements) and finding it closed because of the weather she was mega disappointed.

        So to take her mind off crying and slinging herself down in the middle of the street in temper I said we could make some cakes. I knew we'd got all the basic ingredients in but went into the shop anyway to see if I could find something to make our cakes a bit more special.

        It's a proper small shop so there wasn't much choice but there was a few packs of these milk chocolate chips that are made by Silver Spoon. I didn't know Silver Spoon made anything apart from sugar but I like this brand so I got them. Dooyoo have actually got the wrong photo up because that is for the white chocolate chips but the food guide has told me this is the right category for my review.

        I'm majorly impressed with these chocolate chips. They taste very strong of chocolate and are just the right size for adding to cakes or sprinkling over ice cream. My mum reckons they'd be nice mixed in with some milk for a hot chocolate too but personally I'd rather buy a good quality hot chocolate!

        Make sure you don't add too many of these chocolate chips to any cakes or biscuits you make with them because they've got a proper strong milk chocolate flavour, and even though this is very nice it can overpower the flavour of the cakes a bit.

        The chips are very rich in flavour and it's mad when you look at the size of them just how chocolatey they are. We made fairy cakes yesterday and they were small ones so I only used about 8 - 10 chips for each cake and they gave them a wickedly chocolate flavour. Careful you don't burn your mouth though if you eat them straight out of the oven though because the chocolate chips go molten! lol



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          25.11.2009 11:45
          Very helpful



          These little chips can be used for decorating cakes as well cooking with them!

          While out shopping yesterday I remembered that I had to buy some cooking chocolate chips, as at the weekend I am going up to see my son at Uni (YIPPEEE!!) and have had my orders for some home cooking to be brought up to him.. I usually buy Tesco's own brand, but they seemed to just be stocked up with mincemeat, marzipan, glace cherries ect.. every cooking ingredient you need for Christmas. Then squashed in a corner on the bottom shelf, I spied these Silver Spoon Milk Chocolate Chips not what I would usually buy, but I had to get some and I was just grateful they had these. They cost 74p for a 100g bag, in quite a smart looking packet which is dark blue with lots of tiny chocolate chips on the front with the Silver Spoon Cakecraft logo in the middle of the packet.

          On opening you will see hundreds of tiny little chocolate chips, flat on one side and curved on the other( I know some Dooyooers would probaly like to know how many I get in a bag, but there are too many to count!!).

          On popping one into my mouth, it is surprising just how strong the chocolate taste is for such a tiny chip of chocolate. It is very rich and tastes delicous which leaves a creamy taste in your mouth. Now I know you can use these for Cookies, Muffins, Brownies ect... but I want mine for a Chocolate and Banana Cake, a recipe passed down to me from my Mum. I'll share my recipe later in this review after I have explained how to use these chips.

          To melt these you have a few options, first you can do this on the hob by emptying the packet into a heatproof bowl, place the bowl over saucepan of hot water (this must not be boiling) and stir until smooth and melted. The other alternative is to do this in the microwave (850W), again empty into a bowl and heat on a medium heat for 1min, remove and stir then heat for 10 second at a time and stir until smooth and melted. When I use them I don't melt them so this is not so messy, in fact I love this recipe as it is so easy as it is all mixed up in a saucepan.

          ~~~ CHOCOLATE & BANANA CAKE ~~~

          2 large ripe bananas
          7.5ml vanilla essence
          175g margarine
          225g granulated sugar
          275g self raising flour
          7.5ml Bicarbonate of soda
          3 eggs medium size (beaten)
          125g chocolate chips
          pinch of salt

          20cm deep round cake tin

          1. Preheat oven to Mark3/170C/325F. Grease and line the cake tin.

          2. Peel and mash the bananas until smooth, then mix together with the vanilla essence.

          3. Heat the margarine and the granulated sugar in a saucepan over a low heat until the sugar dissolves.

          4. Remove from the heat and stir in the self raising flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Beat in the eggs and mashed bananas. Leave to cool slightly.

          5. Stir in the chocolate chips and spoon into the cake tin.

          6. Bake for 1hour until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Leave to cool.

          7. Decorate with melted chocolate or banana slices half coated in chocolate (optional).

          Now I know it says 125g chocolate chips, but most packets come in 100g sizes and I have found that this is plenty for the cake. This recipe is one where it seems to come out well if you jiggle the ingredients about a bit, it doesn't seem to make any difference. I don't usually bother to decorate this cake as it is tasty enough on it's own. Now one tip I have is that I usually use any bananas that are going a bit on the black side as they are a lot easier to mash and if you do have some bananas like this, but are not going to make a cake for a week or so you can pop the bananas into the freezer and when you take them out when you need them they will be quite mushy when thawed.

          This recipe makes a really lovely chocolatey, banana moist cake and usually vanishes in seconds in my house, so lucky uni Son will have one all to himself!.

          This 100g bag contains per 100g;

          ~~~529 calories~~~
          ~~~6.9 protein~~~
          ~~~58.0g carbs~~~
          ~~~53.4g of which sugars~~~
          ~~~30.1g fat~~~
          ~~~14.4g of which sats~~~
          ~~~0.3g fibre~~~
          ~~~nil sodium~~~
          ~~~nil salt~~~

          These chocolate chips do contain Soya and Milk. May contain nuts.Suitable for vegetarians.

          On the back of the packet there is a picture of the actual size of the chococlate chip. These have a nice taste and I will be buying these again in the future.


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            13.11.2009 18:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            An excellent choc chip for home baking

            I am a fan of baking and I do like to do so as it saves a few pennies when at the supermarket, which is always a bonus! I came across these chocolate chips when my usual brand was not available and I have to say I was very impressed with them.

            ~~THE PACKET~~

            The chocolate chips come is a plastic bag which is a blue colour. The is a picture of a white spoon in the middle with the Silver Spoon logo inside and below this is the product name. Around the white soon are small pictures of chocolate chips. The back of the packet has two big which rectangles which are full of all the product info, nutritional values, ingredients and directions on how to melt if you wish to do so.


            For me I use these mainly in my chocolate chip cookies. Luckily I don't have to measure the amount I need as my recipe requires the whole 100g, which the pack size is.

            The chips are a nice small size and for me they resemble a pyramid shape with a swirl on top! They do look the colour of milk chocolate and this brand does actually taste of chocolate and not the nasty cooking chocolate taste which you usually find. I would compare the taste more to galaxy than Cadburys as they are more creamy.

            The chips can be melted if you wish to use them in this way but for me I find this is a waste. To melt you just need to place the chip is a glass bowl over a pan of hot water and keep stirring until they are fully melted.


            These chips are excellent for using in cakes and cookies as they are a good small size and are lovely tasting. I have found they do keep their shape when being cooked in both cakes and cookies and do not melt down from the heat in the oven.

            My boys are all fans of these and are forever asking me to make them cookies and I can quite proudly say I have been told by my 5 year old that I do make the best cookies in the whole world!


            The chocolate chips come is a 100g size bag and the nutritional values of this bag are:-

            Energy - 529KCal
            Protein - 6.9g
            Carbohydrate - 58.0g
            Of which sugars - 53.4g
            Fat - 30.1g
            Of which saturates - 14.4g
            Fibre - 0.3g
            Sodium - Nil
            Salt - Nil

            These values do seem to be quite high but I don't think you can expect to be eating low fat chocolate chips if you are using them in high value cookies and cakes so for me this is not really an issue.

            The ingredients of the chocolate chips are:-

            Sugar, dried whole milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder, vegetable fat, emulsifier, soya lecithin.

            These chips are suitable for vegetarians.


            The chocolate chips are widely available at supermarkets and I paid around the 70p mark. The pack size is 100g which is what most recipes require you to add.

            I do recommend these chips as they have a great taste and do actually taste of proper chocolate and they are so easy to use and bake with.

            I am going to add my tried and tested American Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for those who wish to give it a go. I recommend doing this with you children as it allows them to get messy and have lots of fun!


            8oz self raising flour
            1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
            ½ teaspoon salt (I personally leave this out of the recipe and they taste no different)
            4 oz softened butter
            2 oz granulated sugar
            1 large beaten egg
            100g chocolate chips


            To begin you pre heat you oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (Gas Mark 4)

            Beat the butter and sugar together into a bowl and when all mixed and creamy add in all of the dried ingredients. When all mixed together you then add the egg.

            You need to mix all of this together until the mixture is starting to firm up. Personally I have found this is much easier to start off using a spoon and then use the old hands to get a nice and thick constancy. Once this is all mixed together you can add in the chocolate chips and make sure they are evenly spread amongst the mixture.

            You can now choose to spoon the mixture out onto a baking sheet or use your hands. Personally I use my hand to make small biscuit shaped bit of mixture and then place these a good 3 cm apart on a baking sheet.

            When all the mixture is used they are to be placed in the oven and cooked for approximately 20 minutes or until they are golden brown in colour.

            Allow to cool and then tuck in and enjoy!


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