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Silver Spoon Milk Chocolate Treat

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Type: Milk / Brand: Silver Spoon

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    4 Reviews
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      09.06.2009 11:47
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      Silverspoon Treat Milk Chocolate Sauce is a staple in our cupboards. It's one of those handy little products that has a variety of uses. It costs 94p for a 325g bottle, which is pretty great value for money.

      There's a lovely sweet but not too sugary chocolate flavour to this product. It's also got a nice thick texture to it, that really sticks on your tongue for a moment when you eat it. The taste is really strong, and there's a firm sticky chocolate scent to this as well which all helps to make this a great taste experience.

      This chocolate sauce can be used for a variety of desserts, and I love that this can be used to make health puddings taste so much more appealing. We got in the habit of having this with fruit slices to encourage the grandson to eat more fruit. Just pour some of this into a little pot, and put it on a plate surrounded by fruit slices like apples and pears. Kids will love the activity, and actually think fruit is a good pudding!

      This also goes well on things pancakes that have a dollop of vanilla ice cream in the middle. What's great about this sauce is that because it's really strong, you don't need to use much of it to get a great flavour. So you can drizzle this over more savoury desserts to get a sweet chocolate taste but with fewer calories and sugar than if you just went straight for the chocolate cake.

      Silver Spoon do a range of these sauces and though chocolate is my favourite, I highly recommend them all. You keep this in the cupboard not the fridge by the way, it's important to note this as putting it in the fridge ruins it!


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        21.03.2009 14:41
        Very helpful
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        Recommended as an interesting idea for ice cream.

        Silver spoon treat sauces are great on many things such as pancakes and ice cream with the latter being my favourite.

        I love Walls vanilla ice cream but sometimes I just want something a bit different, instead of choosing one of the many hugely expensive ice creams on the market I just cover my favourite Walls in Silver spoons sauce.

        There are at least three flavours of this sauce that I know of, those being Strawberry, raspberry and chocolate but I think there might be a banana flavour also.

        Chocolate is my first choice and it tastes so good on ice cream and also on pancakes that I rarely go long without having it at some point.

        These sauces have a similar consistency to syrup but just slightly thinner, on pancakes the sauce retains its consistency but when used on ice cream it gets very cold of course and this seems to thicken it to being almost exactly like syrup.

        Ice cream and pancakes are already fattening so adding this stuff really makes them an unhealthy treat but never the less a very tasty one.

        100g of this sauce contains 375 calories and 11.5g of fat so when added to ice cream you are looking at a serious calorie intake.

        The chocolate taste is a very real one and although it is sweeter than chocolate it gives the chocolaty taste that you would get from a chocolate ice cream or a hot chocolate drink rather than the taste you would get from a chocolate bar.

        The fruit ones are sweeter still but again very nice and well worth a try if you are an ice cream lover looking for a change, and at only £1.09 a bottle in Asda at the moment it is not expensive and lasts around 15 to 20 bowls of ice cream.


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          09.06.2007 17:00
          Very helpful



          You could pick a much worse brand.

          Back on pancake day this year, my mum returned home with two Askeys Treat! sauces. Apparently they were being heavily promoted as an ideal sauce for pancakes, although I myself was much more keen to stick to the traditional golden syrup or jam.. or maybe both, I don't want to come off tubby. The two dessert sauces she brought back were strawberry, and the one that I shall be reviewing today - milk chocolate. I remember when I was little I used to love having sauce with my ice cream, then mashing it all up in to almost like a milkshake. With these sauces back in my household, I think it's time to return to the past. Askey's claim their sauces 'create a little magic', but is this one magician you wouldn't want to go see?

          Since the picture was taken that Ciao show of the sauce it appears they have changed the bottle a bit, still keeping its curvy shape (and if you have too much of this, that is probably what will happen to you) it doesn't seem to be as tall as the bottle previously was. Still, holding 325g should be enough to last quite a while. The trademark Askey colour seems to be a dark blue, and then depending on what sauce it is the bulk of the bottle is a colour to represent the colour of the sauce. For example, the strawberry sauce is a red colour and the milk chocolate sauce is brown. The company seem to have got their style down to a tee, writing 'treat!' all in lowercase letters as the largest text on the bottle, you can't help to think this is somewhat aimed at children - not that parents wouldn't like to get in on the action too.

          In the picture the sauce is shown in sort of a dripping fashion that curls around at the bottom, well now Askeys have upgraded and have just a big dollop of the sauce in almost cartoon fashion in the centre of the bottle. On the subject of cartoon, it appears their gimmick is magic and on the front of all their bottles they now have their little mascot. This character is a little yellow star with eyes and a big grin, holding a magic wand that has stars coming off towards the sauce. Unlike previously, the lid of the bottle no longer matches the colour of the sauce, and is just navy in all cases. It is still the traditional flip top however.

          To try and make people ignore the unhealthiness of the whole product it brags on the front of being free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. The back of the product recommends you try it on other things like fruit and rice pudding, whilst also instructing you to keep in a cool place.

          Ingrediants: Invert sugar syrup, milk chocolate crumb [milk, sugar, cocoa mass], hydrogenated vegetable oil, dried glucose syrup, fat reduced cocoa powder. CONTAINS MILK.

          Nutritional information, per 100g;
          Energy 1580kj/375.1kcal
          Protein 1.1g
          Carbohydrate 66.8g
          Fat 11.5g

          This information is included on the bottle in incredibly small text, probably hoping someone won't read it. The text actually made me have to squint and bring the bottle closer to my eyes when copying it down. They also include the guideline daily amounts for both men and women. The best before date is included on the top of the cap, and reads JAN2009 on my product so it generally seems to last about 2 years. You have to unscrew the cap and remove the foil before use just like any good product, and Askeys are based in Peterborough, which is actually quite close to me. But hey, lets get to the important part now - taste!

          Squirting the product out over my ice cream, it does seem to be of a very runny texture. You can make nice lines over your ice cream with it because of the tiny nossle, however these lines run out of shape quickly. Definitly not the thickest of sauces, because if you don't turn the bottle back so it's vertical again the sauce will keep running and running out. As well as putting it over my ice cream, I've put a load on my spoon so I can give you a comment on the sauce and sauce alone.

          Funnily enough, although the sauce I put on my spoon turned into a little puddle, the sauce has now turned thick after a few seconds. There is a truly fantastic milk chocolate taste there, that wouldn't make you think this product is any less than Cadbury's, there isn't much of an after taste but the taste when eating it goes well. The product is quite sticky, so if you got any on your chin I'm sure it would annoy you and it's definitly a product that could get your kids in a mess. Why it turns so thick after being on the spoon for a little while I have no idea, because perhaps it goes from being too runny to being too thick. The flavour is not too strong, and it is quite milky infact, although it makes you feel bad for your health when eating it.

          With ice cream, whilst you can taste the flavour, it seems that unless you get the ice cream and sauce proportions equal you're going to be nowhere near having chocolate ice cream. But now for the mash up test. When mashing up with ice cream, the colour goes from being this light brown, melted chocolate-looking, colour to being primarilly ice cream coloured. Once again this all depends on proportions, but I didn't over do it nor under-do it with the sauce. The smell of the product is being cocoay, and a pleasure to smell. You may find that when mashing it up with ice cream you get bits of sauce that want to stick to the bowl because of the sticky nature of the sauce, however if you scratch these off with your spoon it will soon dissolve into your liquidy mixture. The chocolate sauce goes really well with the half ice cream/half milkshake mixture that can be made, so whilst it may not give off the most chocolatey colour it does give off the taste.

          Lets face it, in a time and a place where we are now where the world is getting fatter and fatter, sauces like this is the last thing we need really. The sauce does work as a nice treat though, and I guess that's the route of the name - not that some people won't eat this for more than a treat. I don't find the sauce addictive at all, and one serving is enough for me. As this isn't an ice cream specific sauce, I'm sure there's chocoholics out there that will find this as an excellent topping for things like biscuits and the such. It's thin then hardening affect should work brilliantly for that. If you're looking for a chocolate sauce as an added extra, you don't have to look much further than this.


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            24.05.2006 11:50
            Very helpful



            Yum, Yum and more Yum!


            Summer has arrived (sort of!), the shorts and T Shirts come out of hiding and many an hour has been spent tidying the garden. The warm days make our enjoyment of an ice cream even more of a pleasurable experience, but there was one usual item missing from the cupboard. A trip to Tesco's soon had a bottle of Askeys 'Treat' in our trolley!

            The Bottle

            Firstly, whilst this has the brand name 'Askeys' it is actually made by Silver Spoon. The plastic bottle has an 'hour glass' shape and stands just under 8" high. The blue and brown design states this is a 'Milk Chocolate Flavour Dessert Sauce' which 'creates a little magic'! The curves of this bottle allow it to fit snugly in your hand and contains 325g. It should be stored in a cool place but not refrigerated.
            The nice thing about this bottle is that it has a foil covering so you need to unscrew the cap, remove the foil to allow the sauce to be squeezed out. The only downside to this is if the little tab were to snap off. The best before date is 2008 and it won't even last till the end of 2006 in our house!

            First Impressions

            Having put a couple of scoopfuls of ice cream in my bowl, I tipped the bottle and squeezed. You need a firm squeeze to get this sauce to ooze slowly and it drizzles nicely over the ice cream allowing me to create pretty patterns ( I never said I was grown up with these things!) which settles into a nice pool in your bowl. The colour is exactly that of a milk chocolate bar and it's thick! On tipping the bowl it takes ages for the sauce to slide gently down the side.

            The Taste

            Mmm definitely chocolately! This sauce is very smooth, just sweet enough but not too rich. Its very similar to the sauce from the ice cream vans! It melts away on my tongue leaving the delicious milky chocolate taste behind. Considering this is only a chocolate flavoured sauce (containing cocoa) it doesn't taste any different to letting a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth.
            The taste lingers in your mouth and leaves you wanting more as it is not too overpowering or sickly. I am not a huge lover of chocolate bars but chocolate flavoured things are another matter and I can eat loads of this! There is no bitter aftertaste, just a pleasant sweetness.

            Is it good for me?

            Whilst this is heaven for my taste buds, its not ideal for the waistline. The nutritional info is measured in 100g, I find this rather odd as a bottle is 325g! So roughly a third of a bottle is 375 calories and contains 11.5g of fat. So 'Treat' is an apt name for this sauce!

            Is it good for others?

            I never list the full list of ingredients but sadly, this is NOT suitable for all as it contains MILK. The bottle does not state if its suitable for vegetarians either and I would not like to hazard a guess. There is no reference to nuts at all, so PLEASE check the ingredients list before you buy, just in case and obviously different flavours contain different ingredients.

            My Opinion

            Yummy!! This sauce is smooth, tasty and does create a 'little magic' to what could be a bland dessert. Its nice for the kids too as it is a treat for them. It's also very versatile and doesn't cost a fortune. A bottle will last us almost till the end of the summer but obviously depends on how often its used. The cap stays very clean and does not get messy like a brown sauce bottle either.
            Costing approx 1.20p from all major supermarkets it won't break the bank, leaving you with enough pennies left over to buy some more ice cream!
            This is so nice you will want to lick the bowl clean but as it's quite thick you may end up using your finger to get the last remaining amounts out! Not that I would do such a thing!!
            This is a very versatile dessert sauce too so don't think you're limited in its use. Besides ice cream, it can be used to make milkshakes. It's great on pancakes, rice pudding and with fruit. It's also nice to dip Sponge Fingers in. Its also a cheaper alternative to Chocolate Body Paint should you be interested!

            Other Info

            This sauce is also available in the following flavours :- Dark Chocolate, Maple, Toffee and Strawberry. You can also get the Monster Crackin Chocolate Flavour which hardens, if you prefer that.

            Made by The Silver Spoon Company
            Oundle Road
            PE2 9QU


            As ever thanks for reading and I hope you create a little magic this summer!

            HotBabes x x

            © 2006


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            Simply squiggle the Milk Chocolate over ice cream for a fun and exciting treat!