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Solen Nutymax

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Brand: Solen / Type: Nuts

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2010 16:06
      Very helpful




      As a big fan of Kinder Bueno the Ferrero manufactured chocolate bar aimed at adults with a grown up and mature appeal, similar products also appeal to me. One of the items that is very similar is the relatively obscure "Nutymax" which is made by Solen who seem to be based in Turkey. The bar, much like the Kinder Bueno promises not only to have a hazelnut filling but comes in a "2 finger" bar. The product, which is difficult to find in both the UK and the US can be bought in some B & M Stores in Britain and comes in a main 2-tone wrapper with a dark and a light brown making up much of the packaging, that also features the image of the hazelnuts and the actual item with a dark hazelnut spread oozing out of it.

      Inside of the wrapper are two individually wrapped fingers that come in a mainly transparent wrapper with the "Solen" name in gold in the centre and golden ends. The bar inside is a thin chocolate bar with 4 pieces broken into what looks like "humps", the bar looks to be milk chocolate with a white chocolate line swirled over it making it look rather posh and attractive. Under the chocolate is a wafer, both making the base and the "top", inside that is hazelnut spread, just as there is in the Kinder Bueno. Though this is where one of the differences occur, this time the spread is much darker and is a more chocolate-hazelnut spread than the plain hazelnut used in Bueno's.

      When it comes to eating the bar you will be pretty impressed that a relatively budget type bar has a solid and crunchy and crisp wafer (something that seems to only be done in more expensive bars) in side the wafer the chocolate based hazelnut butter is delicious and a delight. Although some may feel the chocolate addition takes away some what from the pure hazelnut taste of the Bueno's personally I feel it adds a sweeter taste to it's centre which is probably slightly more enjoyable. Though at times it can seem like their isn't enough of the filling it's bizarrely packed with the chocolate-hazelnut spread (as I discovered when trying to "break into" the bar) which has a thin, sticky feel to it.

      When it comes to the head to head with Kinder Bueno it's genuinely hard to pick between the two, though this is cheaper (29p in my local B & M Store) and has has more chocolate to it, which may swing you this way, whilst the Kinder Bueno is easier to find, a more well known brand and "may" have slight better chocolate on the outside. Overall though there is little to really pick between the two and both are great, so if you do see a "Nutymax" your missing out if you don't try it.

      Nutritional Information (per 100g) (if this is wrong blame it on my lack of Turkish language skills)
      Fat 33.6g (including 24.6g of Saturated fat and 0.0g of Trans Fats with 6.3mg of Cholesterol)
      Carbohydrate 54.3g (including 39.1g Sugar)
      Dietary Fibre 3.4g
      Sodium 280.1mg

      Product contains: Milk, Soya, Wheat, Gluten and Hazelnuts and is made in a factory that also sees the handling of Peanuts, other nuts, Sesame and Egg.

      The bar is 44g.


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