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Suchard Caresses De Lait Chocolate

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Brand: Suchard

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2001 03:57
      Very helpful



      Our local Safeway Store sold out of Suchard Caresses de Noir chocolate a while ago. "Hmmm", thought Sidney Gee, "perhaps agents acting for jillmurphy have been out creating ‘Caresses de Noir’ stash". Oh well, I thought, perhaps Heather and I should try out a bar of the Milk Chocolate equivalent, so I bought a single bar (just the one) of the milk chocolate variation “Caresses de Lait” to see how well the expert House of Suchard had managed to deal with milk chocolate. I then made the ‘mistake’ of telling our younger daughter (milk chocolate addict) about it and agreeing to waiting until she visited so that she could also try it. Unfortunately, I was not at home when she made this visit, so that the bar was pounced upon and whisked away to the flat she shares with her elder sister in the city centre. The message that came back the following day was “Thanks Dad ..... that milk chocolate was ‘scrummy’, Sorry it is all gone !". So the purchase had to be repeated. That was no great hardship at only 79 pence for a 100 gram bar. Having been a Public Analyst I had worked on the chemical analysis of a variety of chocolate and chocolate substitutes when younger, and I was not convinced that the experience of a ‘milk’ chocolate would be anything like as delicious as the experience of a good dark chocolate. Unfortunately, both Heather and I do find ‘Dairy Milk Chocolate' slightly sickly and will rarely eat it or 'Galaxy', finding them a very poor substitute for a good dark chocolate. Thus, it was with a degree of dubiosity that I broke the first ‘squares’. As with the plain variety, it does not break ‘cleanly’, being made up of a number of layers of chocolate apparently ‘compressed’ together. I did not immediately notice that the centre of the bar w
      as darker than the outer parts, thus even more resembling the 'Frys' sandwich bars' of the 1950- 1960 era, with a single layer of dark chocolate sandwiched between two layers of milk chocolate. The chocolate was popped into the mouth without much ceremony by both myself and Heather almost simultaneously, but the effect hit the 'superior' palate (lol) of Heather first and the long-drawn out "Wowwwwwwww" was soon generated. To call this product "Milk Chocolate" is like calling red caviar "fish roe". Nothing like any 'milk chocolate' that we have ever tasted. The different colour of the outer part to the inner part should have been a clue, and the poetry on the label describes the flavour sensation accurately: “.... unusually complex and intense in flavour for a milk chocolate...” (Eat your heart out Cadbury’s !) “..... the fine outer layers have a buttery cocoa flavour with a mild hint of caramel, the middle layers have a more intense flavour with bittersweet cocoa notes..... " "... these darker notes are rounded off perfectly by the burnt sugar sweetness of the outer layers”. The only argument I would have with the description is that the caramel/burnt sugar flavour is actually quite intense, rather than ‘a mild hint’ but, Oh Boy !! – who’s complaining ! So, if you really prefer ‘milk chocolate’ and you are becoming bored with the bland leader, try this one. Dammnnnn!!!! Stash now empty .... shelves bare .... hunting parties now scouring Edinburgh ... Do ALL good things REALLY have to come to an end .... But if you are really a chocoholic, steer clear, you won’t want it put about that you are seriously pigging out on a MILK chocolate would you ?


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      Kraft Jacob Suchard Ltd Address: Ruscote Avenue, BANBURY, Oxfordshire, OX16 7QU Tel: 01295 264433 Fax: 01295 259018

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