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Supercook Valentines Day Choco Lolly Kit

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Brand: Supercook / Type: White

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2007 21:08
      Very helpful



      A great bit of fun for anyone

      Compared to Valentine's day last year this one was on a proper shoe string budget. As I was wondering around Asda wondering what on earth I could suprise Mark with I ended up putting this little product in the basket.

      There were two kits to choose from including the Glass Stained Cookie Kit and the one I opted for the Choco Lolly Kit.
      Both items were priced at £2.00 and included all of the items needed to make the items, easy I thought and into the basket it went.

      *~*The Product*~*

      The item is packaged in a pink box with the distinct Supercook red branding along the top of the box and to the front are the images of the finished product and to the rear of the box are the instructions.
      Contained within the box is a chocolate mould that will make 6 lollies, a bag of white chocolate, lolly sticks, ties, cellophane gift wrap, writing iceng, edible glitter bits and some tags to cut out on the back of the box once emptied.
      The product caught my attention as it contained no bad ingredients which are hydrogenated fats, articifial colouring or sweeteners.
      All in all this product seemed to tick all of the boxes.

      *~Getting Started*~*

      First things first, if you have bought this for children they will need supervision when it comes to melting the chocolate as it does get very hot. There is no specific age limit for use however it does suggest on the box that it may not be suitable for children under 36 months. However Children should not be left unsupervised with any of the items.

      *1* First I washed the mould, and dried before I started.
      As we do not have a microwave to melt the chocolate we had to use the alternative of "boil in the bag" put simply this meant that I had to fill an pyrex jug full of almost boiling water and put the bag in the jug to melt the buttons. Half a pint will cover the bag completely. Within 3-4 minutes the chocolate was melted and ready to pour.

      *2* Next I dried the bag containing the melted chocolate and cut a small corner to the top to pour the chocolate into the mould.
      I then poured the chocolate into the moulds and made sure that they all looked even. I then gave the mould a tap to ensure that all of the air bubbles were removed.
      I then added the lolly pop sticks to the melted chocolate in the mould and twisted the stick to ensure that it was fully covered and then placed in the fridge to chill for 15 minutes.

      *3* Now it was finally the time I had been waiting for, to decorate!
      Before removing the item it is vital that you check it has set, the chocolate is not very thick so it does set quickly.
      To remove the lolly i gently tipped the mould the other way and tapped lightly so that they came out of the mould.

      *4* The final step is to decorate the lollies and this is the most difficult part, the icing can be used to write messages or just to stick the edible glitter bits to.
      It really is that simple and the mould can be used over and over again and there is actually quite a bit of icing and glitter bits left over so you could buy additional cooking chocolate to make more or use them for a birthday party as a gift for fellow party goers or even as wedding favours if you feel brave!!!

      *~*Overall Opinion*~*

      This kit is great fun and I really enjoyed making the product and using my imagination. The gift tags and cellophane is a great item to have as you can keep and use for another use and at £2.00 I think this kit was really good value for money.

      The chocolate was white chocolate provided in the kit however you could substitute with other cooking chocolate for the flavour you prefer.

      The Chocolate is not too thick and therefore the finished product wasn't too sickly even though it had icing on top and some sparkly bits it was defiantely very moorish though!

      Since purchasing the kit I have visited www.supercook.co.uk to check out other offers and found a scooby doo lolly pop kit which I am now trying to find in my local supermarket!!

      Great fun for all ages and a complete gift in just 30 minutes made from scratch.


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    • Product Details

      The SuperCook Valentines Day Choco Lolly Kit is perfect for making a fun personalised gift at Valentines Day. Make it for your sweetheart, friends or your Mum! The kit is easy to follow and contains everything you need to make and decorate 6 white chocolate flavour lollies. Includes white chocolate flavour buttons for melting, heart shaped mould, lolly sticks, glitter sugar sprinkles and pink Writing Icing to write a message on your lollies. As a finishing touch the kit also includes pretty gift bags, ties and tags.

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