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Terry's 3D Chocolate Bar

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Brand: Terry's / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2008 20:18
      Very helpful



      A new chocolate bar from Terry's

      I must be out of touch with chocolate bars. I recently spotted a 3D Bar at the checkout in my local supermarket and noticing that it was made by Terry's, a name I know and trust I made an impulse purchase.

      Apparently, Terry's launched their 3D Bars last year, on Monday the 19th March 2007 in fact yet this is the first time I have actually stumbled upon one. With a retail price of just 35p curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a try.

      Appearance wise the bar looks nice and compact, with predominantly red outer packaging that is bright enough to grab your attention yet not too bright that it is in your face, so to speak.

      Completely naïve as to what I would find inside the wrapper I was initially pleased to see that it looked like quite a chunky treat and as I removed it from the wrapper I noticed that it is in three different segments, each of which has a number 3 embossed upon it. Could this be the reason behind the name of this new confectionary I wondered, or perhaps does its name have something to do with its chunky, almost three dimensional like appearance?

      I broke away one of the segments, which snapped easily between my fingers and I was surprised to find the inside of the bar is actually hollow and filled with an off white fluffy creamy filling. It was perhaps something to do with the fact that the last Terry's chocolate bar that I tried was a chocolate orange bar, so maybe that was why I was expecting something more solid.

      The first that I noticed about the 3D Bar as I snapped off a segment was that the inner filling was more or less odourless, leaving me slightly puzzled as to exactly what it was. The predominant smell was that of the rich, smooth milk chocolate from the outer coating. Terry's have always been one of my favourite chocolate brands and the taste that followed did not disappoint. It was rich and clean and crisp without any of the bitter cocoa taste that some other brands have. I am not a fan of dark chocolate so I like the taste of my milk chocolate to be light and smooth without any hint of bitterness, but I also dislike oversweet chocolate too. With this new 3D Bar Terry's seem to have got the chocolate part just about right.

      I was however slightly apprehensive about the inner filling of this bar as it resembled a soft nougat in appearance and nougat is not something that I particularly like, although I would not go as far as to say that I completely detest it. Before I even got to this inner layer however there was a hard crunch which came somewhat as a bit of a shock. Between the outer chocolate layer and the soft inner filling evidently there is a thin layer of biscuit, so thin in fact that it is only just visible. With three different components I now begin to wonder if perhaps this has something to do with the origin of its name.

      The biscuit section is hard and crunches like biting into a McVities Ginger Nut biscuit but taste waste there is very little, only a slight bland digestive type flavour. The inner filling is just as disanointing too in its taste as there is nothing predominant at all about its taste. Separated from the nice overwhelming taste of the milk chocolate on its own it struggles to find an identity for itself. There is a slight taste of vanilla essence but other than that I found nothing, which was all a bit of an anti climax.

      Overall I enjoyed the chocolate part of the 3D Bar and I found that it had a long pleasant aftertaste. There is no doubt that this is good quality chocolate but as for its other two components I was disappointed by their blandness.

      I am sure that there is a market for a product like this and at just 35p this does represent good value for money for a 43g bar but personally I won't be going out of my way to purchase one again.


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