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Terry's All Gold

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Brand: Terry`s

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    19 Reviews
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      08.10.2015 15:15
      Very helpful



      Dark Chocolate Collection...

      I recently received a box of these Terry's All Gold Dark Chocolates. The box contains individual chocolates which are all coated in dark, rather than milk or white, chocolate.

      The packaging is quite nice. The box is golden with a design of red velvet draped over the front and sides. The front of the box shows an illustration of three of the chocolates. The bottom of the box is printed with product information including ingredients, a chocolate guide and a nutritional information guide and contact information for the Mondelez UK company who manufacture this product.

      The ingredients include milk and also may contain nuts. The ingredients are not certified as being suitable for vegetarians so I would contact the company if you are concerned about this.

      There are nine different varieties of sweets in the box with 380 grams of chocolate in total. I would describe their flavours and designs as rather basic. The varieties include a strawberry cream, an orange truffle, a caramel, a plain chocolate disc, a chocolate truffle, a vanilla flavoured sweet, a hazelnut truffle and an almond truffle. As well as the guide on the base of the box there is also a guide inside the lid.

      The sweets have quite cute designs with some of them in the shape of leaves, gift wrapped presents, fruits and shells. They also have a really rich and strong cocoa aroma which is very appealing.

      My favourite in the box is the 'Rich Orange'. It's a sticky chocolate truffle infused with orange flavouring inside a crisp chocolate shell which is shaped like a segment of an orange.

      I think these sweets are quite nice and would especially appeal to anyone who favours the bitterness of dark chocolate. With 46% minimum cocoa solids these are quite flavoursome. I would say, however, that there is something a bit basic about them too and they probably aren't something I'd give someone as a luxury box of chocolates. These are more like a casual gift or something to buy to eat with the family while watching weekend television!

      These are available at supermartkets, newsagents and other stores in the UK.


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      18.03.2014 09:46
      Very helpful



      Terry's All Gold Dark Chocolates

      = = = = = = = = = =
      Terry's All Gold Dark
      = = = = = = = = = =
      I was in my local co-operative store on the way to work and I happened to see this box of chocolates on offer, so I thought I would treat myself to them and it also meant I could write a new chocolate review. Terry's was a chocolate and confectionary maker in York, England. Its history stretched back to 1767 but in 1993 it was taken over by Kraft Foods. The company's headquarters, later renames The Chocolate Works factory, closed in 2005, and products using the Terry's brand name are not produced in other Kraft facilities in Poland, Sweden, Belgium and Slovakia. Most of you are probably familiar with Terry's as they are most famous for their Terry's chocolate orange, which now comes in a range of different flavours. Terry's All Gold Dark contains a collection of dark chocolates. The box I am reviewing contains a total of 20 different chocolates and I paid £3.00 for the box as they were on offer. This particular box is 190g but you can purchase 400g boxes from Tesco for £7.00; although they are currently reduced until the end of this month down to £3.50 which sounds quite good.

      The main box the chocolates come in is a yellow colour. On the top of the box it has a picture of 3 of the sweets which are in the box and it also states on the front that these are dark chocolates. On the back of the box is nutritional information, a list of ingredients and also a little bit of information about Terry's. The box opens simply by slicing the plastic seal on the front edge of the box which loosens the lid. The lid to the box folds back to reveal a thick piece of plastic which covers the chocolates. The chocolates are all nestled neatly in a black plastic tray. On the inside of the lid it shows you the different chocolates contained in the box and it tells you the name of each one and a little about it. When opening the box, there was an unmistakable scent of dark chocolate which smelt quite strong, probably due to the amount of chocolates there are in the box. I like dark chocolate anyway, so I quite liked the smell of the chocolates.

      = = = = = = =
      The Chocolates
      = = = = = = =
      There are a total of 9 different chocolates in the box, each of which all look very different to the others so it's easy to match the chocolates to the key on the inside lid of the box.

      * Sumptuous Strawberry - Real strawberry pieces nestled within a sweet, strawberry flavoured fondant. This chocolate is shaped like a strawberry and has detailing on the top which is made to look like strawberry seeds. I bit into the chocolate which cracked beneath my teeth to reveal the strawberry fondant centre. The fondant centre is a light pink colour and looks quite nice. As I chewed the chocolate the main taste was the slightly bitter dark chocolate. Although there was a fair amount of fondant filling there lacked a strawberry taste. The bitterness of the chocolate seemed to take away any taste of the strawberry. The strawberry pieces in the fondant centre seemed a little gritty to me which I didn't like. This chocolate lacked flavour and I didn't like the gritty texture to the strawberry fondant centre. There were a total of 2 of these chocolates in the box.

      * Molten Gold - Smooth golden caramel melts beneath a devilishly dark exterior. This chocolate is square in shape and has a star like pattern which starts at the centre and comes out to the edges of the chocolate. As I bit into this chocolate the top layer cracked beneath my teeth and sunk into the caramel centre. The centre is a golden colour but wasn't as glossy as I expected and was more of a dull colour. The caramel was smooth and was slightly creamy, although I couldn't really taste much of the caramel due to the overpowering taste of the dark chocolate.

      * Inca Gold - Soft caramel elegantly enrobes a whole hazelnut. This chocolate is round in shape and the top is made to look like a swirl, this chocolate looks quite nice and there were a total of 3 of them in the box. As I bit into the chocolate I expected there to be a slight crunch as I bit into the nut centre; however there wasn't that crunch I had expected and the nut was disappointingly soft with no crunch or texture at all. The caramel that surrounded the nut wasn't very runny and seemed to be rather thick. I couldn't really taste anything but chocolate when eating this one.

      * Almond Jewel - Delicious Marzipan crème fondant covered in Terry's dark chocolate. This chocolate is a diamond shape and is quite flat in comparison to the others. There are a few lines on the top of the chocolate and there were a total of 2 of these in the box. When biting into this chocolate my teeth sank straight into the marzipan crème which was soft. This marzipan crème was a white colour and although there looked as though there was enough inside the chocolate to give it some flavour this is what this chocolate really lacked. I love marzipan and sometimes treat myself to the Marks & Spencer marzipan bars but this chocolate was nothing in comparison to that. I was expecting more of a marzipan taste to this one but instead it taste very bland. The chocolate taste wasn't as overpowering as it was with some of the other chocolates so far but it was just tasteless.

      * Vanilla Gold Leaf - Rich dark chocolate covers a luxurious vanilla flavour fudge centre. I was looking forwards to trying this one as its vanilla fudge flavoured. This chocolate is in the shape of a leaf and has a pattern on the top which makes the chocolate more leaf like. There were a total of 3 of these in the box which I was pleased with as this was bound to be my favourite. I bit into the chocolate revealing the vanilla fudge centre which was a light brown colour. The fudge centre wasn't too thick but at the same time it wasn't runny either. As I chewed the first part of the chocolate the fudge seemed to have a slight vanilla taste but like some of the other chocolates this was overpowered by the dark chocolate. I was disappointed but this one, especially as I wanted it to be my favourite.

      * Hazelnut Perfection - An elegant roasted nut truffle. This chocolate is square in shape and has a pretty little chocolate bow on it to make the chocolate look like a little present. There were a total of 3 of these chocolates in the box. I wasn't sure what to expect from this chocolate as the other nut ones have been so disappointing.

      * Hallmark - Our Hallmark chocolate. Dark, pure and delicious. This is a plain chocolate circle which has 'Terry's' engrave on the top. This is a thin chocolate and has a slightly bitter taste like you would expect from dark chocolate. The texture of the chocolate is smooth. There is only one of these in the box and this sits directly in the centre of the box surrounded by the other chocolates.

      * Cappuccino Radiance - A smooth, coffee flavour truffle, just waiting to be discovered. This chocolate looks like a shell. I can't comment on the taste/texture of this chocolate as I don't like coffee.

      * Rich Orange - Terry's dark chocolate protects this precious orange centre. This chocolate is shaped like an orange segment and has a little detailing on it. I don't like orange chocolates or orange in general so I can't comment personally on the taste of this chocolate but my mum said that it didn't really have that much of a taste and that she couldn't really taste the orange.

      = = = = = = = =
      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      I don't normally buy box of chocolates for myself but as these were on offer I decided to treat myself to them. I quite like dark chocolate and I hadn't had any for a while so I thought it was another good excuse to try them out. The box of chocolates looks presentable and would make a nice gift for someone as I don't think they look particularly cheap. They don't look as nice as a box of chocolates from Thornton's but they do still look and sound quite nice. When opening the box, although there isn't a great deal of smell to them apart from dark chocolate they do look nice and each chocolate looks quite tasty. It's easy to tell which chocolate is which simply by looking at the picture on the inside of the lid. I was looking forwards to tasting the chocolate and expected them to be quite nice, especially as they are made by Terry's. The first chocolate I had which was the strawberry one had a nice texture to it and was a nice size but there was a real lack of taste to the chocolate and I could barely taste anything else apart from the slight bitter taste from the dark chocolate.

      It seems as though the other chocolates in the box are no better as none of them had any real flavour to them as the dark chocolate was just too overpowering and all you could taste in each chocolate was the dark chocolate and not much else. The almond jewel did have slightly more taste than the other chocolates but still not a lot of taste. I was very disappointed by this box of chocolate and wish I had purchased a single chocolate bar instead of these. The chocolates were so boring and lacked in taste so much that after trying one of each I actually decided to throw the rest of them away as I just didn't enjoy them. Even if you like dark chocolate I wouldn't recommend these to anyone as you will be very disappointed. Now I have tried these I definitely wouldn't purchase them as a gift for someone either, no matter how cheap the chocolates are. Don't waste your last few pounds on these as they really aren't worth it.

      (review also on ciao)


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      29.12.2013 22:52
      Very helpful



      Decent traditional chocolates

      I remember Terry's All Gold as being plain chocolates but nowadays they come in milk and dark varieties.

      Some friends came to dinner recently and gave us a box of All Gold Milk. It was a 380g box which had 2 layers each with 20 chocolates.

      The fillings
      Molten Gold - soft caramel
      Inca Gold - soft caramel and hazelnut
      Almond jewel - almond cream
      Vanilla gold leaf - creamy vanilla fudge
      Cappuccino radiance - coffee truffle
      Hazelnut perfection - roasted nut truffle shaped like a little present with bow
      Hallmark - solid chocolate disk
      Rich orange - orange cream shaped like a little orange segment
      Sumptuous strawberry - strawberry cream in a strawberry shape

      Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Vegetable Fat , Cocoa Mass , Cocoa Butter, Milk, Dried Whey, Marzipan (Sugar, Almonds, Humectant (Sorbitol), Glucose Syrup, Invertase), Hazelnuts, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Fat-Reduced Cocoa, Humectants (Sorbitol, Glycerol, Emulsifiers (E442, Soya Lecithin, E476), Freeze-Dried Strawberry Pieces, Flavourings, Invertase, Lactose, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Milk Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 26% minimum and Milk Solids 14% minimum, Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.

      The taste
      I'm ashamed to say that my husband and I polished the box off over 3 nights. We both really enjoyed them. Although there is nothing out of the ordinary about these chocolates, they are yummy. I am a bit of a philistine however when it comes to chocolate. I don't like the bitter dark chocolate that is good for you - I'm much happier with this milk chocolate with only 26% cocoa solids. The fillings are all soft and creamy. I think the inca gold is probably my favourite - in my book milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel is a winning combination favourite - but to be honest, I like them all! Even the strawberry - normally the one that is left to last in our household - has a really intense flavour.

      Most supermarkets sell this box of delights. You can get currently find it at Waitrose for £6.19 or at Asda for £5 (better still they have a three for £10 offer on just now).

      Now for the bad news
      A 25 g serving (which equates to two and a half chocolates) has 130 cal, 15g of carbohydrate (nearly all sugar) and 6.8g of fat.

      Sadly these chocolates are no longer made in the UK. The Terry's factory was closed in 2005 when Kraft switched the production to their other European factories.

      There's something comforting about these chocolates. Perhaps because the brand has been around for so long, they seem familiar. Admittedly they are not the most exciting or exotic of chocolates so they don't get my top rating but they are very moreish and reasonably priced.


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        15.02.2012 16:48



        Good alternative to cadburys

        For valentines day I gave my partner these chocolates but have ended up eating most of them already!

        These chocolates were reduced in Asda to £3 the day before Valentines and they were well worth it. You get 2 trays of 20 chocolates so 40 in all. My favourites are the chocolates that include nuts, and there are several versions in this selection box. One has caramel, another has praline filling.

        The packaging is quite expensive looking with a gold colour and the terrys signature writing. It is rainforest alliance certified so that means there is a minimum of 30% cocoa in the chocolate.

        It really makes a difference as the chocolate tastes creamy, thick and really melts in your mouth.

        Each chocolate tastes different and you get two of each flavour in each tray. Inside the box there is a page like a menu so you can see which chocolate you want to choose.

        These chocolates are not good for you, they are full of calories and only good for a treat. They also contain a lot of sugar. If you want a change from their traditional terrys chocolate orange then this is a good alternative and they taste as good as cadburys.


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        20.03.2011 23:10
        Very helpful



        They all consist of a typical milk chocolate shell that tastes of Cadbury.

        This box was cheap; got it for 2 pounds off the sales rack.

        A pretty clear message when certain chocolates are on perpetual sales at the grocery stores.

        A mix of 8 chocolates, 2 to 3 of each kind, to make up 20 in a box.

        GENERAL: They all consist of a typical milk chocolate shell that tastes of Cadbury; albeit a very sweet version. The only differences lie in their fillings, which range from fruity, to caramel, milk chocolate, and nut flavours. (So much for 8 different chocolates huh?)


        Roasted nut harvest - budget milk solid shell; interior seeming-one piece hazelnut praline - weak nuttiness; albeit light roasted flavour. more on sweet side.

        Truffle intrigue - budget milk solid shell; interior "smooth", impressive with medium melt; tastes cheap though, same milk sweetness but w/ slight nutty.

        Orange blossom - budget milk solid shell; sweetish orange ganache of typical texture. orange tastes artificial / cordial; albeit not TOO sweet, but ok.

        Burnished nut brulee - same milk shell; interior praline slightly sweeter w/ 'sour' caramel tinge; roasted nut pieces scattered provided some; nuttiness. sweet milk melded w/ typical praline. very decent sweet choc

        Terry's hallmark - choc disk; soft, standard praline almost identical to sweet cadbury milk

        Vanilla flourish - budget milk med shell; interior not 'fudge'-like as described; more like thicker caramel; SWEET like fudge, but texture failed; oddly salty?

        Strawberry bloom - budget milk shell, breaks to unveil SWEET but tasty artificial strawberry liquid. some fake chunkiness; cloying thick. BAD

        Caramel nectar - budget milk, breaks to reveal caramel; good texture - almost thick, like toffee (much like werthers). oddly, sweetness melded well w/ milk


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        13.03.2011 14:16
        Very helpful




        After being let down on a Saturday night out and being in a terrible mood for hours, my boyfriend decided to go to our nearest shop and get me a little treat to cheer me up. This is what he returned with...

        ** Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolates **

        Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolates is an assortment of milk chocolates which contains 'many timeless favourites'.

        You can find these in most supermarkets and local express stores, you can also pick them up in larger Wilkinson's stores. I think my boyfriend paid around £2 for these on offer but they usually RRP around £4-£5.

        ** The Packaging **

        The chocolates come in a 200g square box. The box is gold in colour and has a large 'G' on the front which is decorated in brown and blue patterns. Also on the front of the box is the product name in black writing.

        The Bottom of the box has the product name again, with lots of information. This includes the ingredients, nutritional information, a small product description and an address to express your views. Most of this writing is in a bold, dark brown font and looks very classy.

        The box has a flap that simply pulls up to uncover the treats. On the bottom of the flap is the description of all of the different chocolates in the collection and a photograph of each so you know which chocolate is which. Inside the box is a black plastic tray which contains the chocolates.

        ** The Collection **

        This collection contains nine different chocolates and you will find two of each inside the box, with one larger chocolate in the middle.

        The collection includes:

        Terry's Hallmark - Smooth, pure and delicious
        Roasted Nut Harvest - Smooth hazelnut praline draped in dreamy milk chocolate
        Vanilla Flourish - Milk chocolate covers a luxurious vanilla flavour fudge centre
        Truffle Intrigue - A creamy smooth, milk chocolate truffle, just waiting to be discovered.
        Caramel Nectar - Silky golden caramel wrapped in delicious milk chocolate
        Orange Blossom - Terry's milk chocolate protects this precious orange centre
        Hazelnut In Gold - Soft caramel elegantly enrobes a whole hazelnut
        Strawberry Bloom - Real strawberry pieces nestled within a sweet, strawberry flavour fondant
        Burnished Nut Brule - A rich, gorgeous, golden roasted hazelnut praline.

        ** A Lovely Little Treat! **

        I must say, when he turned up at the door with these, I was quite surprised that he hadn't just brought the cheapest things on the shelf (Tesco's own brand or something) and could just imagine myself sitting in bed, watching Take Me Out with these on my lap, stuffing my face. Sadly, they were way to sickly to stuff my face with and I managed three before I had to take a break!

        Atleast this meant that the box would last longer than one night, it did end up taking me about four days to get through the box and that was with sharing them with the boyfriend!

        Even though the chocolate on these was so sickly that I had to seriously pace myself, the chocolates were gorgeous and I couldn't help but want more (sadly I couldn't eat more!).

        My favourites out of the box were the Orange Blossom and Caramel Nectar. The Orange Blossom looks like a Terry's chocolate orange segments but is a richer and smoother (and more sickly)! The Caramel Nectar reminded me of one of the caramel barrels out of Quality Street but a lot nicer as the Terry's chocolate is nicer than Nestle.

        As for the price, I would have kicked off if my boyfriend had come home and told me he had paid full price for these, as I would have resented him paying out £5 for 18 chocolates! However, seeing as he only paid £2 for these, I am quite impressed and did really enjoy them.

        The packaging of the box is very sophisticated and makes a nice little gift, whereas other well known chocolates just look cheap, and they look expensive (and are quite expensive in my eyes) so look like you've given a nice little gift.

        Overall, I did really enjoy these but wouldn't pay full price for them!
        3/5 from me!


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        21.03.2010 18:19
        Very helpful



        A really good box of chocolates that could probably suit most tastes!

        I'm not a chocolate lover really, in fact my large backside has come from the copious amounts of crisps I've ate over the years lol but now and then I do like to indulge and treat my sweet tooth so when my mum passed on a box of her Terry's All Gold Mix Chocolates I was very pleased!

        These chocolates come in an elegantly decorated golden box, the fancy writing on the top telling us these are Terry's All Gold Mix Chocolates! Opening the lid of the box you are greeted by a golden plastic tray with funny shaped spaces in. Each funny shaped space though is filled with the most delightful looking chocolate shape. The underside of the lid provides us with a picture of each chocolate and a brief description as to what each one is.

        Of course me being me sat there and ate the whole box - this actually wasn't for review purposes lol!

        This wonderful golden box contains;

        Vanilla Flourish - A sort of leaf shaped chocolate filled with vanilla fudge, tasty and soft.

        Hazelnut in Gold - A cube of smooth chocolate, filled with creamy caramel surrounding a whole, crunchy hazelnut!

        Honeycomb Jewel - Little pieces of honeycomb lay within this scrumptious milk chocolate piece.

        Terry's Hallmark - The simplest one of the bunch, a disc of milk chocolate - that is it! Simple, yet tasty.

        Orange Blossom - An orange segment shaped chocolate filled with an orange coloured and orange flavoured fruity nectar centre.

        Strawberry Bloom - A chocolate with a strawberry flavoured filling, really fruity and sweet - even fruitier when you notice the strawberry pieces within too.

        Roasted Nut Harvest - A tasty milk chocolate circle filled with smooth hazelnut praline.

        Burnished Nut Brulee - A circle, of rich milk chocolate filled with roasted hazelnut praline, a smooth and nutty concoction that's a delight to eat.

        Raspberry Charm - A rectangular shaped chocolate, smooth milk chocolate with a fruity, pink, raspeberry flavoured fondant filling.

        Truffle Intrique - A shell shaped piece of chocolate hiding a tasty, smooth truffle.

        Praline Starlet - A milk chocolate star, with a smooth praline within mixed with tasty milk chocolate.

        and last but not least,

        Caramel Nectar - A rectangular shaped chocolate, smooth milk chocolate encasing a smooth golden caramel, soft and tasty.

        You can even buy these in a dark chocolate version - and what else can be better than the fact you get a whole TWO of each chocolate.. apart from Terry's Hallmark! Yum!

        Each chocolate for me is tasty, holds some wonderful textures and tastes but there is nothing too overpowering flavourwise about them making them an enjoyable all round selection of chocolates.


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        24.06.2009 17:48
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice all-rounder from Terry's

        Terry's All Gold
        I don't eat a huge amount of chocolate so when I do it feels like a treat. What's more, I like my chocolate to come in boxes. Don't get me wrong, a good bar of Green and Black's is still a treat, but there's something about chocolate that comes in boxes that feels so luxurious. Even if you get the same sort of chocolates in a bag or a packet, it's not quite the same.

        Terry's All Gold is my favourite box of chocolates. They tick all the right boxes (ha): they're dark chocolate (although a milk chocolate version is also available; I think the packaging is blue and gold instead of red and gold but I could be wrong), they contain fruity ones (the strawberry is my favourite), and there's a nice mixture without me having to leave half the packet because I don't like them.

        You get two of each chocolate in the box (except for the plain chocolate "coin" in the middle) and you can decide as you savour the first half which order you like them in and consequently which order you'll eat the second half in. The different chocolates include truffles, nutty chocolates, "crisp" chocolates and fruity chocolates. I'll even eat the coffee-flavoured one (I usually leave these in other boxes of chocolates) as it's not too bitterly overpowering.

        They're around £3 a box in Sainsbury's so they won't break the bank either.

        Update (feb 2010). I got a box of these for Christmas and they've added a raspberry one to go with the orange and strawberry. Fantastic! They've just got even better! : D


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          08.02.2009 09:48
          Very helpful



          Good value if you can get them on offer, really tasty selection.

          Sent out yesterday to get some munchies for sitting in front of a DVD with, my other half came back with a half price box of Terry's All Gold, the milk chocolate variety. Ooh! I love boxed chocolates because of the selection, and Terry's rally are very good, as there's only one toffee variation (which is still in the box - anyone?) and some very good praline choices, plus THE NICEST strawberry cream in the entire chocolate world.
          So, first things first - the box. The outside is gold, with such a pretty gold and blue embossed swirling pattern, it looks lovely and so would make a great present. On opening, the chocolates are in two layers on gold trays, with pictures detailing which one is which. This is good - there are proper descriptions, and as it is on the inside of the box, no tiny scrap of paper to lose. There are 12 choices of flavour, and you get four of most chocolates, two each of the chocolate disc and the Roasted Nut Harvest.

          Now, the chocolates. My favourites are:

          Roasted Nut Harvest - the mixture of deep nutty praline with the sweet and milky white chocolate is so delicious, a really lovely mix of flavours. 9/10

          Vanilla Flourish - very soft, fluid fudge with a creamy vanilla taste and none of the overly sweet aftertaste that fudge so often gives. Doesn't clog up your mouth and throat either. 8/10

          Hazelnut Gold - classic hazelnut in caramel, but very, very good caramel, very rich taste. 8/10

          Praline Starlet - Praline! So good! Really smooth and tasty, 9/10

          Strawberry Bloom - this is a perfect strawberry sweet. It has plenty of strawberry filling but tastes - wait for it - like actual strawberries, it even has real strawberries in. So it's not overly sweet, sticky strawberry cream strawberry like in Roses or Quality street, but perfect, expensive tasting strawberry fondant. I gobble two of these first, then save the other two til last. 10/10!

          I really enjoyed this box of chocolates, as did my other half. Obviously they're not an everyday treat (and we both felt a bit sick by the end of it!) but as a treat they're really tasty and taste much better quality than your usual selection boxes or tins.


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          12.01.2009 16:35
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          An enjoyable box of chocolates.

          I was given a box Terry's All Gold dark chocolates for Christmas. The box is fairly small and gold with shiny gold flowers, birds and other decorations on.

          I don't normally like dark chocolate but I decided to try the chocolates anyway.

          There is one tray inside the box containing 22 average sized chocolates in 12 different types. The dark chocolate contains a minimum of 43% cocoa solids.

          The chocolates themselves are in different shapes in the tray but they are plain without any decorations added to them.

          I was surprised by these chocolates and actually really enjoyed them.

          The different types in the box are: Vanilla Flourish, Hazelnut in Gold, Honeycomb Jewel, Terry's Hallmark, Caramel Nectar, Midnight Praline, Roasted Nut Harvest, Orange Blossom, Cappuccino Intrigue, Amber Toffee, Burnished Nut Brulee and

          Strawberry Bloom. Inside the lid it shows a picture of each of the chocolates and says what is inside them.

          So there were a few caramel and fruit ones in the box which are my favourite.

          I found these an enjoyable small box of chocolates. They definitely aren't the best I have ever tasted but I would eat them again.


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            29.12.2008 11:00
            Very helpful



            My favourite box of chocs

            I think it is very difficult to find a box of chocolates where all the chocolates are yummy. I personally do not like hard or chewy chocolates. I love soft centres, nuts and pralines. This is where Terry's 'All Gold' is a hit with me. I can honestly say that I enjoy nearly every single chocolate in the box. They are nearly all soft centred and taste delicious.

            The very attractive gold coloured box of Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolates I was given for Christmas contained 21 chocolates with 12 different types of chocolate.

            There is 'Terry's Hallmark' which is simply a smooth round solid chocolate. Then there is the 'Honeycomb Jewel' which contains honeycomb flavour pieces.

            The 'Vanilla Flourish' has a luuscious vanilla fudge centre. If you like caramel then the 'Caramel Nectar' is for you. It contains golden caramel wrapped in chocolate.

            For those who like a nut in their caramel there is the 'Hazelnut In Gold'. The 'Orange Blossom' is shaped like a chocolate orange segment. The 'Burnished Nut Brule' contains a golden roasted hazelnut praline - Very similar to the one above, just covered in milk chocolate rather then white chocolate. If you like white chocolate and nuts there is the 'Roasted Nut Harvest' which is a hazelnut praline covered in smooth white chocolate.

            The 'Strawberry Bloom' has real strawberry pieces within a sweet strawberry fondant. My favourite is the 'Praline Star' which is shaped like a starlet and contains smooth praline. Another of my favourites is the 'Truffle Intrigue'. It is shell shaped and is a creamy milk chocolate truffle. And, finally, there is the 'Amber Toffee' whch is a quite firm toffee covered in chocolate and is abit chewy - my least favourite!

            The ingredients in the chocolates are - sugar, cocoa butter, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, vegatable fat, milk fat, glucose, syrup, lactose, hazelnuts, emulsifiers (soya lecithin,E476),stabalisers (sorbitol, invertase), almonds, strawberries, salt, ethanol,honey, raisins,egg white, egg yolk, cornflakes, barley, coconut, raspberries, Invertase)

            **Nutritional Information**

            Per 30g.
            Protein 1.4 g
            sugars 16.0 g
            Fat 4.2 g
            Sat Fat 5.0 g
            Fibre 0.5 g
            Salt 0.03 g

            Overall I can highly recommend these chocolates as a gift for those who do not like / cannot chew harder chocolates. I much prefer them to the other well known brand - 'Milk Tray'!

            The only downside for me is that although they have 12 different chocolates the box only contains 21 chocolates. It would be much better if the box contained 2 of each variety!


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              29.12.2008 00:59
              Very helpful



              A delicious box of chocolates!

              I think the best bit of Christmas has to be the massive amount of chocolates that we receive and you can eat them all without being judged (well hopefully!) Terry's All Gold - Milk Chocolates is a fabulous little box of chocolates, especially for those who prefer to stay away from those really chewy sweets (like the bog toffee coins in quality street boxes, yuck). My review is going to go through all the chocolates featured in this box and the price and availability of the box.

              The Chocolates

              The box contains 12 varieties of chocolates. Some do taste quite samey, but delicious all the same!

              1) Terry's Hallmark - A round flat piece of chocolate, no filling of any sort. Enjoyable even if it is a bit on the plain side!

              2) Orange Blossom - I do prefer an orange cream rather than this. This little choc is shaped like an orange segment, it is not overly tangy or orangey. Not as strong tasting as the original chocolate orange which is what I expected as they are both produced by Terry's.

              3) Honeycomb Jewel - A delicious little chocolate piece, although there is only a small amount of honeycomb goodness in it which is a bit disappointing as these are usually my favourite.

              4) Roasted Nut Harvest - Love these because they are covered in white chocolate! However a bit disappointing to find the box (one single tray) only contained one of them.

              5) Burnished Nut Brule - Very similar to the one above, just covered in milk chocolate rather then white chocolate.

              6) Strawberry Bloom - My favourite. Delicious strawberry fondant covered in milk chocolate. A bit different from other strawberry sweets in other boxes of sweeties (like roses and quality streets) as it contains real strawberry pieces making it that little bit more tangy J nice one!

              7) Hazelnut In Gold - A whole hazel nut surrounded by delicious caramel, kind of resembles the big purple one as featured in quality streets, but smaller and I would probably have to say nicer!

              8) Caramel Nectar - Similar to the one above minus the hazelnut!

              9) Vanilla Flourish - Very very tasty. A smooth vanilla fudge type filling, very soft and pretty yummy.

              10) Praline Star - Very similar to the burnished nut brulee and the roasted nut harvest. Not much difference at all really.

              11) Truffle Intrigue - Standard truffle sweetie shaped like a star, nothing overly original about this one!

              12) Amber Toffee - Last but not least, the amber toffee is just that. A fudgey/toffee square covered in chocolate. Similar to a Cadbury fudge.

              Price and Availability

              Available in most shops for under a fiver! Available in large boxes which contains two sheets of chocolates (24 chocs) or in smaller boxes which contain one sheet of chocolate (12 chocs).


              Worth giving a little try, are quite samey that is probably the only downside. However they have to be my favourite as there is no coffee and no hard toffee, yippee!!

              I am hungry now!


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              07.09.2008 15:36
              Very helpful



              Will power required with this product

              Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolates.

              A 450 g box containing 44 Heavenly chocolates in a attractive Golden box.
              Presented in a double layer of 22 chocolates per layer.
              The shiny outer film wrapped covering is, for a change, easy to remove.
              When you open the lid, the smell is De-lish!
              Chocolates inside are;

              Hazelnut in Gold.
              Soft caramel eleganly enrobes a whole hazelnut.
              Soft and Crunchy at the same time.

              Honeycomb Jewel
              Honeycomb flavoured pieces within an island of milk chocolate
              Melt in the mouth honeycombs.

              Vanilla Flourish
              A Vanilla fudge centre covered by milk chocolate
              Solid and long to melt in the mouth.

              Terry's Hallmark
              A round flat smooth, pure and delicious milk choc disk.
              Their Hallmark Chocolate.

              Caramel Nectar
              Georgeous golden caramel wrapped in milk chocolate.
              Another long lasting chocolate.

              Roasted Nut Harvest
              A hazelnot praline dipped in delish white chocolate.
              Crunchy white chocolate.

              Praline Starlet
              A smooth velvety praline churned of luxurious milk chocolate.
              Soft and very tasty.

              Orange Blossom
              An orange nectar centre covered in milk chocolate.
              Georgeous orange chocolate.

              Truffle Intrigue
              A creamy smooth milk chocolate truffle.
              Soft and delish truffle.

              Amber Toffee
              A sweet golden toffee inside milk chocolate.
              A chewy toffee chocolate.

              Burnished Nut Brulee
              A golden roasted hazelnut dipped in milk chocolate.
              A Crunchy chocolate

              Strawberry Bloom
              Real strawberry pieces embeded in a sweet strawberry fondant.
              Melt in the mouth chocolate.

              These chocolates are by far the most georgeous chocs I have ever tasted.
              Unfortunately you will have to show restraint and will power!
              My wife and I managed to get them to last 4 weeks, not easy.
              I HIGHLY recommend them.
              The box and the chocs look special and the taste is Mmmm.........

              Cocoa Butter
              Skimmed milk
              Vegatable fat
              Emulsifiers - E476
              Corn Flakes
              Egg whites
              Egg yolk

              Per 30g.
              Protein 1.4 g
              sugars 16.0 g
              Fat 4.2 g
              Sat Fat 5.0 g
              Fibre 0.5 g
              Salt 0.03 g

              This product DEFINITELY CONTAINS NUTS !!

              ISBN - 7622400951237
              Cost - £5.99



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                05.09.2006 16:58
                Very helpful



                Not the best of the bunch. mainly toffee and fudge, just disguised with different names.

                I don’t get many boxes of chocs these days and to be honest that is not such a bad thing, as I would have to eat them. It’s not that I dislike chocolate, but the manufacturers do insist on adding calories to all their makes.

                So resist the chocolate I must, but a bargain is a different matter. When Woolworth’s were offering a 450g box of Terry’s All Gold dark chocolates, normally retailing at around £5, for just £2.49, how could I resist.

                Dark chocolate is my favourite of the varieties. This has some advantages. Firstly is the health benefits….

                ~Dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa than other forms of chocolate. It also contains something called Flavonoids. Flavoniods keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries. So far so good, but obviously it still contains lots of calories. This is the other thing I like,

                ~I find dark chocolate a liitle more sickly than the others, even though I prefer the taste. But it means I will only have a little of it, rather than perhaps indulging in a whole bar.

                So, a month on, and having that Chocolate craving, out came the box of chocs. Off came the cellophane, and the top pinged open. I later found a small flap that pulls down to enable you to close it firmly after.

                The box itself is very pretty. Gold in cloour with golden embossings of flowers, butterflies and all things celebratory. On the underside of the lid is a guide to all the chocolates, with a short description of each. This box has two layers and around an equal amount (4) of each type. With the exception of the hallmark chocoalte, that is placed in the centre of both trays.

                On the back you will find all the nutritional info, including ingredients and calorie content. I noticed that Cherries, Coconuts, raisins and raspberries are listed, but have failed to work out which chocolate they were in.Warnings are given regarding nuts and wheat, so not suitable for those with allergies.They also kindly tell you the amount of calories you should be consuming per day. At approxiamtely 52 calories per choc, a woman could happily munch away on 36 chocolates and a man could devour the whole box. Not that I would recommend it!

                Going back into the box I check out the various types. There does not seem to be much variety, many have nuts, and even with different names and shapes, sound very similar.

                So I sit down, and start munching away, and here is my results.

                ~~The chocs~~
                *Midnight praline.* This star shaped chocolate has a whole roasted hazelnut set in praline. The soft praline had quite a strong flavour, and so does dark chocolate. Together these made it very hard to detect the taste of the hazelnut which aren’t strong at the best of times.

                *Honeycomb jewel* This chocolate is rectangular. It has a Thick base, which is the first thing I noticed when I bit into it. Again the inner is praline but this time with little bits of honeycomb. I could feel the slight crunch and texture in my mouth but try as I might I could not detect a honeycomb flavour.

                *Terrys hallmark* This is simply a small flat circle of Pure dark chocolate. And that is exactly what it tastes like.

                *Orange blossom* I love orange chocolates, especially in dark chocolate, so was quite excited about this crescent shaped one. But was very disappointed to find that there was no fondant as I had expected, but just orange flavoured praline. Even then, it was only a hint. Not a patch on the famous Terry’s oranges.

                *Caramel Nectar* The box describes this as golden caramel melting beneath a dark exterior. It was in fact a runny liquid, with a slight honey taste.

                *Vanilla flourish* A leaf shaped chocolate promising a luxurious vanilla fudge centre. It was not as expected; the fudge was quite soft, not at all like I recall fudge. However it did have quite a strong flavour which was very pleasant and for once over rode the bitterness from the cocoa.

                *Strawberry bloom* Again I was expecting a fondant, but found a Soft runny liquid. On first nibble I got a very strong strawberry taste which was really nice. This oval shaped sweet was meant to contain real strawberry pieces, but they must have been liquidised as I saw no sign of them.

                *Hazelnut in Gold* A square shaped chocolate with a soft caramel filling surrounding a hazelnut. The caramel thicker this time, but still the strong honey taste. The hazelnut too was larger than the last but left me with a strange taste in my mouth which I presumed was the brown outer of the nut.

                *Roasted nut harvest*More nut! This time a strong nutty flavour in smooth praline. No bits in the praline, but certainly the taste was there.

                *Cappuccino Intrigue* A shell shaped sweet with a strong coffee truffle. But coffee, not cappuccino!

                *Burnished nut brulee* This round choc is very similar to roasted nut harvest, but this time contains bigger chunks of nut. Again though, a disappointing flavour.

                *Amber Toffee*, Containing soft toffee, which was more like fudge, and hardly firm like the description gave.

                ~~Finally Verdict~~
                Well now I know why Woolworths were virtually giving them away. Hardly any flavour and most the same but with different names. I am not keen on praline nor on truffles so really not for me. Looks like hubby will get a look in with this box.

                Not one I will be buying again.


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                  12.12.2005 19:02
                  Very helpful



                  Boxed Chocolates

                  Being a bit of a chocoholic and a bit excited kid who can't wait to open their Christmas presents, I'm sitting with a box of Terry's All Gold in front of me right now that a friend gave me.

                  To be honest, the box has taken me aback a bit...I can't remember it ever looking like this, but it is gold with a vine like design all over it...not that that really matters much 'cause I'm just wanting to scoff the chocs!

                  So what about the chocs?

                  Well smack bang in the middle is the Terry's Hallmark. This is just plain chocolate and isn't very exciting. The Terry's chocolate isn't all that nice on its own, either, but still, its chocolate just the same.

                  The next choc I try is the Honeycomb Jewel with is surprising. It is like a chocolate truffle with little bits of honeycomb within the filling and is very sweet and tasty, but slightly sickly...I feel like I need to take a drink of water once I've downed it!

                  Hazlenut in Gold comes next...a familiar format of a cube of milk choc with smooth caramel and a hazlenut inside. This was nicer than other makes of chocolate. The chocolate made a nice, snappy sound when I bit into it and it wasn't too sweet.

                  The next one I popped into my big greedy gob is the Vanilla Flourish which is shaped and patterned like a leaf. I wasn't too keen on this. In texture it felt like the centre was caramel and although I usually like vanilla, the flavour was way too strong for my tastes...I'm still screwing my face up a few minutes after I've eat that one and the taste is lingering.

                  Caramel Nectar comes next and this is much like the Hazlenut in Gold but without the nut. It is actually much sweeter without the nut to dull the taste a bit and is a bit too sweet for me, but has the same satisfying crack when you bite down on the chocolate.

                  The Praline Starlet came next. I wasn't expecting to find a nut in the middle, but it was a nice addition!

                  The Truffle Intrigue comes next, which is a bit too sickly for me, but is much the same as you'd expect to find in any of these sorts of boxes of chocolates.

                  The Amber Toffee was a huge disappointment. I'd expected a hard toffee, but it was a soft filling, more like a fudge than a toffee and it got stuck to my teeth. Not a very enjoyable one.

                  The Burnished Nut Brulee is nice. It is praline with little pieces of chopped up nuts covered in chocolate and was very nutty...just the way I like my chocs!

                  The Orange Blossom and Strawberry Bloom I gave a wideberth as these aren't chocolates that I'm ever very fond of...I always find them too sickly, but I expect they taste much like similar chocs you find in any boxes of chocolates.

                  The Roasted Nut Harvest was another disappointment. It is the only white chocolate in the box and I will admit I'm not a big white chocolate fan, but I do like nuts so gave it a go. The filling was quite similar to the Burnished Nut Brulee, but without the chopped nuts, but the white chocolate made it far too sickly in my opinion!

                  However, 100g of these will set you back quite a few calories. The nutritional info. is as follows:
                  Energy 2195kJ/525Kcal
                  Protein 4.8g
                  Carbohydrates 58g
                  of which sugars 54g
                  Fat 30.5g
                  of which saturates 16.5g
                  Fibre 1.5g
                  Sodium 0.1g

                  They are manufactured by Kraft and comes in Milk or Plain selections (the one I've reviewed is the Milk) and are usually available for a few quid.

                  Personally, I prefer these to other brands of chocolates such as Milk Tray, although a few of the chocs are unpleasantly sickly.


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