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Terry's Caramel Bite bar

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4 Reviews

Brand: Terry's / Type: Caramel

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    4 Reviews
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      28.02.2010 18:46
      Very helpful



      Distinctly average, and not worth sweating to search out

      This is a bar I've meant to review for a while now, but haven't got around to writing about, is Terry's Caramel Bite. This, as we all know, is a Kraft brand, and they did not endear themselves to anyone by closing down Terry's York factory a few years ago and moving production to other European factories. I won't mark the bar down for that, but considering it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth (and considering also what's happened to Cadbury) I feel that I might almost be justified in doing so.

      The Caramel Bite does not seem to be all that easy to find. It comes and goes a bit: a couple of years ago it seemed to be appearing in a few more shops, but now it's almost disappeared again; I really don't know why. I picked up mine in a local discount shop for 49p, and I wouldn't expect it to cost too much more than that anywhere else. It's a fairly hefty bar by modern standards, tipping the scales at 56 grams, so you're getting a reasonable chunk of choc for your money.

      Actually, you're getting two chunks. As the picture on the wrapper suggests, the chocolate inside is divided into two short and chunky bars held in a cardboard tray. I've never really forgiven Mars for ceasing to package Bounty bars like this (though the Americans still seem to be keen on their trays) so it was almost nostalgic to see how the Caramel Bite had done it. As far as nutrition information goes, this is not a veggie-friendly bar, and its 282 kcal per two-chunk pack is not particularly lightweight. 30% cocoa solids is high for a small high street bar, though 18% milk solids is ordinary.

      The wrapper design itself isn't one of my favourites: somehow it looks a bit old-fashioned, like something from the 1980s. Of course, as I've just mentioned with regard to the Bounty, old-fashioned isn't always bad, but here it looks as though Terry's haven't really bothered very much; let's face it, how many people could name one of their products other than the Chocolate Orange and - perhaps - All Gold? I do wonder whether the immense success of the Orange in particular has left Terry's other bars a bit neglected.

      Anyway, back to the Caramel Bite itself, and actually it's not bad at all. If anyone remembers the short-lived Cadbury Fuse (I still rather miss that) or the similar and also defunct Nestlé Maverick, it's a bit like those bars used to be, though not as interesting. I would certainly suggest that the Caramel Bite would have benefited from the inclusion of raisins. The texture is very good, though, and it does feel pretty satisfying to sink your teeth into the bar, especially given the aforementioned chunky feel.

      The chocolate itself felt rather secondary to the texture - rather as tends to be the case with Nestlé bars such as Kit Kats, Terry's seem to be less interested in that than in the chewiness, and the chocolate layer was noticeably thin and frankly not all that impressive in terms of taste. The cereal was a bit perfunctory as well, actually. However, that excellent chewiness does lift the Caramel Bite enough to earn it a three-star rating. Not my favourite chocolate bar by any means, and not one I mind too much not being able to find often, but it's quite nice. Damning with faint praise there...


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        19.11.2009 23:00



        after a long afternoon of university I decided to trott along to the nearest vending machine and treat myself to a snack. the vending machine had quite obviously not been stacked for a while and so choices were slim. I spotted this terry's caramel bite bar and what with never having seen it before and being of an inquisitive nature I decided to buy it. I was dubious to say the least when I took my first bite..but I tell you the apprehension I was feeling did not last long and I had put it away in a matter of seconds. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon snack combining the best bits of a toffee crisp and a drifter. I will most certainly be having another in the near future.. infact maybe tomorrow.


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        22.07.2009 01:13
        Very helpful



        Tasty, rich, satisfiying chocolate bar.

        I actually read a review on this Terry's Caramel Bite chocolate bar and then spotted it in my local newsagent's for the princely sum of 49p, being a fan of Terry's chocolate and intrigued by this new bar, I decided to give it a go for myself.

        Terry's Caramel Bite~

        I must admit, I have looked at this bar quite a few times or should I say "glanced over it", before it was brought to my attention, I will enlighten you forthwith~

        The Packaging~
        Its awful, non descript, dull, unappealing and certainly nothing like the Terry's me and Dawn Love and trust.
        Infact it just looks like a cheap unbranded chocolate bar, you know the ones I mean, "Dolly's" or "Mick's" (no offence to any Dolly's or Mick's who may be reading this review) but you get my drift?

        It's a dull orange packet, with awful pictures of 2 very unappealing "lumps" of chocolate and 49p stuck in the corner.
        The bottom half is black and states~
        2 Bars of milk chocolate filled with crispy cereal, caramel & biscuit.

        The photo at the top of the page makes it look alot better than it actually does.

        Nutritional Info and Ingredients~
        Per 28g bar~ There are 2 bars in each packet.
        1.7g- Protein
        17g- Carbs
        12.5g- of which sugars
        7.2g- Fat
        3.9g- of which saturates
        0.5g- Fibre
        0.06g- Sodium*
        0.15g- *Equivalent as salt.

        Milk chocolate filled with caramel (24%), chocolate flavour biscuit (18%) and puffed rice(4%).

        All the usual ingredients with the addition of sweetened condensed milk, soya lecithin, Hazelnuts and malt extract from barley.
        May contain traces of other nuts.
        Cocoa solids 30% minimum
        Milk solids 18% minimum

        Made in the EU for Kraft Foods UK- 56g= 2x28g bars.

        How does it tase and smell?
        Upon opening, there isn't a strong chocolate smell, its a very sweet caramel aroma with a hint of chocolate and Im sure Ive got a hint of the puffed rice( like a rice krispies smell).
        The 2 bars are sat in a white cardboard tray, I presume to protect them in transit from somewhere in the EU.

        On tasting I like the bar, its a fairly thin coating of chocolate(not the highest grade) with crispy, puffs of rice, crunchy chocolate biscuit and a dollop of caramel in the middle, all told I like it.
        It's actually reminiscent of a "Double Decker" with out the chewy nougat layer.

        Did it state Hazelnuts in the ingredients? Well I can't taste anything that resembles a Hazelnut, theres no evidence this bar has ever come into contact with a Hazelnut, in my opinion.

        When buying an average chocolate bar ie Twix, Double Decker, Mars Bar, I would definitely buy it instead occasionally.

        I couldn't eat both bars in one sitting as I found them very rich and filling, so will have to save the second bar for another day.

        In my opinion its a rich tasting, filling chocolate bar on the same level as your average Twix, Double Decker that will fill a gap and offer you a change from our old favourites.

        What Im not impressed with is the totally "Naff" wrapper, this is what happens when our illustrious, grand old chocolate factories are sold, closed down, dismantled and shipped off to "Somewhere in the EU" whats that supposed to mean? Do they even know where it was made? Whats happened to- "Made in York with pride", hand crafted by chocolatiers?
        It makes my blood boil!

        We want shiny foil wrappers that glint in the dark shop corners jumping out shouting choose me, making you feel like you have treated yourself, bought something special.
        Not this dowdy, yucky orange and brown cheapo wrapper.

        There we have it a decent chocolate bar that needs its packaging revamping or its going to get sadly over looked, I bet you have all walked past one and not even noticed it!

        Available in newsagents if you can spot it lurking in a dark corner.

        How many stars do I award? This is tricky because I really like the bar, but hate the packaging with a passion, to be fair to the bars Ive got to give them 3 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review.

        I set you a challenge, go out and find one buy it, try it and let me know what you think. Answers on a postcard.....


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          16.07.2009 09:56
          Very helpful




          My other half often comes in with a bar of chocolate or packet of sweets hidden in his work bag for me. The choice of chocolate bar recently on offer was the 'Terry's Caramel Bite' bar. I had never seen it before and so was rather intrigued. Being the huge sweetie fan that I am, my other half was gob-smacked when I explained that this bar was new to me and I had never seen it, never mind tried it. (This then resulted in a bit of sulking from me, courtesy of the insinuation that I am a 'sweetie-holic!) Grrr... >:-o

          The bar comes in a light gold and orange coloured wrapper, with a brown stripe along the bottom. There is a picture of two of the 'bites' (these are basically small fun-sized bars I suppose, though without the individual wrapping) on the front of the wrapper. One bite has been cut in half so that you can see the filling.

          The filling appears to be a combination of a biscuit base and a caramel centre, and I am told as much from the wrapper. There is a price tag PRINTED on the wrapper stating 49p, and I feel that the bar is quite large in size - probably about the width of a 'Lion Bar' or something similar, but not as high.

          Anyway, upon opening the wrapper, I am aware of a little 'tray' made out of white card, upon which sits the two caramel 'bites'. Instantly this puts me in mind of a 'bounty bar' as it also comes in two convenient small halves of chocolate bar. I find that this is good for me, as sometimes a whole chocolate bar is too much in one sitting, and I often leave half for later - chocoholic or not! *smug smile* :-D

          Once I have removed once of the halves from the wrapper, I can see that it has a bit of a 'nobbly' texture which instantly puts me in mind of it being one of those chocolate bars within which there are lots of little cereal crispy bits within. The milk chocolate looks nice enough and is quite smooth. I would estimate that the little bar measures a little less than three inches in length.

          My first bite into the bar was one that could only be described as surprising. Instead of biting into what I had assumed to be puffs of cereal (similar to a toffee crisp or similar), the crispy bits in THIS bar seemed to be more biscuity in texture, and this meant that the whole bite was much more crunchy than I had expected.

          Looking at where I had bitten of a piece, I could see what was inside the chocolate bar in better detail; a base that was definitely biscuit (brown coloured), topped with a generous portion of chewy caramel-like filling.

          The whole thing was then covered in the chocolate coating, within which were little balls of biscuit - NOT cereal.

          My taste buds thus far confused, I continued to eat the rest of the little bar, and noted that it was very chewy. I found that the caramel, whilst nice and soft in texture, had a very sickly taste to it, and was overly sweet.

          I also found that the milk chocolate that covered the whole of the outside of the two little bars was of a rather poor quality and this did nothing to help the sickly taste of this bar. I also found that after eating it, I was left with a rather unpleasant after-taste, which I am putting down to the quality of the chocolate coating.

          The taste was most definitely one that was more akin to a chocolate biscuit than a bar of chocolate.

          I am horrified to inform you, dear dooyooers, that I was unable to finish off the rest of the little bar, and after only two bites, the remainder went in the bin! (This is rather unheard of in my house, I can tell you!) I found it to be far too sickly for my own tastes, and the overall taste was very rich indeed.

          I found it to be very disappointing and most definitely would not buy it again, nor would I recommend it. It would appear to me that 'Terry's' have tried to produce their own version of a 'Lion bar' or a 'Toffee crisp bar' and have, quite frankly, failed in doing so.

          The nutritional information for those of you who are interested in knowing, informs me that each 28g bar will provide me with 141 calories, and 7.2g of fat. The packaging also informs me that the bar may contain traces of nuts, so anybody who has allergies to certain foods might find that this bar is unsuitable for their diet.

          All in all, I would only award this chocolate bar one star. I would advise that you stay clear of it and don't waste your money. Buy a different chocolate bar altogether dear dooyooers, and your taste buds will not suffer!

          A very poor offering indeed!


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