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Terry's Chocolate Orange Cracking Hazelnut

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Brand: Terrys / Type: Orange

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    5 Reviews
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      06.10.2009 23:14
      Very helpful



      Wicked Chocolate, I Hope It Won't Be Discontinued As I've Got A Funny Feeling About It

      oThe shop round the corner has been selling some of these Chocolate Orange bars for 20p each this week because they're going out of date in a couple of weeks, I brought £2.00 worth yesterday because I love them so much and haven't seen them anywhere else.

      This is the Cracking Hazelnut variety and I am reviewing the bar and not the big ball, but they are the same because I have had both it's just the segments on the ball are a bit bigger but not so thick.

      The chocolate is hazelnut flavoured but you can still taste the orange in it and the creamy taste of the milk chocolate is there buried under all the other flavours. There are loads of tiny bits of hazelnut in it and they must be caramelised because they've got a bit of a sugary crunchy texture when you bite them and because they are so small they do give the affect of the chocolate bar crackling a bit when you bite it.

      The orange flavour isn't as strong as in the other bars because the hazelnut covers it up a bit but you can still taste it and the 2 flavours go together loads better than you might think. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, it doesn't melt in your mouth like other chocolate but I don't think any of the Chocolate Oranges bars melt very well even though they are wicked melted in the microwave and poured over fairy cakes.

      I absolutly love these Cracking Hazelnut bars and hope they're not being discontinued because the hazelnut flavour makes them so delish and unusual that I can't find anything else to replace it with. In my opinion these bars are loads more interesting than the plain orange bars because even though Chocolate Orange is yummy I think it gets a bit boring with every mouth full being so strong with the orange flavour and having a nutty one is a lovely change.


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        05.08.2009 14:35
        Very helpful
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        A nice chocolate bar!!

        Why is it I can't say no to cheap chocolate? I only popped into Home Bargains today to get some cheap chewing gum to take on my hols and there starring at me was a bar of Chocolate Orange with hazelnut, RRP 42p begging me to buy it for a mere 15p. Is there anybody out there who could turn down this great offer? So I threw in one to my basket, okay it was 5 but that is between me and you;-)

        Well the wrapper is yellow with orange and brown writing with the RRP in the corner.

        So what did I think of my 15p buy. It was fantastic, and to be honest I'd have paid the RRP for it. Upon opening the packet you got the distinct smell of Terry's Orange. And what a lovely smell it is. You then find that the bar is split into orange segments, which can be easily shared, as I found to my disgust:-) In the orange you will see and taste bits of hazelnut. They aren't too big and give the chocolate that extra edge. I really did enjoy the experience.

        Well what about the calories I hear you ask. Well you are looking at about 215 kcal according to the packet. Also 3.0g of Protein, 22.5g of Carbohydrate and 12.0g of Fat. So not a healthy chocolate bar - but I guess not the unhealthiest either.


        Skimmed Milk Powder
        Cocoa Butter
        Cocoa Mass
        Milk Fat
        Caramelised Hazelnuts (Hazelnuts, Sugar)
        Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin)
        Orange Oil
        Milk Chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 25% minimum, Milk Solids 20% minimum.

        It also says that the bar contains milk, hazelnuts, soya. May also contain traces of other nuts.

        Suitable for Vegetarians.

        A really satisying bar and a nice change, so I recommend this Budget (I mean chocolate bar) to the house!! Here Here!!


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          18.07.2009 23:15
          Very helpful



          Lovely chocolate, orange with hazelnuts, but alas it's too sweet.

          Thought I would do a review of Terry's Chocolate Orange Cracking Hazelnut.
          Funny how you can't say "Terry's Chocolate Orange" without hearing Dawn French say, "It's not Terry's its mine!" Oh the power of advertising.
          Anyways on with me review.

          A few little facts that suprised me and I thought I would share with you in case you didn't know either-
          Terry's was one of our grand chocolate making establishments in York from 1823 when John Terry took over the business.
          He gave it a bold and adventurous reputation by making chocolate lozenges with comments such as "Do you flirt?" stamped on them, quite forward thinking for 1823 don't you think?

          In 1926 he launched Terry's Chocolate Apple which became a big seller, until 1954 Terry's Chocolate Orange(billed as the Apple's sidekick) was brought out and became an instant hit.
          Every chocolate orange contains 22 cocoa beans.
          It has enjoyed one of the most successful ad campaigns ever with Dawn French I think it helps when you have someone who appears to Love chocolate rather than someone who appears afraid of touching the wrapper incase some of the calories transfer onto her fingers.

          Well I wouldn't have believed chocolate orange has been round all those years, I thought it was relatively new. Wonder what the apple was like, can't imagine chocolate and apple it sounds weird.

          Terry's Chocolate Orange Crackling Hazelnut-
          I am reviewing the 40g bar which is exactly the same product only a different shape.
          Bright yellow and orange wrapper with brown edges and a small picture of a chocolate orange on it.
          It states- Terry's chocolate Orange cracking hazelnut-
          "Milk chocolate bar flavoured with hazelnut flavouring and real orange with caramelised hazelnut pieces(6%)
          Usual list of ingredients...
          Milk chocolate contains Cocoa solids 25% min

          Warning- contains- milk, hazelnuts(wouldn't have known that), soya, and may contain traces of other nuts.
          Suitable for vegetarians.
          40g bar= 215 kcal
          Fat= 12.0g
          Price approx 42p, but I got mine for 15p from good old quality save. What a bargain.

          Taste and Smell-
          I can actually smell the chocolate through the wrapper.
          Upon opening Im greeted by a lovely strong chocolate and orange aroma, reminds me of orange matchsticks when you open the box.
          The chocolate is creamy and fairly orangey.
          There is alot of tiny hazelnut pieces and you get the crunch of the sugar coating thats on the hazelnuts, which makes it a little sweet for my taste, would have been better just hazelnuts without the sugar I feel.
          Its definitely reminiscent of Matchmakers because of the sugar coating.

          Overall opinion-
          The wrappers lovely, very eye catching with its colours.
          Chocolate creamy, strong orange flavour, quite strong hazelnut flavour, just a tad spoilt by the sugar coating making it all too sweet, shame really it would have got 5 chocolate, orange hazelnut stars, but alas I can only award 3 minus the sugar coating.

          Milk Chocolate, Plain Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dazzling Dark Mint, Cosmic Toffee Crunch and Snowball.
          You can also purchase a "tub" of mixed chocolate orange segments in most varieties in the supermarkets usually around Christmas time.

          Extra Snippet-
          Sadly, Terry's closed down and left our chocolate capital York in September 2005 leaving only Nestle, Rowntree to keep up the tradition.
          Terry's now owned by Kraft Food took production to Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Slovakia.
          Thats really sad to me I Loved the thought of all our little chocolate factories churning out tonnes of chocolate in York and now it isn't so, oh how things change.


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            09.01.2009 14:37
            Very helpful



            One of the more disappointing special editions, but Chocolate Oranges are always delicious!

            Every year, without fail, my brother and I each receive a Terry's Chocolate Orange from a friend of our mum's who pops round at Christmas. She usually buys the new version for that year, so I knew that this year I was going to be trying the hazelnut version and was quite looking forward to it.

            Like all the of the varieties, the 175g "orange" come wrapped in foil and you are instructed to "tap and unwrap". This is always an enjoyable part of the process for me. It's noisy. I like making noise. Plus if you tap it enough to break the segments apart, but not quite enough to smash it to smithereens, you end up with that wonderful orange core.

            If you haven't eaten a chocolate orange before, boy are you missing out. They are orange-shaped (although you can buy bars now, which resemble several segments lying next to each other) and the outside is textured to resemble peel. The standard are milk or dark chocolate with orange flavouring, although there have been a number of special editions, including white chocolate (surpisingly good - that was last year's!) and mint (not even orangey at all).

            So here we have the hazelnut. I like hazelnut, I like chocolate orange, so I was expecting big things. And tasty as it was, I can't help feeling disappointed for the lack of nuts. The chocolate is strangely undecided - not sweet and milky enough to be milk chocolate, not bitter enough for dark, and with the lovely orange flavour you would expect from a Chocolate Orange. I actually really enjoyed the chocolate itself.

            The hazelnuts in question, however, were so miniscule and rare that I barely even noticed they were in at all! I hadn't been expecting chunks of nut, because that would make shaping it in segments quite difficult I would imagine, but it was hard to distinguish that it was even nut, let alone hazelnut! To me it tasted just crispy.

            I find it easy to get carried away with Chocolate Oranges ("just one more segment!") and despite not being too nutty, I managed to devour about half in one sitting. Which by the way is not advised because they can get a bit sickly. Then I looked at the nutrition info. It didn't make for happy reading.

            Per 100g (which is just over half of the orange) there are 535 calories and a whopping 31g fat!! Fortunately I ate this when I had been ill with flu and not really eating too much of anything else for a couple of days prior - I sometimes don't even manage 31g fat in an entire day normally, let alone for a treat!

            You can pick up this new edition for around the £2 mark in most supermarkets or larger newsagents, and they are often subject to some kind of offer. If you like Chocolate Oranges, I would recommend you try them, but don't be disappointed by the lack of bits!


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              29.12.2008 14:44
              Very helpful



              Another great chocolate orange from Terry's

              When we were in town a couple of days ago we saw that our branch of Woolworths was due to close the following day and the prices had been reduced by 60% so we popped in for a look round the few things that were left. I must admit we did both feel rather uncomfortable; it was like vultures picking the last bits off a carcass - very sad.

              Anyway we took a look round and amongst the last bits and pieces we found some Terry's Chocolate Oranges Cracking Hazelnut. They were reduced from £2.50 to just £1 each so we got one for ourselves and one to put in my sister's Christmas present - no, I'm not shopping for next Christmas! My sister always comes to visit at New Year and we exchange presents then!

              The cardboard box is the same size and dimensions as the standard Terry's Chocolate Orange as is the 'orange' inside. The box itself is yellow with orange writing and a hole through which you can see the foil wrapped contents.

              So to get at the chocolate you just open the box, remove the wrapped orange, tap it and unwrap it and the segments fall in a neat circle ready to eat right? Wrong - tapping it isn't going to get you anywhere! It needs a good whack to get it to separate! Not that I am complaining you understand just making a point.

              The orange eventually falls into 20 separate segments so that you can eat as much or as little as you like and save some for another day. Yeah right! Hubby and I got stuck in and soon devoured the lot in one sitting with no problems at all!

              The taste is basically the same as the standard chocolate orange but with hazelnut where the orange would be. Each segment is made of creamy milk chocolate with crunchy bits of hazelnut sprinkled through it. The taste is really nice especially if like me you love hazelnuts. For preference I would rather have Cadburys Milk Chocolate but I find that the chocolate oranges in both this and the standard flavour are very nice for a change.

              The nutritional value per 100g (12 segments)
              Calories 535 (ouch!)
              Protein 7.5g
              Carbohydrate 55.5g
              Of which sugars 55.0g
              Fat 31g
              Of which saturates 17.0g
              Fibre 2.3g
              Salt 0.23g

              The packaging can of course all be recycled.

              So there you are another hit from Terry's but, having seen how many calories there are in it, I think it should be kept for an occasional treat!


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