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Terry's Chocolate Orange - Dark

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Brand: Terrys / Type: Orange

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    3 Reviews
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      28.01.2010 16:03
      Very helpful



      Lets hope I dont get one next xmas

      Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark.....

      Why is it that everyone thinks it is a Christmas tradition that you should buy one of these for everyone as a present! I seemed to end up with around 6 of these Chocolate Oranges in one flavour or another this year and to be brutally honest I am not really that keen on them!

      I think this, Dark Chocolate Orange one has to be my least favourite and funnily enough was the one that I ended getting two of!! However I have today bought it into work so that I could seem generous in sharing it with my work colleagues. Little do they know it is a ploy to off load my unwanted chocolate and to plump them all up a little too!

      We successfully managed to polish off the whole of the Chocolate Orange in out tea break which is officially 15 minutes but ended up nearly reaching the half an hour mark! They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Chocolate Orange but I am unsure whether it was the sweet taste of a free treat or indeed the chocolate itself. I personally had to show willing and popped a couple of segments into my mouth.

      I had taken the chocolate orange out of the cardboard box and plastic wrapping that it comes in (terrible lot of waste!) so that it stored better in my cupboards at home so I was only bringing in a ball shaped treat in my handbag and after the obligatory whack and unwrap we were all scoffing the choc!

      There are a good number of segments that make up the Chocolate Orange so it is a good item for sharing around. The segment sizes are good so you feel you are getting a nice hit of chocolate with each mouthful. The orange flavour is very strong and seems to be even stronger when it is combined with the taste of the darker chocolate. This maybe because it is not as sweet as the standard milk chocolate but to me the orange is at the forefront of the flavour.

      The suckability factor of the chocolate is reduced because of it being dark chocolate it tastes a lot longer to melt and to me this is jut not as enjoyable as a creamy milk chocolate treat. As you can guess I am not a great lover of dark chocolate and will only really eat it in emergencies. Also I am not too keen on the orange flavour in the chocolate but considering it is a dark chocolate orange I knew what I was letting myself in for.

      Overall I would say that the Dark Chocolate Orange is not really for me (so friends/family/colleagues - please remember this for next Christmas!). They are however reasonable price for money as they can often be found at £1 each around Christmas time or 3 for £5 and the like. So foe the price you pay you do get a lot of good quality chocolate for your money. I would say that I do prefer the other flavours of the Chocolate Orange but on the whole they are not for me which is why I am only awarding a 1/5 star rating and no recommendation I am afraid. Give me a Toblerone any day!

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope this has been of some help/interest to you.


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        28.11.2009 19:09
        Very helpful



        A Delish Change From The Milk Chocolate Chocolate Orange

        We always have loads of Chocolate Oranges over Xmas and because my mum had a brilliant deal on some (in Argos of all places! lol) we decided to share one last night. We had a dark chocolate one but you can also buy them in milk chocolate, white chocolate and even a popping candy Chocolate Orange!

        When you come to eat this chocolate you have to take it out of the box and with the foil wrapper still on slam it onto a hard surface, this will loosen all the segments so you can just dig in instead of trying to get the chocolate off the main ball with your nails.

        This chocolate is sooooo yummy, I think the flavour of the orange goes a lot better with dark chocolate than it does with the milk chocolate and it makes the Orange taste a lot more grown up and special.

        The segments of chocolate are mega smooth and creamy, I love popping a segment in my mouth and letting it melt as much as possible so that they last for ages and I'm never without the yummy taste of dark chocolate and orange.

        The dark chocolate is very good quality I think and has got that gorgeous bitter sweet flavour that all good dark chocolate has got. It's hard to compare it to other brands of dark chocolate because of the orange flavour but I'd say it's like a mixture of Bournville and Green And Blacks - it really is that good!

        The segments of chocolate are quite thin so they melt proper nice, or you can be a pig like me and put 2 in your mouth at a time to get a real chocolate orange overload.

        If you don't want a full sized Chocolate Orange you can also buy these dark ones in the individual bars, in these you get 5 or 6 segments and they taste exactly the same as the balls of chocolate only you won't add so much lard to your waistline! lol


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        15.10.2009 07:40
        Very helpful



        See review.

        As it is nearly that time of the year again, there are a few things that only appear at Christmas, not because they are a seasonal item, but more because Christmas is the only time of year I don't diet!

        The product I will now review is - "Terry's chocolate orange - dark"

        As with the other flavours and varieties in this range, all the chocolate oranges come wrapped in foil, then housed within a plastic sleeve, then inserted into a cardboard box, this is all to stop the orange segments becoming separated before un wrapping. Al this packaging is slightly unnecessary, as every time I have tried to do the "tap and unwrap" method of opening, the bloody thing is rock solid and I end up prising it open with a knife!

        As mentioned earlier these are usually treats at Christmas, with them being one of the things my mum buys us as stocking fillers, but after doing a shop a couple of weeks ago, these were on offer at Asda, selling them for £1.00, it may not be the festive season yet, but it is always a haven for bargains, so of course I brought one.

        After removing the chocolate orange from it's burnt orange coloured foil wrap, you are faced with a dark chocolate orange, completed with marked out segments, even down to the pith (this is down to the chocolate being used to seal the slices together enough to resemble a full orange).
        The smell is incredible!
        There is the slightly bitter scented dark chocolate with a really heady and strong scent of citrusy orange , I have to say my mouth always waters before I even managed to get the damn thing apart!

        As mentioned earlier, I either haven't got the knack of "tap and unwrap" or I have only ever purchased faulty oranges, but it is rare that I get the orange to do what it does in the adverts, completely open!
        Once I have managed to prise one segment out, I find that the rest are much more willing to be released!

        The taste again is sublime! There is the undertone of the creamy, smooth and slightly bitter chocolate, the orange not so much offsets the chocolate flavour but enhances it. The taste of the chocolate becomes more intense when the orange is detected, I find I can't chew a segment, but am forced to suck slowly to get every last bit of flavour from the chocolate, once that has melted I simply start fresh with another!

        The nutritional information is as follows -
        Per 26g (3 segments),
        134 kcals,
        15.0g carbohydrates,
        14.5g of which sugars,
        7.7g fat,
        4.5g of which saturates

        The allergy advices states that this product may contain traces nuts and wheat protein.

        I have mentioned earlier what I paid for this, but full price these retail at around the £1.60 mark, even full price worth the cost, as these are much more than just a chocolate bar treat.

        For more information visit - www.cotedor.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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