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Terry's Chocolate Orange Tangy

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Brand: Terrys / Type: Orange

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2007 15:28
      Very helpful



      Great tasting chocolate

      Chocolate oranges are a real favourite of mine and ideally I would eat lots of the plain chocolate variety all year round. But a girl’s got to watch her figure so I’m relegated to only eating them when I get them as gifts. This Christmas my bloke bought me 3 – the milk chocolate one, the plain chocolate one and this new tangy one. Here’s what I thought of it.

      Some of the background details and variety information also appears in my review of the Minty one that was available last year.

      ***The Background***

      I always used to get an orange in my stocking at Christmas – I didn’t really like the fruit much back then so it was very lucky that mine were always made of chocolate. Since 1993 though Kraft Foods have been in charge of the Terry's products. It seems a bit strange to me that a cheese making company would end up selling various types of chocolate products but that is exactly what has happened here. Other brands in this company's repertoire are Kenco, Toblerone and Dime Bars. Unfortunately, the production site in York finally closed it's doors in the summer of 2005 and it was an end of an important era that had been around since the company first opened in 1767. Although the location has changed to Poland I can safely say that the taste of the chocolate orange is still as good as it always was and that it’s very nice to see that the company are willing to try out new products in the range.

      ***The Varieties***

      The first chocolate fruit that Terry's produced was actually a chocolate apple in the 1920's and it wasn't until the 1930's that the chocolate orange was born. As the orange got more popular the apple disappeared from the shelves in the early 1950's. In the 1980's a new lemon chocolate variety was introduced but this was never as popular and only lasted a couple of years. In more recent years things have started to change with the arrival of a couple of new flavours brought out at Christmas time to test the waters.

      The snowball is a white chocolate orange which is a little bit too sickly and sweet for my taste but then I've never been a big fan of white chocolate anyway.

      The mint chocolate orange sounds a bit disgusting until you realise that there isn't actually any orange flavouring in there at all and it's really just a minty milk chocolate ball. I got it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

      As well as the milk and plain chocolate orange shaped balls, you can also buy the bars of the chocolate orange, which consist of segments melted together in a line and boxes of Segsations, which have a variety of orangey tasting individually, wrapped segmented sweets.

      ***The Appearance and Taste***

      The box is very much like the original chocolate oranges – only this time it is a lovely warm yellowy colour. The first thing I do when I open the box is take the round ball out and immediately drop it on a hard floor from about 3 foot up. This may sound a bit daft but this is a sure fire way of splitting up the segments and makes it much easier to eat. To make sure that they are all separated you can hold the top and bottom of it and gently move the segments back and forth before taking it out of the wrapping.

      Ok – formalities done with. Get that wrapper off and get a bit of chocolate in your gob. Before that though I did count and found that it has the traditional 20 segments, just like all the others. It also looks the same as the milk chocolate one.

      “So what’s new?” I hear you shout. As I slowly take a bite and let the chocolate melt in my mouth, I can feel some hard bits through it. I wiggle the chocolate off them with my tongue and realise that they are in fact the tangy bits. I was sure that I had read somewhere that these bits were a tangy orange but as I bit into them they turned chewy and the taste of lemon exploded in my mouth. I immediately grabbed the box and found that it was indeed lemony bits through it. I think it was the Woolworths site that got it wrong but don’t quote me.

      These tangy bits certainly add a bit of zing to this favourite of mine and I must say I am rather impressed by it. The only thing that gets me is that there doesn’t seem to be that many crunchy bits in each slice. I had imagined that they would be filled with tangy bits – rather like a matchmaker. This was a little bit disappointing and if anyone is listening at Kraft Foods then they should take this into consideration for the future.

      ***The Ingredients and Nutritional Info***

      To get this information you have to tip up the box as it is hidden away on the bottom. Great idea for all those of us who have eaten far too many chocolates over the festive period and want to stay in denial for a little bit longer.

      Anyway here I am making sure you are all well informed – go on throw that rotten fruit at me now. The calorie intake for just 1 of the 20 segments is 45 calories. Damn – where’s that step machine gone? This means that the whole lot works out at 900 calories. Oops!!! That’s for the 175g orange. Wow!!!

      The good thing is that this does have real oil of orange in the flavouring and the lemon bits are made with dried lemon juice so it does have some redeeming qualities. That and of course it has milk in it which is also good for you.

      The bad thing is that it has 15.5g of carbohydrates in every 3-segment serving and it’s all sugars. It also has 7.3g fat in that same serving so weight watchers beware.

      ***The Price

      Before Christmas you were able to buy these for 3 for £4 or 4 for £5 in certain supermarkets and Tesco were selling these for only 50p last week in their clearance section. Woolworths are selling them for a whopping £2.29, which I think is a bit excessive as they usually retail for about £1.95 each.

      ***My Thoughts***

      This really is much better than the mint effort that appeared last year. The chocolate is lovely and smooth and the orange taste is exactly like the milk chocolate variety. The lemony bits are lovely and tangy – just as it says on the box – and my only complaint is that there should be more bits in it. That, and the fact that it should be the size of a football – or is that just in my dreams?


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