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Terrys Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Smasher

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Brand: Terrys / Type: Orange

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    2 Reviews
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      12.01.2011 19:40
      Very helpful



      A nice twist on a classic chocolate but some of the purist amongst us might prefer the original!

      Introduction to product
      This is a limited edition product by Terry's Chocolate orange which was released just in time for Christmas 2010. This is a white Chocolate orange, similar to the Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball released in 2009, except this one comes with the addition of colourful crystals (small tutti fruity sweets).
      I received this for Christmas and found it to be a nice alternative to all the selection boxes I received.

      The product
      Like the traditional Terry's Chocolate orange, it comes in a ball shape which has already been sliced into 20 bite sized segments and weighs 170g.
      However, that's where the similarities end. This looks more like a novelty chocolate than a traditional favourite. It's white (obviously) and has very bright and very colourful pieces of candy visibly embedded within the chocolate. These candies really stand out against the paleness of the white chocolate and had me immediately intrigued as to how this was going to taste.

      The taste
      I was a bit dubious when I received this because the flavours seemed like they really shouldn't go together! White chocolate, orange and flavoured popping candy seemed like a bizarre mix.
      However I was pleasantly surprised. The chocolate is thick and creamy and you can actually taste the fruity flavours of the candy embedded into the chocolate. I was surprised by this because I thought they'd been added more for texture and decoration purposes than for taste.

      The packaging
      The packaging is just as bright and colourful as the chocolate itself! It's a whitey/gold colour with a window in the centre to allow you to see the orange. The orange itself (usually wrapped in the traditional orange colour) is wrapped in sparkly white paper with small flecks of green, orange and purple (these are meant to represent the sparkling crystal sweets!).
      Overall, the packaging is very bright and colourful but is still easily recognisable as part of the Terry's Chocolate Orange brand.

      I ate this before reviewing it so I stupidly didn't save the packaging.
      However, I googled it and managed to find this basic info:
      Kcal 132 Fat 7.2g Fat(sats) 4.3g Carbs 14.5g (per 25.0g - 3 segments)
      So OK, that's a lot of calories and I don't need to tell you that this is hardly a healthy snack suitable for dieters! But there are several segments of chocolate here so you can spread that out to 3 or 4 segments a day if you wish. Or eat it in one go (as I did) as an indulgent treat.

      The price
      I received this as a Christmas present so obviously I don't know how much it cost. But, you do often see Terry's Chocolate Orange sold at bargain prices in discount shops such as B and M Bargains.
      Also as this was a limited edition released in time for Christmas, I bet you'll find it knocked down in the January sales somewhere.
      I think if you were to buy this full price it would retail at about £2.49 which isnt bad.

      I didn't expect to like this chocolate. I love Terry's chocolate orange but I thought this particular mix of flavours just wouldn't work. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked it as much as, if not more than, the original!
      The rainbow coloured candy not only makes the chocolate more visually attractive but adds to the taste and texture of the product too. A nice modern twist on a classic.


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      02.01.2011 18:58
      Very helpful



      fantastic taste with added surprise of fruity bits!

      As it was near Christmas I was on the look out for some treat chocolates that could be stored in the cupboard. I have always liked Terry's chocolate orange since a child and so was pleasantly surprised to see a whole new wide range of flavours in the market. A brilliant updating tool from Terry's brand to introduce younger generations to what is a chocolate that has been around for many years, under the Kraft foods umbrella.


      In Tesco just before Christmas they were priced at 3 for £5. Normally they retail at about £2.50 but this greatly depends on where you buy them. For this you get a chocolate weight of 170grams, which is split into 20 segments.

      A neat little box (in this case cream), with a cut out section so you can see your product. The Terry's writing is unchanged over the years and is in a orange peel mimic. This one has lots of bright colours splashed across it and a fun little game on the back of saying the words that you see in the pictures.
      They have clearly stated the Terry's address to write to and a handy free phone number in case of need.
      They actual chocolate is tightly wrapped inside foil with a sticker seal on top. To open you are supposed to tap the chocolate on a hard surface before unpeeling. This allows the segments to part slightly and you can pick pieces like the segments of an orange.

      Handy nutritional guidelines on the back are indicated in 100g and per 25g which equals 3 segment (if you can stop at that!)
      Per 3 segment kcal 132 so these are not for the diet conscious! It is a little treat goes a long way now and then in my opinion.
      The ingredients you can read for yourself but seem pretty standard to white chocolate and the coloured bits are apparently tutti frutti! They do warn that the product contains Soya and milk and may contain traces of nuts and wheat.

      **SO WHAT DO I THINK**
      The chocolate is a delicious white chocolate, fairly dense and by this I mean it is not light and fluffy like some bars, therefore it is quite hard to bite. It is rich and creamy and quite sickly if you have to much. The unusual part about this chocolate is the bright little pieces dotted throughout the "orange". They are apparently Tutti Frutti bits, another sweet brand. I wasn't expecting to much from these bits I must admit, but was pleasantly surprised! They are sharp and defiantly fruity. You can taste the flavours of strawberry and blackberry etc despite the bits being tiny and this is a very pleasant experience against the creamy white chocolate.

      Something I would buy again and would for stocking fillers etc as parts of presents. Unfortunately though you may end up eating the whole thing!


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