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Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolates

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Brand: Tesco

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2009 17:37
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      I won't be buying them again and wouldn't recommend them.

      While shopping in Tesco the other day i spotted a 200g box of these on offer for £2.49 and feeling I deserved a treat, I bought myself a box.

      I believe the packaging must have changed as now the box is flat and green. I have to say I would not buy these as a gift simply because they say Tesco on, even though they are finest. You can buy a branded box of chocs for around the same price, especially if you get a good offer, but I didn't mind Tesco ones for myself.

      You only get one of each chocolate but I was surprised by the selection, interesting chocolates such as Cinnamon Praline and one with a whole cherry in made a nice change from the normal caramel or soft centres. The caramel in these was very luxurious, totally unlike what you get in Cadbury chocolate for example, it has an almost burnt butterscotch taste. Unfortunately I found this a bit overpowering.

      My favourites were the Champagne Truffle and the Hazelnut one which has a rich soft praline with a real nut on top. There are two chocolates with Marzipan in, which is a little unusual and unfortunately I HATE Marzipan, but my husband loved them! If you like white chocolate this box won't dissapoint as there are a fair few in the selection and they are very nice, not too artificial tasting or sickly.

      These chocolates are a nice treat but I did find there were quite a few I did not like so I won't buy them again as even at £2.49 a box that's a lot for a few chocolates and as I said before, they are made my Tesco and if you're buying a box of choccies you really want to feel a bit more indulgent!


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        01.03.2008 18:03
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        nicely presented choc selection

        It's not often I need an excuse to buy chocolates, but this has to be the first time I've ever used the chocolates as an excuse... to buy the pretty box(es) they came in! Thankfully, the chocolates inside were fairly nice too! ;)

        There are 15 truffles in this selection, available in two sizes: the 400g green box has two of each truffle, the smaller, 200g pink box just one of each. Overall, I found the chocs less sweet/rich than I expected - i.e., less heavy than Thornton's truffles, which are The Standard for truffles, as far as I'm concerned. While the Tesco version do come across as - perhaps predictably - less luxurious, they were still nice, and the slightly less sickly element was actually appreciated. More, I was impressed with the selection being slightly different from anything I've had before - still heavy on the praline, but marzipan was a big inclusion, and very yum, to my surprise! There's a mix of milk, dark, and a couple of white chocolates here.

        I really don't *want* to try all of the chocs to tell you about them all... but if you insist! ;)

        ~The good~
        (and I don't mean the names!)

        *Paganini Hazelnut*
        A whole hazelnut on top of soft swirls of milk praline on top of a more solid dark choc layer. It's visually very attractive, and a nice mix of textures in your mouth. Also has the benefit of letting you pick the nut off if you're that way inclined! ;) Tastes... much like a hazelnut praline. Get used to it, there are a few in here!

        Much like the top layer(s) of the previous choc - very soft, mouth-melting praline, with chopped hazelnuts. This one is so squishy it comes wrapped in a silver paper cone. Tastes... like hazelnut praline (!), but indulgently gooey. I approve! :)

        Yet more praline, but this time (a) it's milk chocolate, and (b) there are crunchy bits! I never quite figured out what they were, but this choc was the sweetest of the pralines, and I liked the difference in texture.

        Not MORE praline!? Yes, but this time it's almond! I confess, I couldn't really tell too much difference, although here I suspect it's because the dark chocolate shell overwhelms the nutty flavour a bit.

        Back to - you guessed it! - hazelnut praline! Very basic, rather dull - the silver wrapper doesn't make the chocolate taste any fancier! Not that it was unpleasant in any way at all, of course ::burp:: ;)

        Don't worry - I'm finally done with the praline! This is a gooey dark chocolate ganache, very rich and not something I could eat too many of. Which is a good thing ;)

        Much nicer that it sounds, given that there's no dried fruit here! This is the coffee offering of the box, and very nice it is too. In line with the rest of the chocs, it's less sickly sweet than the kinds of coffee chocs you often find in selections, and not too overwhelmingly coffee-ish either. The white choc coating works okay, but only because the filling isn't too sweet.

        The other white chocolate here, this time with vanilla mousse in the middle. This was disappointingly bland, and almost too sweet, too - not that it stopped me!

        Soft caramel in milk chocolate. Fairly standard, and so easy to judge the quality of caramel as a little lower than others I've tried - or at least, I didn't like it as much.

        ~The bad

        Cinnamon praline in milk choc. Definitely my least favourite of the bunch - cinnamon is a lovely flavour, but not in a chocolate, methinks! I found this very sickly. Fortunately, it was the only 'bad' in the whole box, so I can't complain too much. Besides, my father thought it was fine - I only inherited half of his sweet tooth, obviously!

        ~The something a bit different~

        That is, caramel and vanilla butter cream in dark chocolate. It is one of the richer/sweeter combos, but the dark chocolate does provide a balancing bitterness, and overall it's not as sickly as you might think. I like.

        Dark chocolate mousse on marzipan. Now, I wasn't convince going in to these that marzipan was a good idea, but it works very well! Alas, what I don't like here is the dusting of coconut on the top - just, doesn't quite work for me.

        *Demi Vanille*
        Half hazelnut praline, half vanilla marzipan. I've never heard of *vanilla* marzipan before! But this is surprisingly very yum, the flavours going together very nicely, and the marzipan (no almond flavour here at all!) adding a satisfying solidness. I'd be happy with a box of these - but only eat a couple at a time!

        Raspberry in dark chocolate. Much less sickly than the usual fruity chocs in a collection, this is verging on the sour. It's... alright, but not one I'd mind if someone else ate it first!

        The only booze in the box! You do get a very very slight hint of the liqueur here, but mostly it's just cherry in goo (aka, 'light liqueur fondant') wrapped in dark chocolate. Not *so* different from what's out there, but one of my favourites from the box. Couldn't eat more than one at a time, though.

        There is a fair bit of repetition here on the praline, but that's fairly standard for truffles, I find. The inclusion of the cherry truffle and the marzipan ones - and yes, even that disliked cinnamon - all add something a bit different, and the whole thing made a nice change from my usual Thorntons choices.

        So I rather enjoyed treating myself to these, but I confess I won't bother again - they were okay, nicely different, but not anywhere near as good as Thornton's. The only advantage were those pretty boxes - looking nicely stylish on my shelves, full of craft stuff! Alas, boxes aren't *exactly* worth buying truffles for (besides, I've run out of shelf space!), and I really don't think the price represents particularly value for money... unless you are as odd as I am, and do want those boxes! :)

        Very nicely presented collection of chocolate truffles, offering a mix of standard praline and something a bit different. Alas, they can't quite shake the feel of being slightly on the budget side, if only because they come from a supermarket.

        Boring bits:
        Price: I paid £8.31 for the 400g box, ~£5 for the 200g - apologies for the vagueness, but the Tesco express I used was selling the same chocs at two different prices, depending on which bit of the (small!) store I picked them up in! The smaller pink box was either £4.72 or £5.19 (!) - and yes, I got into an argument about it! ;)

        Availability: I can't find these at all on the website (and so had to take my own photo ;))! However, I suspect that if these are in a little Tesco Express, you should be able to find them in a main store.

        More info: the menu card includes a word or two from the founder of 'Kim's Chocolates', which google suggests is a respected Belgian chocolate company, and who make chocolates for a range of companies.


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