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Tesco Finest Chocolate Brownie Sundae

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4 Reviews
  • Many layers to it
  • Looks like luxury product
  • Lacks Flavour
  • Very sickly
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    4 Reviews
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      26.06.2015 19:15


      • "Many layers to it"
      • "Looks like luxury product"


      • "Very sickly"
      • "Lacks Flavour"

      All About Image Little About Taste.

      I really liked the look of this product when I saw it sitting in the refrigerated section of TESCO just waiting to be eaten. The packaging of this product looks extremely good and stood out to me. However when I tried the product, I was feeling extremely let down. The sundae had little flavour which made the product taste extremely boring. I would not buy this product again in the foreseeable future.


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      09.08.2009 18:18
      Very helpful
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      I've never been a huge fan of chocolate desserts and so was a bit worried about how this one would work out for me! However willing to try it I popped it in the trolley.

      The Tesco finest chocolate brownie sundae can obviously only be found in Tesco. However in shops and other supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer, the equivalent can be found. It can be found in the fridge aisle and this particular one was in the dessert section however I do know that sometimes it is placed in amongst the yoghurts.

      The 215g dessert costs £1.98. Although the sundae is very large and looks so luxurious I still find that this is slightly expensive. At the moment however there is a special offer on. You can, at the moment until next week, buy it for £1.48 which is a saving of 50p. This is quite a decent saving and if you are buying more than one if will add up and save you quite a bit.

      The sundae comes in a plastic container. It is thin at the bottom but then widens on its way up which eventually ends up in a dome shaped lid. The plastic is see through for the most part so you can see the delicious treat inside. There is also a label on the front of it too. The label Is deep purple in colour and aswell as giving information on the product and nutrition, also has a delicious looking picture of pieces of chocolate brownie mixed in amongst curls of delicious looking milk chocolate pieces.

      To remove the label you simply have to rip it, and then to open to the pot you just have to fiddle a bit with the lid and then lift it off. It was very easy and caused no hassle at all. The first thing I noticed was the delicious smell. It actually had a very caramel like smell to it however the delicious smell of milk chocolate was strong too and very delicious. On first glance it looked very appealing too!

      The dessert sundae is made up of chocolate mousses, fudge brownie, chocolate custard, chcoolate sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk and white chocolate on top for decoration. The milk chocolate curls on top were really tasty and resembled Cadbury chocolate which for me was amazing. The white chocolate was very sweet and stood out greatly. There were about 5 milk chocolate curls and 4 white chocolate curls. They were large though so it seemed like there were more. The next part of the dessert I came too was the whipped cream. There was a great layer of this and it wasn't to thick nor was it too thin. It tasted really creamy and resembled any normal whipped cream you get. It was good as there was no chocolate taste to it so this was a bit of light relief. Next I came to the chocolate mousse. At first I wasn't to sure and thought it tasted a bit bitter however after two spoonfuls it began to taste really sweet just like milk chocolate. It had a lovely creaminess to it too and the texture was perfect very light and fluffy! Mixed in amongst the whole sundae was chocolate sauce. It was sticky but really lovely. It had a nice fudge taste to it too which was gorgeous. There were chocolate chips mixed through it too which were nice. They were very crunchy and seemed more like strands than chips. The chocolate custard was gorgeous. It had a delicious gloopy texture to it just like any other custard. As it was cold it was the perfect taste sensation resembling milk chocolate to an extreme. The last layer on the bottom was the fudge brownie. They were lovely and chewy but with just the right amount of crumble to them too. They didn't taste too chocolate like either which was great but instead had a delicious fudge caramel taste to them. They were coated in sticky chocolate sauce too. Overall the taste of this was splendid but was very filling and if you don't have a big appetite id recommend eating on different occasions or sharing it with a friend.

      The whole dessert contains a whopping 779 calories and 56.5 g of fat. This is utterly terrible and im so glad I staggered this over a few days. In terms of allergies this is not suitable for those allergic to gluten, wheat, eggs, milk lactose, whey or evaporated milk.

      Its not healthy, but it is delicious so id recommend if you have a sweet tooth! Its also worth looking out for special offers as it can be a bit expensive.


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        16.09.2008 13:55
        Very helpful



        It may be a sundae but I had mine on a monday!!

        If you are a man or woman or young person who likes a sweet treat after a meal then let me point you in the direction of the Tesco chocolate sundae or the Tesco Finest Chocolate Brownie Sundae to give it , its Sunday name.

        I stuck one of these in the trolley just the other day as me and my beloved wife padded around Tesco doing a bit of shopping and I am so glad I did. I tucked into this last night after a hearty serving of cod and chips and I loved it.

        Just the look of it before I had even opened it had my mouth watering and then the smell of it when opened had me smacking my lips. The sundae is made up of many layers; there is a layer of thick chocolate mousse on the bottom with large chunks of chocolate floating on it then comes a layer of what could best be described a chocolate sponge followed by another layer of mousse then some fresh cream with chocolate sauce.

        Because of the shaped pot it comes in it is difficult to get a spoonful of the mixed layers although it can be achieved with a bit of determination and I would advise it because to get the full effect of the desert you should taste the flavours together.

        Now at £1.59 for a 215g pot of desert it is expensive but it is almost worth every penny, the main problem is the nutritional info that can be clearly read on the pot.

        779 calories

        31.5g of saturated fats

        With that sort of intake it is a good job I am lucky enough not to put on weight no matter what I eat because I do intend to be getting stuck into another one of these very soon.............Tesco here I come!!


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          19.04.2006 18:29
          Very helpful



          A luxurious pot of.....................sickeningly sweet chocolate pudding!

          Having read a review already on this wonderful looking dessert, which praised it no end I decided to pick one up this afternoon from Tesco whilst picking up some bread and milk...........

          I usually love Tesco's finest range and when I noticed that there was a 20% reduction on all of the range I picked up a couple of items from it, amongst it I had to treat myself to this rather delicious looking dessert.

          Tesco's Finest Chocolate Brownie Sundae.....even the name conjures up the image of erotic fantasies! Or is that just me?
          I quickly put the dessert into my trolley before I get second thoughts........I resist the temptation to look at the nutritional values.....after all it is Easter weekend......and I've no easter eggs to look forward to, so this is my treat to myself instead!

          Off I go to checkout where the cashier knocks up £1.59 on her till for the dessert........expensive I think, even with the 20% discount (normally £1.99) But what the hell, I am also buying myself a couple of bottles of wine so in for the goose in for the gander!

          I get home and unpack my top up lot of shopping and resist the urge to rip the cardboard packaging off this right away and decide to keep it for after dinner!

          So dinner eaten, I wait half an hour to make sure I have enough room for dessert.............I slowly slip the clear plastic cup from it's cardboard sleeve, and pop the little cuplike lid from the top.......

          Five senses?
          Sight - This looks amazing! It has multiple layers of all things yummy looking, at the bottom is a dark chocolatey brown colour thick looking mousse? some chocolate pieces can be seen just above these, followed by a white mousse or cream on top? Above this looks like chocolate cake with a layer of milk chocolate mousse over it, then theres a topping of what looks like fresh whipped cream with a drizzle of chocolate sauce over it, and to finish it off a small piece of flake popped in the top!

          Smell - Quite disappointing, I can only really smell a very faint chocolatey aroma, nothing stands out very much, looking at the dessert you expect it to smell rich and inviting!

          Touch - I resist the urge to stick my finger in and instead dip my spoon into the thick pale cream and it doesn't disintregate and instead stands stiff on the spoon so isn't a cheap type of cream. (you know the type that just melts on the spoon?) Digging deeper the spoon gets stuck in the layers which seems quite a stodgy pudding now.

          Sound - the only sound I can hear is my heart beating in anticipation and my taste buds are yelling out for some attention too! So get on with it!!!!

          Now what we've all been waiting for...............

          Taste - I am quite surprised at my first taste, which is just a mouthful of the cream.....It is a nice cream but not overly so, nothing really special except that it is thick.
          I eat the piece of flake from the top, which is very soggy probably because of the cream, I was a bit disappointed in this as I like my flake to be more flaky.

          Next I dig deeper and come up with a spoonful of the milk chocolate flavoured mousse, quite nice it is too, creamy tasting and not unlike a cadbury's chocolate mousse dessert...... I take a couple more spoonfuls and by the time I get to the white chocolate flavoured mousse I am starting to feel a bit sick...... but persevere I must for the sake of research! The white mousse is very sickly sweet, I can't think of anything to compare it with, It doesn't taste like the Nestle white chocolate or the cadbury's, but has a unique taste of it's own...... I let my daughter finish this layer as I find it too sweet, and don't want to make myself sick!

          I give myself half an hour to recover and a glass of water to wash down the last lot I am now ready to finish the rest off!

          The next spoonful is a stodgy thick chocolate brownie piece, this is like a piece of rich chocolate cake, and something I found too rich, It takes a while to actually swallow this piece and again I let my daughter have a mouthful to help me out........she turns her nose up at it though and it ends up in the bin......I spoon the rest of that layer in the bin myself, not wishing to spoil myself.

          Next layer is nice with some small milk chocolate pieces, like miniature chocolate buttons. daughter manages to wrestle a couple of these from me too! these are sitting on top of the thick milk chocolate sauce which is the remainder of the tub........ This is far too thick and rich for my constitution, daughter takes one look and walks away!

          So that's my interpretation of how this dessert affected my senses................My mind is made up now. I think I will avoid these desserts in future. In my opinion It was indeed a very luxurious treat, but far too sickly sweet and rich.

          it started off ok but as you slowly work your way through it, the tastes get more rich and can leave you feeling stuffed and sick....

          I personally don't recommend this dessert, It's expensive and too rich for I imagine most people and definately one to be had over a couple of days perhaps instead of one sitting!

          As an afterthought I decide to look at the nutrional values, not that I expect this to be in any way good for you, and now that I've eaten most of it (with some of it haven gone in the bin) I really should make myself feel guilty now by telling you that it is a 215g pot and those 215g are purely bad for your health!!!!

          per 215g pot....

          779 calories (gulp)
          389g of sugars (ouch)
          31.5g of saturated fats (OMG)
          0.4g of sodium!!!!

          Ok now I really wish I hadn't read that...I won't eat for a week now and think I shall put on a couple of my exercise videos and work it off........Or I would if I wasn't feeling so stuffed and silly for being such a glutton!!!

          So unless you really need to gain some LBS I definately would not advise buying this, get a Cadbury's low fat chocolate mousse instead and bung it in the freezer for an hour......mmmm tastes delicious, I only wish I'd done that now instead!

          Thanks for reading

          Michelle (the slob) xx
          (In my defence I've resisted the temptation to help the kids polish off any Easter eggs this week LOL)


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