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Tesco Finest Profiteroles

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Milk

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    5 Reviews
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      12.01.2010 19:24
      Very helpful



      A great OCCASIONAL treat!

      At the weekend we went to Tesco's to do a 'big shop' before Dave went back to Scotland to work for three weeks and we decided that we would buy ourselves a final naughty treat to finish off the holiday in style.

      The treat that we chose was a tray of Tesco Finest Profiteroles as we both love profiteroles, although we had never tried the Tesco ones before.

      The Cost

      The tray of profiteroles cost just £3.19 and, since there were 16 profiteroles and a carton of chocolate sauce, I considered this to be very good value, especially as they were Tesco's Finest!

      The Packaging

      The profiteroles come in a black plastic tray which had eight each side of a centre section where the pot of chocolate sauce sat. This was in a clear plastic pot with a lid.

      The whole thing was covered with a clear plastic lid and this had a narrow cardboard sleeve round it so that the contents all remain clearly visible before the product is purchased. I do like to be able to see what I am buying.

      The cardboard sleeve has two pictures on it - one has squares of chocolate and a pot of thick cream and the other has profiteroles with chocolate sauce being poured over them. The writing tells us that these are made with fresh cream and served with a Belgian chocolate sauce. We are also told that this product contains no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives and no hydrogenated fat.

      Shame it doesn't say that they contain no calories - now that would be good!

      On the back of the sleeve there are preparation guidelines, a full list of the ingredients, allergy advice and full nutritional information.

      This product is suitable for vegetarians but cannot be frozen.

      The Profiteroles

      To serve this wonderful treat you just have to heat the chocolate sauce in the microwave for 20 seconds and away you go. You can then put the profiteroles in a dish and pour the chocolate sauce over them but what we did was to leave them in the tray and replace the pot containing the warmed sauce in the centre. We then ate the profiteroles by dipping them in the sauce and then eating them.

      The profiteroles are described as 'choux pastry filled with fresh stabilised whipped cream (35%) and a pot of Belgian chocolate sauce (14%)'.

      What were they like then?

      It will be difficult to think of superlatives good enough to describe them - they were gorgeous!

      When we sat down to eat them the profiteroles had a light fragrance of pastry and the sauce smelled lovely and chocolaty.

      The profiteroles looked fluffy and light and were a good size too. I didn't get the tape measure out as I was too busy thinking about eating them but I would say that they were about an inch and a quarter across. The chocolate sauce looked thick, smooth and rich.

      I picked up a profiterole, dipped it in the sauce and bit into it and it tasted sublime! The choux pastry was light and fluffy and the cream was thick and sweet but not too sickly. The sauce tasted rich and sweet and the whole thing mixed together to make a heavenly combination.

      As I said earlier there were 16 profiteroles in the tray so we had 8 each and that was plenty for me - in fact they were so sweet that I maybe should have given Dave one or two of mine as I am a diabetic but I was naughty and ate all 8 myself! I didn't have any ill effects though as I hadn't had much other real sugar during the day.

      Nutritional Information

      The nutritional information per 100g which is about one quarter of the pack is as follows:

      Calories 430 (Ooer!)
      Protein 5.8g
      Carbohydrates 30.2g
      Of which sugars 18.2g
      Fat 31.5g
      Of which saturates 17.3g
      Fibre 0.9g
      Salt 0.2g


      Well Dave and thoroughly enjoyed this and for £3.19 I would certainly buy it again although it would have to be a VERY occasional treat due to the amount of calories and sugar contained therein!

      If you like profiteroles I would definitely recommend that you try these!


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        06.07.2009 13:31
        Very helpful



        Not really worth the calories!

        Have I ever said I was a sucker for a bargain?? Well I usually have a look around the discount area in my local Tesco to see if I can pick any bargains up, on this one particular day I noticed that there were a few of these finest Profiterole Desserts left and they had been reduced down to £0.55p.

        Now I have a really sweet tooth and I couldn't resist giving them a go. They sounded totally delicious, made with fresh cream and smooth rich Belgian chocolate, I was really looking forward to devouring them later on that night.

        Now the nutritional information is something I don't normally look at if I wasn't to really enjoy an indulgent dessert but here goes....each pot contains 3 profiteroles, 325 calories, 16.3g of sugar, 24.6g of fat of which 14.3g are saturates and 0.3g of salt.

        That's a whopping 72% of your saturated fat guideline daily amount. Phew!! I'm glad I didn't read that before I ate it.

        For those of you who have allergies this little pot contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, soya and cannot be guaranteed to be nut free. On the plus side it is suitable for veggies.

        The profiteroles are a nice light choux pastry filled with lovely thick cream, I was surprised with the amount of cream in them to be honest as they were packed full, and it was really tasty and fresh. The chocolate mousse looked lovely and fluffy but had made the pastry a little gooey.

        The mouse was a little bit tasteless to be honest and from what I could taste was a bit plastic. The Belgian chocolate sauce was thick, dark and gooey with a lovely rich chocolate flavour but another disappointment was that there weren't too many chocolate shavings on the top but I suppose I didn't really miss them.

        All in all I didn't feel that it was worth the huge amount of fat and calories as It wasn't as nice as I was expecting it to be, I think I'll give these a miss in the future and maybe go for the cheesecake instead!


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          19.05.2009 12:25
          Very helpful



          Highly Recommended

          It's nice to have a treat every now and again, and the Mrs and I decided that we would have these Tesco Finest Profiteroles as one last night. Obviously we didn't tell the kids, and we shared this just between the two of us. It's a decent sized portion but it will only really serve one or two people happily so it's definetely one for the adults.

          Inside the plastic pot, there are three big profiteroles which are crammed absolutely full of cream. The cream is some of the tastiest I've come across in a long time. It's fresh, creamy, thick and light just like you want from good quality whipped cream. It's a little bit sweet, but not very much so which I also think is important as some whipped creams can be too sugary.

          The profiteroles are topped off with a really chocolatey sauce and a bit of chocolate mousse too. These are both really smooth, and again they're not too sweet. I have a sweet tooth, but sometimes these desserts can overdo things with the sugar, this one definetely got it just right.

          The only thing I was so mad about with this was the chocolate shavings that it was covered in. They're very decorative and attractive, and the chocolate is rich and good quality. But I don't like the contrast in textures myself. The rest of the dessert is really smooth and it melts in your mouth, then suddenly you have to crunch down and really chew these hard chocolate shavings! I avoided this by scooping most of my serving from the bottom though I have to admit as the shavings were mostly on the top.

          I think this is a really good quality dessert over all, and I think Tesco have made use of lots of good quality ingredients to make this. If I could change anything it would be the chocolate shavings, but they wouldn't put me off buying this again. It was just too tasty!


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            11.10.2007 11:07
            Very helpful
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            Delicious Dessert

            I'm pretty much a female Homer Simpson I love food and love beer ... and more food.
            So whilst strolling along browsing the desserts in Tesco's I saw these and just couldn't resist their allure. Everyone in my house loves Profiterole's so why the hell not?

            What Are They
            They are individual (for one not for sharing!) pots of choux pastry filled with fresh stabilised whipped cream, topped with chocolate flavoured mousse, Belgian Chocolate sauce and decorated with milk chocolate shavings. They are also hand finished, just to make them that extra bit special. The contain no artificial colours.
            The Packaging
            It's basically a plastic pot , with a lid (just in case you don't finish it in one sitting), it has a small silver and black card round it, with the Tesco finest* logo and a picture of the product on top, the packaging also contains the ingredients, nutritional info, and allergy info as well as the use by date. I have found the pots to be reusable, they are really handy for keeping bit of baby food in the fridge.

            Nutritional Info
            Each Post contains :
            400 Calories or 20% RDA
            11.2g Sugar or 12% RDA (OUCH)
            31.5g Fat or 45% RDA (EEK!)
            16.6g Saturates 83% RDA (Holy C**P)
            0.9g Salt or 14% RDA
            Allergy Advice
            For those of you who suffer with food allergies, these contain milk, wheat, gluten, egg and soya, even though there are no nuts in recipe they can't guarentee that they are nut free.
            So if you have allergies to food, they really aren't for you as they pretty much contain a bit of everything you could have an allergy to, except shell fish.

            The Product
            I've tried Finest* stuff before and although it always tastes fab there is never enough but this isn't the case here. I found about 6 profiterole's i my pot, each was filled to bursting with cream and they hadn't been at all stingy with the chocolate, in fact there was lashings of it.
            The Taste and Texture
            They were pretty much perfection, I've had Profiterole's from restaurants that haven't tasted as good. And the texture or the Choux pastry was a lot better than I would've expected from a supermarket too.

            The Price
            99p a pot.
            Ok so they may be unhealthy but they're good for the soul. A little bit dear at 99p a pot but you wouldn't eat them everyday and they're great for a treat. If you we careful enough you could serve them up at dinner part and pretend you made them yourself. I would recommend but only if you love chocolate cos there is loads of it. I couldn't find these on the web site though when I did my home shopping but they were readily available in the 2 stores nearest to my home.

            A Bit About The Finest* Range
            The Finest brand brings you the best quality, flavours and ideas at every day low prices. There are now over 1000 Finest food products to choose from, from everyday treats like Finest sliced bread to more unusual Finest fruit and vegetables.
            Other Info
            Suitable of Vegetarians
            they only have a short shelf life of 1-2 days so you need to keep them refridgerated.
            Produced inUK

            Tesco Stores
            Tesco Stores LTD
            EN8 9SL

            Try Em You'll LOVE EM


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              20.03.2006 22:31
              Very helpful



              These are a relatively cheap and luxurious dessert.

              Whilst I like the odd bit of chocolate I am not a lover of things like chocolate gateau or Mars Bars as I cannot eat more than a couple of mouthfuls before I find them too sickly.

              However, on a trip to Tesco's and fancying something different than the standard Yoghurt I came across these 'Finest Individual Profiteroles'. These are fresh and not frozen.

              They caught my eye because they were an individual portion, although I couldn't see much more as they put them on the top shelf (wonder if thats cause they're naughty but nice?!)

              Once I had stood on tip toes to get to them, I popped them in my trolley and took them home, and eagerly awaited tea time to try them!


              They are packaged in a clear see through tub in a swirl design with a pop off lid. The cardboard strip containing all the info is slid across the pot so you can still see the contents. The pot is approx 3" high.


              "3 Cream filled choux profiteroles, topped with a smooth chocolate flavour mousse and a rich chocolate sauce, decorated with milk chocolate shavings".

              Thats Tesco's own description and I can hear you saying but I thought she didnt like too much chocolate! They were so appealing on the shelf I just had to give them a go, thats my excuse!

              They are suitable for Vegetarians but NOT allergy sufferers as they contain, amongst other things, milk, wheat, gluten, eggs and soya.

              This three and a half ounce portion contains 390 kcal, which for something that sounds quite rich is not too bad BUT, and theres always a but, they contain 31.9g of fat!

              The Use By date is normally only a couple of days ahead.


              The Three profiteroles are each about the size of a large walnut and fill most of the tub on their own! What I like about the appearance is that everything has been added separately, the chocolate mousse has been added on one side of the pot, the sauce on the other and it is generously sprinkled with rippled shavings. So much so that some of the shavings actually get trapped in the lid! More yumminess for me then!


              Divine, heavenly, creamy, chocolately and light!
              I'll try and describe them all individually starting with the Profiteroles.
              You can actually tell this is Choux pastry, its very light but not chewy,the reasonable amount of fresh cream contained within does not make the pastry go all soggy as it can with some cream cakes/desserts. Its not full of air either which is what can happens sometimes. The cream is very light and just melts on the tongue.

              The milk chocolate mousse, which Tesco's describe as 'smooth' is indeed that. It is a thick and creamy consistency but the chocolate taste is very subtle and delicate. At first you think it does not have much taste to it but once in your mouth you become aware of the subtle chocolate flavour and this lingers even after you have swallowed it.

              The chocolate sauce is described as 'rich'. I think this applies more to a 'luxurious' rich than a 'sickly' rich. It is much thicker than you would expect a sauce to be and once on your spoon is not likely to run or drip. No wastage there then!
              If push came to shove I would have to say this is only slighty more of a chocolately taste than the mousse but still not overpowering and again it leaves a smooth aftertaste full of subtle chocolate.

              The Shavings are milk chocolate but they are dark enough to be almost taken as dark chocolate. They do not have a milk chocolate taste as in Dairy Milk etc but neither to they have that bitter taste that dark chocolate can sometimes have. They are not small pieces either and are sprinkled generously over the top. As you keep this pot chilled you can hear the 'snap' of the slivers of shavings as you bite into them.


              To eat these individually is a pleasure in itself, but together it is a combination of the smooth chocolate being complimented by the lightnness of the pastry and the coolness of the cream and the snap of the topping all happening at once in a moment of sheer luxurious pleasure (sorry, got a bit carried away there!) Though each individual chocolate taste is so subtle, together they add up to be just right and not sickly at all. This is the sort of dessert that you would eat slowly and lingeringly off your spoon to ensure that your savoured every mouthful. For some, you may even be tempted to lick out the pot!

              MY OPINION

              I think you can guess by now that I love these! There is enough in one of these pots to satisy that sweet/chocolate craving but without being sickly or off putting.
              Whether you choose to eat them individually or a little piece of each (as I do) the flavours still come through the same.
              Sometimes when we treat ourselves to something nice to eat, you have to buy a size somewhat bigger than you would like and end up eating the whole box/packet. Therefore as these are individual you cannot eat more than there is, unless you eat two portions that is!
              At the end of a long week or if you just want a little treat or something diffferent than the norm then these are worth buying.

              As I always eat mine straight from the pot ( I make no apologies for that fact!) I cannot say if these would transfer onto a plate and look so nice presented. My guess is that they probably would because of the mousse and sauce all being added seperatley it should make it easier to get out but don't quote me on it.

              Not always does the Tesco's 'Finest' label live up to its name but it does on this occasion!


              I have purposely left this till last, as I wanted you to think about how much you would expect to pay for this. Probably nothing if they don't appeal to you but for those of you who think you might like them they will set you back ................99p!! Yes only 99p!

              Needless to say a pot of these Finest Profiteroles grace my trolley each week at that price. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

              Thanks for reading x x

              © HotBabes 2006


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            • Product Details

              3 Cream filled choux profiteroles, topped with a smooth chocolate flavour mousse and a rich chocolate sauce, decorated with milk chocolate shavings.

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