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Tesco Free From Milk Chocolate Cookies

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2009 15:05
      Very helpful
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      Take a stroll to tesco for your cookies.

      I love a good biscuit. I dont normally go for chocolate biscuits all the time though but Cookies i will always come back to. Tesco Free From Milk Chocolate Cookies to be precise. I have eaten so many different cookies, i love Choc Chip, and i thought buying Tesco Value wouldn't be great, but how wrong i was.

      The packagin is simple. A purple box with 'Milk Chocolate Cookies' written on them. You also see the Free From logo on the side. With pictures of the cookies on the opposite side. So quite simple and cute. Inside are your lovely cookies which are a pale colour, cream/white coloured. These boxes are around 96p for 10 cookies.

      These cookies taste rather nice but theres not alot of taste there, actually kinda bland. The biscuit has chocolate coatin on the top (one side only) They are not hard biscuits so no worrying about that, the break into your move very easily and infact, you end up picking the rest of the biscuit off your lap, they are crumbly. They actually smell quite chocolatey too, i don't smell nothing else yet my friends can always smell coconut, i am yet to work this one out.

      There are some nutritional info for you

      Per 20g there are 105cals, Carbohydrate - 10.9g (sugars 5.8.g), Fat - 5.8, Salt - 0.2, Protein - 1.1g & Fibre - 0.8g.

      Some of the ingredients contain Soya flour, margarine, maize starch. On the back it tells you of allergies. Milk and Soya.
      Again, im happy as these are suitable for vegetarians. And is gluten and wheat free.

      I would recommed these gorgeous cookies to you. They are a fabulous treat. And you won't regret trying these out.


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        19.05.2006 00:57
        Very helpful



        good quality biscuits, suitable for wheat or gluten free diets, which taste good

        NAME OF FOOD: Tesco “Free From” Milk Chocolate Cookies

        All Tesco Free From products seem to come in purple packaging. In this case it is a purple box with a yellow box under the free from logo, which states that this particular product is Wheat free, and Gluten Free. Unfortunately for those with dairy and Egg allergies it is not free from these items.

        There is a picture of a plate of these biscuits with a list of what each cookie contains in various coloured boxes on the bottom right of the box (e.g. 105 calories, 5.8g sugar, etc)

        Since I have been diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) the dietician/hospital have tried to alleviate my symptoms with dietary changes. Since July 05 I have been trying a wheat free diet and this has helped enormously.

        The cookies are a beige (almost white colour) with a chocolate coating on one side only.

        These taste mainly of coconut but with a chocolate coating on one side. They break easily and it is difficult to describe the taste as they are rather bland (but not as bad as the shortbread ones). You only get a very small amount in your mouth and the rest goes down your top and are not really suitable for dunking, which is a shame as this is my favourite way of eating biscuits.

        Of chocolate mainly, but has coconut as an ingredient which could sometimes be detected.

        The main ones are margarine, Soya flour, modified maize starch, and desiccated coconut (10%)

        Back states which ingredients could cause allergies. In this case, contains milk and Soya,

        States cannot confirm will be free of nuts or sesame seeds as made in a factory, which uses sesame seeds and nuts. Although the recipe contains no nuts it cannot guarantee that the ingredients are nut free.

        It is free from wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegetarians and those on wheat or gluten free diets.


        Per 20g serving (one cookie) 105 Calories, 5.8 fat and a trace 0.2g of salt. There is also Protein 1.1g, Carbohydrate 10.9g (of which 5.8.g sugars), and Fibre 0.8g.

        £0.96 for one box of 10 cookies.

        1. Allergies trigger points well advertised
        2. Best before date in a sensible place on side of box – well in date best before end of November (now May and they are all gone!)
        3. Extremely tasty

        BAD POINTS
        1. Not always available on shop floor or on website.

        Buy it again for a treat!

        Tesco Stores Ltd, Cheshunt EN8 9SL Freephone 0800 50 55 55 (Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm) Shop on line at www.tesco.com


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