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Tesco Milk Chocolate Buttons

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Milk

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    3 Reviews
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      09.01.2011 13:15
      Very helpful



      Cheaper than Cadburys but not as tasty

      I am not sure why but I really like the Cadbury buttons. I mean they are essentially just Cadbury chocolates in the shape of a button but for some reason I prefer them to the dairy milk chocolate bar. When I think of buttons I think of it as being a kids chocolate and it takes me back to my childhood.

      When I was shopping at Tesco's I saw that they had hanging sweets on offer at 3 for £1 but I am not a fan of sweets. I think it may be because at least 50% of sweets is just pure sugar and I don't have a sweet tooth. I do however love chocolate though I am not a chocoholic. They had the Tesco Milk chocolate and white chocolate buttons at 37p. I don't like white chocolate as it is just essentially milk and sugar but I do like the milk chocolate. Now because they where 3 for £1 I got the milk chocolate for me and the white chocolate for my brother. They also had jelly beans so I got these as well. Being a vegetarian I do not eat gelatine and so I got these also for my brother. So for 33p for 70g they were much cheaper than the Cadbury version which is about 40p for a small packet.

      I was hoping that they would taste a little like the Cadburys version but unfortunately they did not. It is the chocolate that lacks any flavour. It is overly sweet and does not taste like chocolate at all. It tastes like really cheap chocolate but I guess at 33p what could I expect? I would not buy it again because it does not taste like chocolate and it is a waste of money even if it is only 33p. I like creamy chocolate and this is not creamy at all. Also the appearance of the buttons are quite rough and jagged not that the appearance should influence the taste. The Tesco version gives more for a cheaper price but at the cost of taste. If the taste was marginally different then I would not mind and I would still eat them but there is a big difference.

      This is a cheaper alternative to the Cadbury buttons and I would not recommend them as the chocolate tastes horrible.


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      21.04.2010 17:06
      Very helpful
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      A cheap and good tasting milk chocolate button by Tesco

      With three boys in my house some would think we get through a lot of sweets but I have to say luckily my boys are much more into their fruit and only really ask for sweets when we are in Tesco, as a result we usually go to the section where they do the bags of their own branded sweets as this saves on the pennies, the last ones which we got were these chocolate buttons.


      The buttons come in a plastic bag which is mainly blue in colour and at the bottom it has a picture of two buttons with smiley faces playing Frisbee and above this n a blue banner is the product name and the Tesco logo. At the very bottom of the front of the bag is a brief guide to the nutritional values. On the back of the bag in white rectangles is all the product information and ingredients.


      The buttons are milk chocolate so a dark brown n colour. They are very much like the Cadbury's ones which you buy and are a good size, I would say they are approximately 1.5cm wide and 0.3cm thick.

      When opening the packet the smell of chocolate is very apparent and this is very pleasant and not overpowering. The buttons are a good shape and colour and they taste lovely. I have to say they do not taste quite as good as the Cadburys ones and the chocolate is not quite as creamy but they are still very pleasant. Did find that they were slightly richer than Cadburys and so I could not eat a full packet of them but my boys had no problem with this!


      The chocolate buttons come in a pack size of 70g and I would estimate that there is around 30 buttons in the bag. They are suitable for vegetarians but they do contain milk and soya. The recipe does not contain nuts but Tesco cannot guarantee that they have been made in a nut free factory.

      The nutritional values for half of the bag (35g) are:-

      Energy - 190Kcal
      Protein - 2.3g
      Carbohydrate - 20.0g
      Of which sugars - 19.7g
      Fat - 11.0g
      Of which saturates - 7.1g
      Mono-unsaturated - 3.5g
      Polyunsaturated - 0.4g
      Fibre - 0.9g
      Sodium - trace

      As you will see from the above list these are not at all healthy but I have to say for the occasional treat then they are OK.

      The ingredients for the buttons for those wishing to know are:-

      Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried Whole Milk, Whey Powder, Dried Cream, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Cocoa Extract, Vanilla Extract.

      The buttons need to be stored in a cool dry place, not that they get stored in my house, they get eaten straight away! The shelf life is very good and is usually for about 1 year.


      As these are a Tesco own brand sweet then they are only available to buy in their stores. They are priced at 39p per packet but are always in an offer with 3 packets for £1. This offer applies to loads of different sweets and is great for me having 3 boys as it saves on the pennies!


      These buttons do come highly recommended by me as they have a good taste and are well priced. I have dropped a star on them as they are quite sickly and not as creamy as the Cadbury's ones. Overall though a good cheap treat which are not just for children!


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        07.03.2010 10:39
        Very helpful
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        *** Packaging ***

        The buttons comes I a mainly blue plastic packet, at the bottom of the packet is information about the nutritional value and also a fun picture to make them interesting for the kids

        On the back of the product is further information about the product including a more detailed nutritional value and ingredients

        *** Taste ***

        I do think that you can tell the difference between these and Cadburys buttons, the Cadburys have a lot stronger taste where as these buttons seem a little less chocolaty and a little creamier.

        I buy these for my daughter who loves chocolate and I very much doubt she can tell the difference in taste.

        They look the same; in fact you probably get a lot more buttons than your average branded bag. They are also a bit bigger inside.

        *** Good for kids ***

        These are great for kids as the packet it fun and there is just enough for them to be satisfied but not too big that they over indulge.

        The buttons are very creamy and melt very easily in the mouth making them perfect for older and younger kids alike.

        Obviously this product isn't just for kids, they are just who I meanly buy them for, personally myself - I love them!

        *** Price ***

        These are sold as Tesco located on the chocolate isle, they are 38p to buy single packet, but at the moment they are 3 for £1.

        This compared to the Cadburys ones they are much cheaper.

        *** Nutritional Info ***

        70g (full bag)

        Per half bag:

        Calories - 190kcal
        Sugar - 19.7g
        Fat - 11g
        Saturates - 7.1g
        Salt - trace

        *** Overall Opinion ***

        I think these are a bargain, they are great quality and my daughter loves them. They are really milky and creamy and are just the right size.

        They are quite fattening so I tend to give half a bag at a time as for a younger child it would be too much for them to eat the whole bag!

        They are quite high in saturated fat also, so again I would only give them, sparingly and not give them hen everyday.

        With the packet being small they are easy to carry around and at 38p a bag they are excellent value for money.


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