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Tesco Milk Chocolate Caramel

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Caramel

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2010 18:07
      Very helpful



      Once again, Tesco's are offering a product as good as the most popular branded ones, but cheaper...

      This is a brand new type of Caramel bar for me, I am a devout Cadburys Caramel or Galaxy Caramel "Type", and have been for years. I only bought this due to the onset of a severe "Choc attack" whilst shopping at Tesco's the other day. It just sort of "Volunteered" itself into my Trolley - My story and I am standing by it - Court Martial is pending at present.

      This quite decent size bar, weighing in at just over 5 ounces, and measuring approx 6.1/2" long x 3" wide x 3/8" thick cost me £1.01. Dear enough, but still less than a comparable Cadburys or Galaxy equivalent, unless they happen to be on special somewhere...

      So, let us progress to the bar itself, not that sort of bar, well, not yet anyway.

      The external packaging is pretty ordinary in truth, basically an Orange wrapper with "Tesco Caramel Milk chocolate" emblazoned across the front in Silver letters, along with a small picture of two chunks of the contents. That's it, apart from, in my view, the pointless 5 section GDA logo which seems to adorn every packet these days...yawn, yawn!

      The rear of the packet is absolutely "Chokka", (sorry about that), with various notes, details and notations including Nutritional facts, Allergy advice, an ingredients listing, Tesco contact details and a few other miscellaneous offerings - all detailed below. Total tosh as far as I am concerned, but of vital importance to others of you who are reading this waffle. In truth, all I am really interested in is the contents of this nondescript packaging?

      Let's get to the point then - The Choccy......

      The bar itself, as mentioned earlier, measures approx 6.1/2" long x 3" wide x 3/8" thick, and is pre sectioned into 21 blocks (7 x 3) for easy breaking - A typical chocolate bar look in fact. Each block has a very fine wavy lined pattern embossed onto its top - very pretty.
      The Chocolate smell, which emanates from the packaging on opening, is very pleasant indeed, no; it's better than that, in fact it's Gorgeous.

      Right, let's eat some then.

      The bar breaks cleanly and easily along the pre ordained lines. A good sign, as this ensures that the Caramel encased within each individual block is fully contained and does not drip over you or your surroundings. No dribbles on the chin then, well not Caramel dribbles anyway... More importantly though, NO WASTE!

      OK, so now the big decision, block grasped between forefinger and thumb, poised before mouth, does one nibble, suck or munch????? Decisions, decision, decisions; Stop messing about, I hear you say, get it in and eat.
      Purely in the interests of this review, you understand, I tested all three different methods of mastication - twice!

      It makes no difference, the results of all three tests were conclusive - how ever you eat it, it is delicious. The Chocolate is creamy, it isn't greasy, it doesn't leave a horrible taste in the mouth, it isn't bitter, it's just Scrummy! The Caramel is soft and silky, not too runny, not too hard, just right. Now I realise that this can change, dependent on ambient temperature, but I devoured (Tested), my bar at room temperature so my observations are based on this. If the bar was cooled in a fridge for some time, it would no doubt be different, well certainly with regard to the viscosity of the Caramel. I have yet to try that experiment - maybe tomorrow, (Incidentally, that is the title of a Billy Fury song). That has nothing to do with the review but just me delving into the past again.

      Now I realise that everyone has their own opinion on taste so don't let me try to sway you one way or the other. I think if you are the sort of person who likes the taste and texture of either Cadburys Caramel or Galaxy Caramel, then you will probably like this bar. If you don't like them, then you probably won't like it. Try it yourself and see, at worst it's just another Chocolate fix.

      Now the detailed Gen. as promised earlier.

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION - (For those who are interested).

      A 150g (5.1/4oz) bar contains the following: -

      Calories - 698kcal (35% RDA)
      Sugars - 91g (98% RDA)
      Fat - 32g (49% RDA)
      Saturates - 19g (98% RDA)
      Salt - 1.4g (21% RDA)


      MILK CHOCOLATE (60%)
      EMULSIFIERS (Mono and Di-glycerides of Fatty acids, Soya Lecithin)

      The wrapper states that the Milk Chocolate used in this bar contains Sugar, Cocoa Butter, dried Whole Milk, Cocoa mass, Whey powder, Milk sugar and Emulsifier (Soya lecithin's).

      The Milk chocolate does contain a minimum of 25% Cocoa solids and a minimum of 14% Milk solids.


      MILK - Come on!!!!, the thing is headlined MILK Chocolate for Petes' sake, give us a little credit for being able to look after ourselves.

      FACTORY - Before being prepared for manufacture of this product, the equipment was previously used to make products containing nuts.

      There is also mention of this product being suitable for Veggies.

      In conclusion, I have to say that I would be very happy to purchase another bar of this as a change from either Cadburys Caramel or Galaxy Caramel. It is not quite as good as either of them, but it runs them both pretty darn close.

      5 out of 5 from me.


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