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Tesco Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Milk

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    3 Reviews
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      27.09.2012 19:32
      Very helpful



      Mine! MINE! all mine...MUAHAHAHA!

      I have recently reviewed Tesco's milk chocolate peanuts and I thought that I could not review those without reviewing these milk chocolate raisins as they are a match made in heaven!

      ~ Product and availability ~
      Tesco's chocolate raisins are only available in Tesco's, however other supermarkets do their own brands of course. They are currently sold for 88p in Tesco's and are only available to buy in a 200g bag. This isn't too bad but they have definitely gone up in price from what they were a few months ago! Compared to other supermarkets they are about average in price with Asda's being 86p and Sainsbury's 98p for a slightly bigger bag.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The bag of Tesco's chocolate raisins I have in front of me is completely different to the one on the Tesco website and the one Dooyoo is showing. It is an attractive deep purple in colour. On the front there is a giant chocolate raisin with the top half bitten into to reveal the juicy looking raisin beneath. Printed on the raisin in purple font are the words 'milk chocolate Californian raisins' and above this is the Tesco logo. Surrounding the giant chocolate raisin are lots of little ones dotted around. In the corner of the bag you can find an easy to read at a glance nutritional chart. On the back of the packet you will find a product description; milk chocolate coated raisins, allergy advice, full nutritional table, ingredients list and storage instructions. The bag is serrated at the top to make it easy to open.

      ~ Appearance, smell, taste & Texture ~
      Opening the bag you are greeted with lots of little shiny chocolate drops. They smell slightly of cocoa. They feel very smooth and a little squidgy. Biting into one you get two different tastes, the milk chocolate and the lovely, soft juicy raisin beneath. The milk chocolate is quite thin and isn't the quality of Cadbury's but it doesn't need to be because you wouldn't be able to taste the raisin otherwise and they would be too rich. I think chocolate and raisins go perfectly together and these definitely do my thought justice! The texture of the chocolate raisins is nice, it has a little bite to it but the raisins are as they should be, soft and slightly chewy. I haven't come across a hard raisin as yet, which I hate!

      ~ Other information ~
      Each 25g serving of Tesco's milk chocolate raisins contains, 110 calories, 15.3g of sugar, 4.2g of fat, 2.5g of saturates and a trace of salt. So, obviously these are to only to be enjoyed in moderation or as a treat just as anything else of this nature. The calories don't seem that bad until you realise 25g is literally a tiny handful and most of us could manage to eat at least ¾ of the bag without even realising it! The sugars are very high but remember some of this is natural sugar from the raisins.

      Tesco's milk chocolate raisins contain milk and soya and are prepared in a factory that deals with nuts although the actual product doesn't contain any.

      They are suitable for vegetarians.

      They don't contain any artificial colours or flavours.

      ~ Overall opinion~
      I absolutely love these chocolate coated juicy raisins! They are incredibly addictive and I could easily finish off one bag in a sitting, however I don't buy them often enough for it to do me any damage but I'm sure it would if I did. I would recommend these to anybody who enjoys raisins and fancies them with a bit of a twist, trust me there a perfect match! I wouldn't recommend these to diabetics or people on a diet because of the sugar content. I think these are also ideal for a little treat for the kids now and again, they are fruit after all!

      Overall I give this product 5/5 stars! I can't bring myself to knock one off for the sugar content but I think we should all be aware of it....Says the one that scoffed a bag last night in front of the telly! Hehe!


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      20.02.2012 17:13
      Very helpful



      Great Chocolate Raisins - a tasty inexpensive treat

      ---Why I Buy These---

      I spend quite a bit of time laid up in bed and a while ago I put together a snack cupboard for the bedroom for emergencies - so that I could get a snack without having to walk to the kitchen.
      One item I have found to include was these raisins.

      ---The Product---

      The bag currently being sold is not the same as in the image above - but the one on the Tesco website is also different.
      The bag I have contains 200g and is a bright purple/mauve bag.
      The front has an image of a gigantic raisin three-quarters coated in chocolate. The purple background has a scattering of small chocolate raisins all over it with random ones shown only half covered in chocolate.
      Shown as being a 'New Improved Recipe'.
      Milk Chocolate Califorian Raisins.
      Contains no artificial flavours or colours.
      25 grams contains 105 calories.
      Produced in Germany.
      You are advised to store in a cool place.
      ---Allergy Advice---
      Contains milk and soya and cannot guarantee nut free.
      Has a long shelf life - the packet I have has nine months until its 'best before' date.


      86p for 200g on Tesco website.
      (Compared with Cadbury Chocolate Coated Raisins 200g for £1.99 - but currently only 99p.)

      ---My Comments---

      I find these chocolate raisins a very useful and enjoyable snack.
      They are good to have a handful with a cup of tea so you get something sweet but it is not as bad for you as eating a pile of biscuits.
      I usually only have a few at a time so I can often make a bag last almost a week.
      The raisins are of a good quality and have a nice flavour and the chocolate is very morish and smooth and is covered with a glaze so you do not get messy fingers.
      I find both the quality of the chocolate and the raisins very high and would not find a need to upgrade to a better quality product.
      I also buy Tesco's chocolate peanuts which are equally as good.
      For the price the bag lasts a long time so is a cheap treat and one I consider to be not too unhealthy.

      ---In Summary---

      * Inexpensive
      * Long lasting
      * Good quality
      * Appetizing
      * Not messy
      * A great snack.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely - a great snack food.
      It is not shown as being for Vegetarians but I am not sure why.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars - no complaints.



      ---Full Ingredients---

      Milk Chocolate (55%), Raisins (44%), Modified Potato Starch, Glucose Syrup, Glazing Agent (acacia).
      Milk Chocolate contains Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Skimmed Milk, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder, Butterfat, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Flavouring.
      Milk Chocolate contains Cocoa solids 30% minimum, Milk solids 18% minimum.


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      13.06.2009 18:51
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      Tesco Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins are exceptionally reasonably priced, at just 69p for a 200g bag. That's considerably cheaper than the majority of their own brand chocolate products, though I think the fact that a large portion of this product is made by raisins is what helps to bring the price down to such a cheap level.

      Inside the rather feminine bright pink packets, you'll find generous amounts of well formed, decent quality chocolate coated raisins. I think the milk chocolate they've used in these is Tesco's usual middle-of-the-road affair, with a strong taste of milk but not enough of a cream edge to it for my personal tastes.

      The raisins are all good quality, with lots of squidy juiciness to them. I like that despite this being a low priced product, I don't find too many poor quality raisins in the packets. That's something I was wary of when I tried these, but I haven't been disappointed to date.

      These are nutritionally marginally better treats for you than a bar of standard chocolate, thanks to the fruit content. A serving (around 25g) contains 105 calories, 15g of sugar and 3.8g of fat. So as long as you're going to be active after you eat these, to burn off the high sugar content, these aren't a bad cheeky choccy snack to have.


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