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Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2011 09:35
      Very helpful



      A great cheaper alternative to Kit-Kat bars. Recommended!

      Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers is a regular staple in my shopping list as my daily chocolate based snack. They are essentially the store brand version of Kit-Kat bars, which I enjoy eating but those are a little more on the expensive side and so I only buy them when on offer. However the Tesco fingers cost only 95p for a pack of 8 (compared to £1.89 for a pack of 9 Kit-Kats), which I think is very good value for a cheaper alternative. They also come in Mint and Plain Chocolate flavours.

      Packaging is exactly as offered in the picture on Dooyoo- dark blue background, image of what you get to the left and the title in bold next to that. It certainly stands out enough so you know what you're getting. It's very easy to open the pack as well as each individual bar. Unlike Kit-Kats they don't come wrapped in foil with the paper covering over that but simply a foil based wrapper which can be torn open with ease, so that's less waste to worry about.

      The bar is just like a Kit-Kat: two attached long wafer biscuit based fingers in a layer of chocolate. It's easy to break the fingers apart to eat one at a time. Together the taste is sweet and crunchy and there is a good balance between chocolate and wafer. The chocolate is probably not Cadburys standard but it's moreish and good enough for you to want another bar! Some people might complain the chocolate is too sweet for them, but in my opinion it's certainly not overpowering and I think they're less sweet than Kit-Kat bars.

      Overall the Tesco Milk Chocolate Bars are great for those who want something cheaper but as good as Kit-Kats. Again, these are only 85p so you won't lose out that much for putting these in your shopping basket.

      (Review also on Ciao under the username Anti_W)


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      28.09.2010 15:56
      Very helpful



      Try them!

      I am not a fan of chocolate/sweets but my boyfriend is... And of course when we have something sweet at home I can't resist and eat it drinking my coffee. So a few weeks ago at Tesco we accidentally were passing by sweets shelves (as usually we don't go there - my idea!) and saw some cheep bars looking like Kit Kat but cheaper. So we decided to try Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers.


      Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers - 2 Finger milk chocolate bars with a wafer biscuit centre. They come in blue packaging with an image of Milk Chocolate fingers and a big Tesco's logo. Each chocolate bar is wrapped separately in same blue colour foil. One package consists of 8 chocolate bars.


      When You unwrap a Tesco Milk Chocolate Finger - You find a chocolate bar looking exactly like Kit Kat bars. Same 2 fingers covered with milk chocolate and wafer biscuit in the centre. As these bars looked like Kit Kats it was interesting to try them and compare the taste. And they are really good! Wafer is crunchy - just as I like it, milk chocolate is my favourite too. Fingers simply melt in Your mouth... Well they are also definitely sweet so I preferred eat them drinking coffee and actually half of a bar for one cup of coffee was enough for me. Real bargain! But my boyfriend loves chocolate, sweets and other similar snacks, so he ate one bar at a time. And he also liked the taste very much. We keep on thinking why we didn't notice them earlier because we used to buy more expensive and not always delicious snacks from time to time.

      I could say that wafer biscuit is a bit too much covered with chocolate. I would prefer bigger wafer biscuits and thinner layer of chocolate because now they are a bit too sweet for me and it's a bit hard to bite into a bar. But it's a minor problem and really not a reason to stop buying these Tesco Fingers in the future.

      Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers are packed individually so very convenient for putting into lunch boxes or a bag, or just grabbing with You. The only problem that we noticed - the chocolate melts very quickly so You need to be careful if do not want to make a mess. It would be a little bit problematic for children who manage to make a mess with "safer" products than chocolate!


      Milk Chocolate (65%),Wheat Flour ,Sugar ,Vegetable Fat ,Maize Flour ,Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder ,Soya Flour ,Sunflower Oil , Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins) ,Salt ,TempText2. ,Milk Chocolate contains ,Sugar ,Cocoa Butter ,Cocoa Mass ,Dried Whole Milk ,Whey Powder ,Dried Skimmed Milk ,Milk Fat , Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins) ,Natural Flavouring. ,Milk Chocolate contains ,Cocoa solids 33% minimum ,Milk solids 16% minimum.


      Typical values per 2 wafer fingers (21.5g): Energy - 470kj/ 115kcal, Protein - 1.5g, Carbohydrate - 12.4g of which sugars - 9.9g, Fat - 6.3g, of which saturates - 4.0g, Mono unsaturates - 1.7g, Polyunsaturates - 0.3g, Fibre - 0.5g, Sodium - trace, Salt Equivalent - trace.

      Contains: Milk, Wheat, Gluten & Soya.
      Tesco cannot guarantee nut free because product is made in a nut free area, but nuts used elsewhere in the factory.


      Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers are Tesco's own brand product; You may buy these only from Tesco stores. Price - £0.84 per packet of 8 bars. Real bargain comparing with similar Kit Kat bars. Kit Kat wafer bars cost £1.62 per packet of 9 bars.


      To my opinion Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers are wonderful much cheaper alternatives to Kit Kat wafer bars. You pay almost half price for Tesco Fingers which are extremely delicious.

      So of course I will buy these chocolate Fingers in the future and recommend You to try! Because very often shop's own brand products are as good as more expensive branded ones. So save Yourself a few pennies and try Tesco Milk Chocolate Fingers!

      I give these Fingers 5 stars out of 5!

      Thanks for taking time to read my review! Hope You'll find it useful!

      Also posted on other websites under the same user name.


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