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Tesco Rocky Road Chocolate Clusters

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Brand: Tesco

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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2009 11:54
      Very helpful



      Tasty little treat !!

      I thought I would write about Tesco Rocky Road Chocolate Clusters, but on looking through the Dooyoo lists I saw that there was only one listed. This came under the same title, but on looking at the picture this seems to be one from the Finest Range. So I will point out that this review is about the normal Tesco Rocky Road Chocolate Clusters!!

      Now thats out the way now I can begin, these come in a round deep pink colour plastic tub. With pictures of little chocolate clusters around the edge, they look very inviting!

      I'm not a big chocolate eater so I decided to get these for my family as a treat. On pulling off the plastic lid you will discover lots of different shape
      clusters, as for size it is difficult to describe as they all vary. I can only describe it as a two-bite size or greedy all in one go size( the latter being the favourite in my house!!).

      I was nagged into trying one so to get everyone off my back I had one (why is it people don't believe that you can really not fancy chocolate and that you must be on a diet!!) and it was really quite tasty. These little clusters consist of sultanas, marshmallows, biscuit pieces, crisped rice and glace cherries which are mixed together then covered in a thick milk chocolate to keep it all stuck together. So on munching you discover the different tastes, but I noticed the marshmallow was what seemed to jump out at me when eating it.

      On looking at the ingredients it would seem that the marshmallow is quite high in the content list:

      ~~~Milk Chocolate 53%~~~
      ~~~Sultanas 23%~~~
      ~~~Marshmallows 10%~~~
      ~~~Crisped Rice 3%~~~
      ~~~Digestive Biscuits 3%~~~
      ~~~Vegetable Oil~~~

      These little chocolate clusters are great for having at little kiddies tea parties or lunchboxes, as they will love the chewy taste that these clusters give out!

      I know that to make Rocky Road Chocolate Clusters is easy as all you have to do is get all the ingredients together, bash up the biscuits in a bag, melt chocolate and syrup, then mix together and pour into a tin to set in a fridge overnight or if you can't wait that long about 2-4 hours!!
      ......but these are really nice to have in the cupboard for an instant treat.

      Each cluster contains;

      ~~~Calories 49~~~
      ~~~Sugar 6.6g~~~
      ~~~Fat 1.7g~~~
      ~~~Saturates 1g~~~
      ~~~Salt trace~~~

      There is no artificial colours or flavours , but there is Pork gelatine in the marshmallows so not suitable for vegetarians. The best before date isn't
      particulary long only about two weeks, but that shouldn't matter as once the lid has been popped off they will be gone in no time!

      At present these sell at Tesco's for £2.49 but as they are on special at the moment at 2 for £3.00 it's a good time to try if you haven't already.These Rocky Road Clusters come in a 225g tub.

      So if like me you are not a particularly worried about having some chocolate you might find yourself dipping into the tub more than you would have thought!!!!!

      I really should give 1 star for NAUGHTY BUT it will be 5 stars for NICE!!!!


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        24.02.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        Tesco Finest have got it right again.

        The Tesco Finest range offers many interesting and high quality products.
        I can`t begin to tell you how many times I have wandered up and down the Tesco chocolate aisle in search of something new, as if we haven't got enough variations on a chocolate bar already!
        I'm sure that most of us will own up to the fact that we love to try the latest chocolate creations and I am no different.
        The Tesco Finest range is always a head turner, the black and silver packaging instantly signals that a superior product is wrapped inside.
        A small pyramid of the handmade Rocky Road Clusters front the box and with their rough and rugged exterior they do look interesting.

        The Rocky Road clusters are heavyweight, so there aren't masses in a box but ample for two of you to share.
        When I first saw them `in the raw` so to speak I thought that they resembled Ferraro Rocher, less uniform but much the same outward appearance.

        Each meteoric cluster is thickly covered in rich Belgian chocolate, what a treat!
        These clusters are more than a mouthful and have to be enjoyed gradually.
        When you manage to crack the code and enter the chocolate and chopped Spanish hazelnut shell there is such a lot going on inside!
        One of the first taste zaps to hit my buds was the unmistakable flavour of Cinder toffee/ Crunchie pieces, it has that slightly bitter edge to it that renders it irresistible.
        Slightly larger pieces of crunchy plain biscuit are weaving their way in and out of the sweet off- white marshmallow centre.
        So whereas most chocolates have one or two flavours there four ingredients milling around, making the entire experience inspirational.

        Although the clusters are sweet they are by no means sickly and it is simple to polish off three or four in a row without guilt ( Guilt is apparently a useless emotion!)
        The soft marshmallow soon fades away and the crunchy biscuit softens as it spends longer being savoured in your mouth, inevitably you are left with the hazelnut pieces at the end of the day, but this is no punishment, they are delightful.

        Each Rocky Road Cluster contains 118 calories and they are high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates.
        These are not an option for Vegetarians, the marshmallow contains Pork gelatine.
        The chocolates also contain gluten, wheat, soya and milk and of course aren't suitable for anyone with a nut allergy.

        They are £1.95 for a 150 g box. There is just one thing that baffles me slightly, for such an elegant chocolate why such an unimaginative name?
        I would have though that they were worthy of being christened something far more exotic than a Rocky Road Cluster!

        All in all an elegant and special chocolate that ranks high from my point of view.


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