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Tesco's Finest Belgian Chocolate Selection

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Brand: Tesco

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2011 23:47



      Buy it if it's on sale; even for 3.84 GBP, (30% off) it's pretty decent!

      I've bought these twice - the first time when they were on sale, and the second when they were on half price. Oddly enough, the econd time some of the chocolates weren't up to par; ganaches or mousses weren't as fluffy as the first time (presumably when they were fresh)

      At half price, these were 2.55 GBP for 15 chocolates (abt 250 g)

      Several of these chocolates resembled some created by Hotel Chocolat (such as Pagini HAzelnut)

      Other than these; the Marzipan selections were rather good!


      Musica - dark shell; interior "orange blossom" marzipan. biteable, dark tastes like a milk choc, marzipan DRY & bitty, mouldable; unremarkable. mild orange peel aroma mixed with some floral (jasmine?) scent (or is this orange essence). plain dark decent canvas for flavour. both too "in-between"

      Cerise - thick dark shell; REAL cherry and white liquid amarena liquer interior. dark is surprisingly smooth and strong cocoa / nutty aroma cherry flavour is strong; not piquant sour, melds with fleeting booze kick well. thick dark base forms lasting afterthought!

      Desire - thin milk shell; pasty, PB-like praline with light peanut/hazelnut hybrid aroma - no scent of cinnamon. sweetness is just right; albeit cheap-tasting of simple SWEET + nuts.

      Sultane - medium white shell with dark stripes;interior coffee cream-mousse hybrid, with dark choc base (like choc coin); GOOD COFFEE BASIC; beats M&S. good mix of vanilla-coffee: from light vanilla white paired with bitter, but mild espresso cream and finishing with slow melting dark base.

      Pareto - medium thick white shell, interior praline: vanilla & hazelnut were mellow combi lacking in distinction for each;a very decent, albeit cheap mouthfeel

      Anastasia - brittle dark shell with semi-liquid caramel on vanilla cream - dark had heavy depth but weak melt that complemented flaccid & sweet caramel white 'mousse' lacking in flavour; perhaps to mellow down the strongly flavours of the dark and caramel (good contrast); ORIGINAL, but weak.

      Palladio - thick substantial white shell; THICK praline - white adds much decadence; luxurious vanilla paired hazelnut sugar sweetness - SUPER-RICH FEEL

      Demi-vanille - milk shell; inner duo praline & marzipan layer; marzipan has tinge but sharp aroma of almond - pairs nicely w/ subtle praline. NOT BAD! crunchy/grainy marzipan seems to be textural focus, with pasty hazelnut and milk fusing as one to create smooth flowing symmetry at the background

      Paganini hazelnut - whole nut perched on'whipped' praline above 'double-lait' milky base, with thin layer of choc covering bottom. good lux smooth textures; yields a soft but luscious bite; like eating nutella w/ weak hazelnut aroma; mildly cloying with some cream to top off

      Coeur caramel - heart milk shell with inner liquid caramel. simple sticky liquid caramel + milk; imagine werther's milk choc. - SWEEEEEET.

      Marc de champagne - solid dark shell; good semi-milk-sweet dark completely overtook brown interior, slightly gritty with light boozi-sweet grape (tasted cheap)

      Crispy praline - milk shell with interior praline with flaky crisps (exact copy of hotel chocolat's, but with less rich mouthfeel of praline, also sweeter)

      Gauguin - milk shell with raspberry mousse - mousse is light but...mushy, does not feel sophisticated; raspberry tastes fake; small bits no crunch (FAIL!)

      Prosper - biteable dark shell serves as canvas for dense pasty praline, sweet&dense nutella hit; caramel slight, melded well with hazelnut sweetness & dark

      Praline - no shell; block of hazelnut praline; soft & biteable, liquidy-diluted sweetness with NO LUXURIOUS creamy texture as expected. FAIL


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