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Thorntons Christmas Chocolate Selection

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Brand: Thorntons

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2010 15:40
      Very helpful



      Stock up in time for Christmas

      I am a sucker for chocolates and love to indulge as often as possible! Thornton's are a firm favourite and my other half surprised me with a (very early!) box of Thornton's Christmas Selection. They are currently available to buy in the high street stores and online at www.thorntons.co.uk. They usual retail at £10.00 for a 456g box, but at the moment they are part of a fabulous half price offer meaning that the entire box only cost £5.00. I was surprised that Thornton's would be selling off Christmas chocolates so cheaply with other retailers gearing up their advertising in preparation for Christmas. I had a cynical feeling about the deal, and checked to see how long a lifespan these chocolates had left. The best before date marked on the box was the 30th April 2011. This sounds too good to be true! If you know people who enjoy Thornton's chocolates or need to stock up on this type of this in preparation for the gifting season, you cannot afford to pass this offer up.

      Thornton's say: "A selection of your favourite milk, dark and white chocolates.
      A delicious selection of classic chocolates. Lovingly created using the finest alcohol-free ingredients and the traditional art of confectionery-making, timeless favourites with something for everyone."

      The box shown in the picture is slightly different to what is on offer in the stores at the moment. The packaging has had a bit of a makeover and has been updated with a bright, bold design featuring traditional red and white colour scheme with a nice Christmas tree image. The box contains one layer of chocolates and is quite large and flat. Inside, the tray contains 36 delicious looking chocolates, and is protected by a removable padded layer. Instead of having a little card placed inside to show all the different types of chocolate, there are pictures and descriptions printed around the edge of the lid of the box.

      And now for the part that you (and I!) are interested in - the contents of the box. This selection contains 36 individual chocolates, of which there are 12 different types. This leaves you with the odd number of 3 chocolates per flavour! This doesn't work out very well if you are trying to share the box between a couple, although it did mean that my partner and I were each able to enjoy the 'extra' one of our favourites, and then dish out the questionable ones evenly. All of the chocolates are very well made to a high standard. Any that I dislike are purely down to personal taste and dislike of certain flavours, it is in no way a reflection on the actual production of the chocolate itself.

      It is quite easy to tell the chocolates apart as they are all decorated differently. It does help to keep the lid nearby so you can refer to the pictures as it is not easy to remember what they all are as there is quite a wide selection. There is a good mix between traditional milk chocolate along with dark and white, so there is something to suit everybody's palette. As well as the usual truffles there are also fruit centres, caramel, fudge, and more.

      Chocolate flavours included in this box are:
      * Almond marzipan. A deliciously soft almond marzipan smothered in dark chocolate. This is a sweet traditional treat balanced out by the rich taste of the dark chocolate.
      * Chocolate Truffle. A rich smooth chocolate truffle with a hint of vanilla smothered in white chocolate. A lovely smooth truffle, this is a nice combination of the two different types of chocolate.
      * Coconut Paradise. Completely coconut, a sweet coconut centre with lightly toasted coconut pieces coated in milk chocolate. I can't stand the taste of coconut, and I ate one by accident not realising what it was! It had a strong natural coconut flavour but not a good one for me I'm afraid.
      * Country Caramel. A deliciously chewy caramel smothered in milk chocolate. Sorry but these types of chocolate do nothing for me. They always get left to the end and no one I know really seems to like the. A standard chocolate to include in a selection box, but nothing special.
      * Creamy Coffee. A coffee-influenced double cream soft truffle coated in dark chocolate. This has a very strong coffee taste that is grown up and blends nicely with the dark chocolate. Too bitter for me but the other half loved it.
      * Creamy Fudge. A lightly whipped creamy fudge lavishly covered in milk chocolate. This one surprised me, I usually hate fudge but it had such a smooth and creamy texture that is very unlike how I usually think of fudge. Delicious and not what you might expect.
      * Hazelnut Praline. Wonderfully smooth hazelnut praline with roasted chopped hazelnuts and almonds covered in white chocolate. A tasty praline with a smooth centre, but not much of a strong nutty flavour and no chunks of nut.
      * Honeycomb Crunch. Velvety milk chocolate bursting with crispy honeycomb and sugar-roasted hazelnut croquant. Again, I was expecting to see some chunks of nut or honeycomb but the inside was very smooth and there were only tiny crumbs visible. One of the best tasting chocolate in this selection, even if it wasn't quite was I was expecting.
      * Layered Chocolate Classic. Triple chocolate temptation with this layered combination of our smooth milk, white and dark chocolate. This looks fantastic with the stripes, but is hard to bite into and the layers separated and fell apart when I bit into it.
      * Lemon Parfait. Real zesty lemon folded with double cream, wrapped in a smooth white chocolate. This one is delicious, very zingy and not what you would normally find in a Christmas selection. Refreshing taste that goes well with the sweet white chocolate.
      * Strawberry Velvet. A velvety soft strawberry and double cream fondant coated in milk chocolate. A sharp fruity chocolate that has a unique flavour.
      * Turkish Delight. Delicately fragrant rose flavour Turkish Delight drenched in dark chocolate. I personally can't stand Turkish Delight in any form, the jelly texture puts me off. The other half wolfed them all down and said that they have a nice traditional flavour.

      I would say that this chocolate selection is sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy, and even though it comes in fun brightly coloured packaging there are some flavours which children might not enjoy. They would be great for sharing between a family and I was happy to bargain with my other half and share the chocolates out so that we both got a good mix of the ones we really like. There is a good variety including some well known favourites and it covers a diverse range of flavours even for an average sized selection box. This selection is a great quality item and I can definitely recommend it. Pick up one (or several!) now while they're at half price and make the most of the saving.


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