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Thorntons Jasper Rabbit

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Milk

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2009 14:19
      Very helpful



      A great product that anyone would be happy to recieve

      Thornton's are a very well known manufactures and have been valued for their superior chocolate. At Easter time they always have a large range of stock that includes Easter eggs ranging from £3 to £30. This year I even noticed they had a large sized bunny with was a bit out of my league at about £70! I like chocolate...but not THAT much! Though I did notice this bunny which measures roughly (I have already eaten half so I sadly can't be exact!) 35cms.


      This bunny comes packaged in a brightly coloured box of a light blue/turquoise colour and a pastel green colour (The sides and the inside are the green colour and the lid, bottom, front and back are blue). Of course like most Thornton's models it has a clear 'door' on the front so you can see the item itself. The window is also if you want something iced on it then it can be done without taken the whole product out and making a mess.

      It also has decorations on it such as little birds and objects that kind of look like snowflakes and a funny sort of tree; its well to say this is a unique design! At the bottom of the box on the left hand side is a green and brown picture of and egg, and on the right is an egg with the words Milk chocolate bunny in it. At the top it has the Thornton's logo which says 'Thornton's the art of the chocolatier' with the 'Thornton's' word slanted in an elegant way. It also has a yellow bubble saying it has no artificial colours and flavours. Inside the box is an extra bit of packaging of plastic that holds the bunny in place which only covers the back of it so it can be iced on.

      If you turn the box over It has the typical chart of contents and also tells you what the coco contents of the chocolate contains. You can see that this products contains milk and soya, may contain nuts, and is suitable for vegetarians and has a gluten free recipe. It then even tells you in a separate column some ingredients for if your bunny has been iced which I think is really good. It then has the best before date and a small box telling you that you may recycle the inside plastic and the cardboard but not the see-through window.

      *The bunny*

      I love the way they put so much detail into there model products. This bunny has one of its ears bent over with a fluffy detail look on them, its eyes are white chocolate with a splodge of dark on. It then has white chocolate on where it's cheeks are and its teeth sticking out. then there is a small amount of pink which I'm not sure is chocolate on the back it says 'milk, white and dark chocolate with pink decorations' which doesn't say its chocolate. The bunny then has its 2 paws up near his chin as though he's standing up looking around and then his 2 feet are pointing inwards. All over this bunny are detail of fur which I love!


      I have always loved Thornton's chocolate and have to say this product is no different. Although I can taste a slight difference from when they did have artificial colours and flavourings it doesn't taste bad. most people know what chocolate tastes like and I don't quite know how to describe it...It tastes kind of sweet as it melts on your tongue. It has a very creamy and smooth texture to it which leaves you wanting more! When you open this product you instantly get a whiff of a lovely chocolate smell that will make you want to have a munch straight away!


      Well the price of this is £6.50 which isn't too bad for a Thornton's product and for the quality of it, and you can get it iced for free. You may have noticed that Thornton's products are gradually being spread out into other supermarkets and even card shops! I work in BHS and this year we has these bunny's in which were £6 which is already 50p cheaper than Thornton's. We then had an offer on these for 2 for £10 which is £5 each...and even then on the Thursday before Easter our prices dropped and they were half price at only £3! Needless to say I bought some as we also has an event day on this Thursday meaning card holders get an extra 20% off...and I being staff got 40% so I stole 4 of these away for just £1.20 each which sounds ridiculous! I did want to ice them so I went out and bout a set for just a pound and decorated them how I liked!


      They do this per 100g and per 25g portion, I'm going to give you the values per 100g.

      Energy - 2300kj, 551kcal

      Protein - 5.9g

      Carbohydrate - 54.2g
      of which sugars - 53.3g

      Fat - 34.5g
      of which saturates 20.8g

      Fibre - 2.9g

      Sodium - 0.08g

      *My opinion*

      I gave one of these to my grandma, one to my mum, one to my fiancé and kept one for myself which is nearly gone! They were all very pleased with them, obviously not knowing how much I got them for so it was a great bargain! I think I would buy one of these again even if it was for a higher price than I got it because for the quality of product it was very good. The only bad thing is it has quite a lot of calories and fat in, so you would have to eat this very carefully and try to spread it out over a few days! otherwise if you eat it in one day that's already about 75% of your daily allowance.


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      milk chocolate rabbit with a loving expression.

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