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Thorntons Milk Chocolate Collection

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Milk

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2010 16:26
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      Thorntons could have made this so much better

      This box of milk chocolates by Thorntons is currently on special offer in Tesco for 'half price' - it's £2.49 instead of £5.19 (erm Tesco, just thought you should know that £2.49 is not half of £5.19...) and this is the main reason my boyfriend bought it for me when he was food shopping recently.

      The chocolates come in a brightly coloured box - blue and yellow with a mouth watering photo of chocolates across the middle. Of course we can tell by the name that inside we are going to find milk chocolates but the packaging is not specific about which. Overall this box contains 229g of chocolates, but you're left to guess about what this means in terms of actual numbers of chocolates.

      Inside the box is a plastic formed holder for the chocolates (18 of them in total - I counted) and a little bit of paper telling you which each of the chocolates are. Unfortunately I have to say that I am disappointed with the contents - I am a chocoholic and particularly love ones with soft fillings, but I don't like anything with nuts, coconuts, turkish delight or coffee. As such I was aware that I wouldn't like everything in the box, but it turns out that the only ones I did like were pitifully few.

      The box contains (hopefully this will enable you to decide whether you like enough of them to make it worth buying this product):
      3 honey comb cruch (also has hazelnut in it)
      1 heavenly hazelnut
      2 strawberry velvet
      3 cream fudge
      1 caramel divine
      2 chocolate truffle
      2 coffee truffle
      2 turkish delight
      2 coconut dream

      In all honesty I'm surprised that there was only one caramel (always a popular choice among consumers) but a higher quantity of coffee etc. which are more acquired tastes. I was also very disappointed that there wasn't a single orange fondant as these are my favourites. Overall I only liked 8 out of the 18 which would work out at something like 30p per chocolate at the reduced price so imagine how expensive it would work out at full price! I'm sure it's not just me who doesn't like every type of chocolate.

      On the plus side, the quality is decent - individually I'd give the strawberry velvet 5/5, creamy fudge 3/5 (a little too sickly), and the caramel divine 5/5, chocolate truffle 4/5 (a bit boring).

      It wouldn't be so bad if they listed the contents on the back of the box - that way people would be able to decide if they liked what it contained rather than just taking a chance, but then again I suppose that's exactly what Thornton's are hoping you'll do.

      Overall I can't say I'd particularly recommend these - certainly not at full price anyway. If you like the chocolates I've listed then it's decent value at half price, but if you're not keen on some of them then it's more of a waste of money than anything else and you'd be better of going into Thorntons and making your own selection over the counter. This isn't something I'll be buying again, even as a present.


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