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Thorntons Moments

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Praline

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    20 Reviews
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      06.03.2013 08:51
      Very helpful




      I love chocolate but I'm not a chocoholic as I do eat it occasionally as a special treat. Last week while I was in the shopping centre I walked next to Thorntons; I usually don't pay attention to this shop because of its high prices but this time I spotted special offers on most of their chocolates. They offered half price on big boxes of chocolate for special occasions and smaller ones for treats as well. The offer was so tempering because Thorntons is such a high respected chocolate company with such high standard quality confectionery. I was spoiled for choices so I bought quite a few boxes but the first one I've tried was Thornton's moments.

      == The box ==

      The chocolate came in a lovely rectangular smooth edged box with a clear window showing the chocolates inside. The name of the chocolate was written on the front while the back of the box contains some useful information about the flavour of each kind of chocolate plus the ingredients and the nutritional information.

      == Inside the box, the chocolate flavours ==

      There are seven different flavours for you to choose from when selecting from the small box. The bigger sized Thorntons chocolate box, which I also bought, has well over 10 different flavours but it still had a very good selection.

      I must say even though it has only seven flavours but there are very tasty. The chocolate wrapped in the same manor; the same foil wrapper was used with different colours to code for what each one is.

      The chocolate pieces look almost identical, all of them have a smooth roundish dome shape and all of them are chocolate centred; the filling inside has a different flavour. I have to say that the size of the chocolate piece is a little too small but after reading the nutrition information bit I was glad that it was that small! Each piece of chocolate has nearly 39 calories so if you want to try all the different seven flavours they would be a staggering 273 calories!!

      I'm going to review the box that contains 250g but there is bigger size of this tasty chocolate.

      == The flavours are: ==

      === Orange crisp (orange wrapper) ===

      It might be not the most vintage flavour but it definitely has something different about it.

      The outer shell was very smooth and silky, it was milk chocolate covered with darker chocolate stripes. It tasted absolutely divine. It melted in the mouth instantly with the right sweetness and smoothness. In the centre of the chocolate you find a lovely surprise, a solid milk chocolate centre mixed with real crispy pieces of orange. The orange pieces were slightly bitter but in a good way, they were zesty and it had that oomph about it. The pieces of orange were chewy but I liked it.
      This one certainly surpassed expectations and I can definitely say it's one of my favourites.

      == Strawberry dream (Pink wrapper) ==

      The milk chocolate outer shell is not as smooth as the previous one. It has bumps on the top. Inside the chocolate in has a light pink strawberry filling. I must say that it tasted just like the one in quality street chocolate tin but the this one was softer and much more creamier and less sweet.

      == Creamy fudge (Yellow wrapper) ==

      This one is my least favourite. I'm not a big fan of fudge myself and the same applies to my boys. The fudge filling was very soft and creamy but it was sickly sweet. I noticed that creamy fudge chocolate was the most repeated in the box.

      == Chocolate truffle (Brown wrapper)==

      The dome's outer layer consists of milk chocolate with darker chocolate stripes. When I bit it, the chocolate burst out of it. Just for a note the filling is much sweeter than the coating. Chocolate truffle has always been one of my favourites and this certainly did not harm it.

      == Crunchy praline ( Red wrapper)==

      Another milk chocolate dome decorated with white chocolate swirls. Inside the dome was a nice thick chocolate filling embracing tiny pieces of roasted hazelnut. The taste was amazing, I loved it, the nutty flavour definitely stood out and overall I was quite satisfied with this one .

      == Double chocolate croquant (Gold wrapper) ==

      Croquant, French for crisp, is a combination of caramelised sugar and almonds.
      In this piece of chocolate there was a combination of a sweet and bitter taste. I could definitely taste the sweetness of caramelised sugar; the bitterness of the almonds gave it the right balance of sweet and bitter. This piece has two kinds of chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. I loved it, the taste was marvellous and it's another winner for me.

      == Soft caramel (purple wrapper) ==

      It looks very plain from outside and when I ate it; it tasted like a typical classic caramel chocolate. There was nothing special about it a part from the excellent quality of the chocolate. I like caramel in general so it was an ok chocolate for me although I was looking for a piece or two of nuts but there wasn't. The golden caramel filing was very generous and it was oozing out of the chocolate.

      == Nutrition information ==

      Energy 164 kJ - 39 kcal -
      Protein 0.4 g -
      Carbohydrate 4.6 g -
      Fat 2.1 g

      == Ingredients ==

      Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweetened Condensed Milk (Whole Milk, Sugar), Lactose, Butter, Hazelnuts, Dried Skimmed Milk, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Butteroil, Wheat Flour, Humectant (Sorbitol), Cocoa Powder, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E471), Flavourings, Orange Peel, Salt, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Dextrose, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Acid (Citric Acid), Dried Free Range Egg White, Stabiliser (Invertase), Milk Protein, Milk Chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids 30% minimum, Milk Solids 20% minimum, Dark Chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids 60% minimum, Our Chocolate is made with 100% Cocoa Butter

      == Prices and availability ==

      I bought it from Thorntons shop for £2.14 which is half the original price; it is a very tempting price for such quality chocolate. You can buy it from their website, they have it on special offer 2 for £6, it's also available in super markets and the prices range from £3-£4 so I must say that I had a bargain paying only £2.19.

      == Allergy information ==

      It contains milk, nuts, eggs and soya.

      It has no gluten, alcohol or animal fat so its suitable for vegetarians.

      == Finally ==

      I highly recommend it, it's a tasty and mouth- watering selection of chocolates at a very affordable price. It can be a nice surprise for chocolate lovers, for special occasions or your loved ones. I bought another couple of boxes to consume in the next few days because to be honest the box didn't last for half a day, the boys liked it, my husband liked it and I absolutely loved it.


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        30.08.2012 10:51
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Four stars as I don't like all the flavours

        I am a self confessed chocoholic and absolutely love Thorntons chocolate. I cooked my friend dinner last night and she brought round some Thorntons Moments for an after dinner treat which I was glad of as I didn't have much in for dessert!

        These are a mixture of 7 different chocolates wrapped individually in shiny wrappers. The slogan on the front is "love to share" and I would agree that they are the ideal sharing chocolates as they are individually wrapped and come in a choice of flavours to suit everyones tastes.

        The seven flavours are: crunchy praline, double chocolate croquant, soft caramel, orange crisp, chocolate truffle, creamy fudge and strawberry dream. Mmmmmm!

        I like the name of the product and the attractive packaging it comes in. All the chocolates are milk chocolate so this may appeal to the picky chocolate eater.

        These chocolates are priced at £4.29 for a 250g box which isn't bad as far as Thorntons go but is still quite expensive. They are currently on half price offer though!! Head to www.thorntons.co.uk to see offers and deals currently available. I would suggest that they are definitely a luxury gift or luxury treat.

        1. Crunchy praline

        This is my absolute favourite of the lot, this one comes wrapped in red. I looove Thorntons praline chocolates and the slight crunch to this truffle made it a winner for me, the texture is perfect for a praline truffle, combining smooth praline with a bit of a bite to it.

        2. Double chocolate croquant

        This one is delicious, featuring a chocolate truffle with a white chocolate base. Crisp and multi layered.

        3. Soft caramel

        Sweet sticky caramel encased in a hard chocolate shell. I only like caramels of quality really and am not a huge fan, so Thorntons is a lovely option.

        4. Orange crisp

        Crispy with an orange kick, ideal for chocolate orange fans.

        5. Chocolate truffle

        Soft and rich, a chocolate truffle embracing the best of Thorntons rich flavour, with a soft texture.

        6. Creamy fudge

        Sweet and delightfully soft and chewy fudge - one of the best fudges out there.

        7. Strawberry dream

        I'm not too bothered about this one as I don't actually like fruit in chocolate very much. However, if you like a little sweetness in your truffle, this one is very sweet and fruity. Probably my least favourite.

        Get these for a nice birthday gift, present to take round to someone's house or a treat to share with friends. Luxury treat at £4.29 but worth the variety you get for the price!


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          21.06.2012 18:55
          Very helpful
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          6 flavoured milk chocolates from thorntons

          I picked these up in my local supermarket, just a couple of days ago,as I was having a dinner party, and thought they might be a nice treat to have with tea and coffee after our meal. I liked that the were each in their own wrappers and it also helped that they were half price. I picked them up at £2.20 but I am not sure I would have been willing to pay the full price as I feel its a little steep for what you are getting.

          The company-
          Thorntons are now the largest independent chocolate company in the UK, that I think just about everyone has heard of. They were established way back in 1911 by Joseph William Thornton. They are reported to have around 360 shops in the UK and many more additional franchised shops. You can pick up Thorntons chocs just about anywhere.

          The box I bought is more like a carton, and was the 250g size. It is rectangluar in shape and opens up like a standard card does but with around a inch in depth. The box isa dull yellow in colour and on the box I have there is a small plastic window at the front so that you can see all the chocolates inside. There are some pictures that surround the window, of some yummy looking chocolates that make your mouth water. The thorntons logo is clear at the top of the front of the box with the word moments written under the logo. There is also a brief description which states "A selection of favourite centres smothered in milk chocolate".

          On the back of the box there are pictures of each of the 6 flavours of chocolates and a description of each, under the title meet the moments. There is an ingredients list, and a nutritional guide. There is also a bit about recyclability and Thorntons contact information. It also states that there is no artifical colours or added preservatives. This is written in slightly larger writing than the rest of the information on the back of the box which makes it stand out. They are suitable for vegetarians and contain milk, nuts, soya, egg, gluten and wheat.

          The Chocolates-
          As described on the box

          Creamy Fudge- Soft and Dreamy
          Luxurious, velvety butter fudge made with demerara sugar and coasted in milk chocolate.

          Chocolate Truffle- Silky Smooth
          Silky chocolate truffle smothered in Thorntons delicious milk chocolate

          Orange Crisp-Zingy and Zesty
          Indulgent chocolate truffle laced with real orange zest and crispy pieces

          Double Chocolate Croquant- You'll love my crunchy bits
          Crunchy chocolate dome made from layers of milk and white choclate with croquant pieces

          Crunchy Praline-You'll go nuts for me
          Exquisite golden roasted hazelnut praline wrapped in milk chocolate

          Soft Caramel- I'm really gooey
          Rich,smooth flowing caramel cloaked in a chunky milk chocolate dome

          I have to admit I tried them all, and I enjoyed them all. They went down a real treat to end my dinner party. They were of a high quality, which you can smell before you even taste. It has the beautiful choclate smell rather than that cheap easter egg chocolate smell. I was in chocolate heaven from the first bite. However I must admit I like the odd chewy chocolate, like a chocolate toffee and was a bit gutted there wasn't any of this style in here, but the creamy fudge chocolates made up for it. The creamy fudge chocolate just tastes of luxury it really was to die for. They say chocolate is better than sex and after trying this one I am starting to wonder. The double chocolate croquant was also lovely. I feel although the other 4 flavours were yummy, they didn't quite have the same wow factor for me as the 2 iI have mentioned already. I would also say that the Orange Crisp didn't have as much crisp to it as I would have liked. I would love a box/bag of chocolates which is filled with the creamy fudge and double chocolate croquants. I think it would be a great idea if in the thorntons stores if ou could make up your own mix of moments chocolates, or buy individually.

          Sugar, dried whole milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, coconut oil, sweetned condensed milk, (whole milk,sugar) lactose, butter, hazelnuts, dried skimmed milk, fat reduced cocoa powder, butteroil, wheat flour, humectant (sorbitol), cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin E471) flavourings, orange peel, slat, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate) acid (citric acid) dried free rande egg white, stabiliser (invertase and milk protein.

          Nutrition Information
          Per chocolate
          Energy 164kj
          Protein 0.4g
          Carbohydrate 4.6g
          Fat 2.1g


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            28.01.2012 23:55
            Very helpful



            A great collection of sweets from Thornton;s

            We recently had a friend stay overnight with us and in return for our hosting, she brought us some little gifts, one of which was this box of Thornton's moments, which my husband and I managed to eat entirely between us within the space of a week! Although I am a fan of Thornton's chocolate, this is not a box of sweets that I had ever tried before.

            A 250g box of these Thornton's moments costs around the £4 mark in the likes of the supermarkets. On the front of the box, it states that this box offers 'a selection of favourite centres smothered in milk chocolate'. It also indicates at the bottom of the box that these are perfect to 'share' which my husband and I gladly did! This must be a slightly updated box however from the picture at the front of the screen, as it now contains a 'strawberry dream' chocolate as well.

            Within this box, there is at assortment of 7 flavoured chocolates, including this new strawberry addition. Each chocolate is wrapped individually in coloured foil. The range of chocolates includes, creamy fudge, orange crisp, chocolate truffle, soft caramel, double chocolate croquant, crunchy praline and the new strawberry dream.

            When you open up the paper, you will see that each sweet is literally a bite, a yummy bite, but rather small. I am not usually a fan of fudge, however I make the exception with thornton's as even the creamy fudge sweet is quite delicious. I really didn't mind which of these sweets that I chose when I was handed the box by my husband, however, I would say that the new strawberry dream is probably my favourite. I think there is a great range within this box and there should be something for everyone to choose from happily. I wouldn't say that there is a lot of sweets in the box, and it didn't take my husband or me long to get through them, partly because they were yummy but also because the box wasn;t exactly full to the brim!!

            All in all, Thornton's is a well known and respected name in the world of chocolate, and this box does not disappoint. Each chocolate is delicious, and unless you are particularly fussy I would go so far as to say that you will probably like them all. The addition of the strawberry dream adds to this collection. My only slight complaint is that there aren't that many sweets in the box and the sweets are quite small, but then again I didn't pay for them!


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            08.05.2011 15:55
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Overall i think the chocolates taste nice, but they are nothing special considering it's Thorntons

            For my birthday one of my friends gave me a box of thorntons moments chocolates. I've always enjoyed thorntons chocolates because they are made using high quality ingredients and they tend to taste much nicer than your usual 'Celebrations' or 'Roses'

            In the box you get an assortment of six different varieties of chocolates:

            Creamy Fudge 'luxurious velevty butter fudge made with demerara sugar and coated in milk chocolate'
            Personally i thought it tasted nice, but it just seemed like a slightly higher quality version of cadburys fudge.

            Chocolate Truffle 'Chocolate truffle smothered in Thorntons delicious milk chocolate'
            For me i found this one really dull. It was almost just like milk chocolate with some slightly softer chocolate in the middle.

            Orange Crisp 'indulgent chocolate truffle laced with real orange zest and crispy pieces' I actually quite enjoyed this one because i have always liked chocolate orange. The little crunchy pieces of orange were really zingy and were quite unique.

            Double chocolate croquant 'crunchy chocolate dome made from layers of milk and white chocolate with croquant pieces' This one sounds quite interesting but it was really disapointing. I couldn't really make out the difference between the milk and the white chocolate and the croquant pieces didn't stand out with any flavour.

            Crunchy Praline 'Exquisite golden roasted hazelnut praline wrapped in milk chocolate'
            This one was my favourite out of them all. I think it has something to do with the fact i absolutely love praline! This one has the perfect praline taste!

            Soft Caramel 'rich smooth flowing caramel cloaked in chunky milk chocolate dome'
            This one was probably my least favourite since the lack of excitement in it. Basically all it is is your usual caramel filled chocolate. What's new here?

            In terms of calories, each chocolate contains 39 calories so you could easily eat 3 of these for a chocolate fix that won't ruin your waistline


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              14.01.2011 20:10
              Very helpful



              OK but I wouldn't buy again

              I bought a box of these chocolates when they were on offer before Christmas for a girly night.

              I must say I was rather disappointed, especially given that they bear the Thorntons name.

              The chocolates I had came in a 250g box and were all individually wrapped in different coloured foil to show the 6 different varieties. The varieties are:

              soft caramel - soft but not particularly caramel flavoured

              chocolate truffle - very rich and quite sticky

              fudge - soft and buttery

              orange crisp - my favourite - subtle orange flavour and a few crispy bits to crunch

              double chocolate croquant - just soft and chocolaty with a bit of crunch

              crunchy praline - very nice, slightly nutty flavour

              I found the chocolates to be very sweet. It is a good job that they are all on the small side as I persoanlly couldn't eat more than 2. And it is a plus that they are small as they only have 39 calories per chocolate so one as a treat isn't going to kill the diet.

              I would have liked there to be a bit more variety in the box - it was quite hard to tell which particular centre you had without looking on the box (the orange and praline ones are the most different and eaiest to tell the difference between).

              They do look pretty in a sweet bowl with their brightly coloured foil wrappers and the box is attractive and nicely designed, being a more unusual shape - flat but rounded at 2 corners - with a clear panel on the front.

              These are OK but I would not pay the recommended selling price for them - around £4 for 250g. Buy them as a gift when they are on offer for friends with a particularly sweet tooth!


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              30.12.2010 00:08
              Very helpful



              My favourite assortment of chocolates

              NB: The packaging for the box that I have is completely different to the one in the product image above and is much brighter, with a clear plastic window towards the top of the box to show the individually wrapped chocolates inside so I'm assuming that there has been an image overhaul somewhere down the line to make the chocolates appear more similar to Quality Streets and Roses.

              Now into the review proper! I'm not always particularly fond of assortment collections as there are invariably plenty that I don't like and end up passing onto someone else. I bought a couple of bags and boxes of these for my Dad in the months leading up to Christmas but hadn't sampled them for myself until I was given one of the larger size boxes for Christmas. Having no real idea of what they tasted like before diving in, I hoped that I'd like them and not offend my parents by not eating them! As a general rule, I love most things chocolate but can't stand the kind of creams (strawberry etc.) that you get in the likes of Roses and Quality Street so I was pleased to see that there isn't really anything like that here. According to the description on the Thorntons website, strawberry cream has recently been added to the collection but my box didn't have this and I'm actually glad of that as I wouldn't have eaten those ones anyway!

              WHAT DO YOU GET?

              There are six different chocolates included, and here's my take on them:

              1. CREAMY FUDGE - I'm a sucker for most types of fudge and have had to make a serious effort to stop myself from buying Thorntons vanilla-flavoured fudge boxes lately so a fudge option was always to get the thumbs-up from me. The fudge is lovely and creamy and I must admit that while this is my favourite of the lot, it can get a bit sickly.

              2. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CROQUANT - A little bit crunchy when you first bite into it, this chocolate has milk chocolate on the top and white chocolate on the bottom, hence the 'double chocolate' part of the name. Great for when you want something really sweet and chocolatey, although it's a tad sickly if you're eating two on the go or with something sweet to drink. Although the white chocolate seems quite minimal when you look at the chocolate, it tastes quite prominent to me at times when you chew.

              3. CRUNCHY PRALINE - This one is quite crunchy due to the hazelnut praline in the middle but still has enough of a soft truffle-like texture. The contrast between the two

              4. ORANGE CRISP - If I'm entirely honest, orange isn't particularly my favourite chocolate but I don't hate it. This one is a bit more crunchy than the praline but still predominantly soft in the centre so there's just a crunchy undertone as you chew.

              5. SOFT CARAMEL - This one is a bit like the hazelnut caramel that you can find in Quality Street or Roses (can never remember which!) but minus the hazelnut. The caramel is silky and smooth

              6. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE - My second favourite overall as the truffle melts in the mouth and is deliciously sweet.

              The 250g box that I bought my Dad retails for around £4 in most Thorntons stores and the bag was a little bit cheaper if I recall correctly. The box that I have though is 650g and a quick look on the Thorntons website suggests that these cost something in the region of £10. I was pretty shocked at that as while these are nice chocolates and I'm certainly not finding it any ordeal to work my way through them, they're a lot more expensive than their competitors (namely Roses and Quality Street), which are often on some kind of offer in the lead-up to Christmas and for that I'm knocking off a star.

              OVERALL VERDICT
              Do I recommend these? They're very moreish and I personally infinitely prefer them to similar collections because of the absence of creams and sticky toffees but the price tag is high for the larger boxes and you'd probably be better off with the smaller sizes. The 250g size that I bought for my Dad would be of a more adequate size if I were going to buy these for myself or even for a present as there seems to be enough to be going on with if you're just dipping in and out.


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                12.04.2010 23:48
                Very helpful



                Just amazing. Simples.

                Thornton's. I love them. They are like the KINGS ( or Queens, maybe it's a girl? O.o ) of Quality Chocolate. They hardly ever let me down. So you could see I was clearly excited to try these. I got this as a gift to treat myself since I'd not been having a good day, so tucked into the box straight away.

                And honest, these did NOT let me down. They were absolutely GORGEOUS.
                The chocolate was so beautifully smooth and creamy that it made my mouth water before I ate it! I didn't eat the nutty one as I don't like nuts, so I gave them to my Grandma, who has a particular liking to them!

                My personal favourites are the soft caramel and the creamy fudge. The soft caramel one was like a little chocolate dome, with yummy sweet caramel inside. The creamy fudge really was creamy, great quality. It is sealed with milk chocolate. Descriptions of all the chocolate is found on the back of the box.

                I found this quite pricey, though ( but it was worth it )! I bought it in ASDA for around £4.50 and it costs even more in the proper Thornton's stores, that I have seen. They are also very addictive so you might end up eating a whole box to yourself without knowing it.

                I am TOTALLY addicted to these, I need to buy more. But then I'll get fat so I'm keeping it for a special indulgence! Definitely buy it again, for me AND friends and family!
                I recommend this because it's just so amazing. I can't describe how good they taste. Just put it that way!


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                25.03.2010 21:10
                Very helpful



                A lovely box of chocolates that are suitable for any occasion.

                These will set you back around £3.50 from Thornton's and various supermarkets. For your cash you get a 250g box that is ideal for sharing. Suitable for vegetarians but does contain nuts, Soya, eggs, gluten and wheat.

                The assortment is made up of:
                1 Soft caramel ( caramel)
                2 Creamy fudge (fudge)
                3 Double chocolate croquant (choclate centre with crunchy bits in)
                4 Crunchy praline (soft praline centre with nuts)
                5 Orange crisp (orange centre with crispy bits)
                6 Chocolate truffle (soft chocolate centre)

                So that pretty much covers all tastes.

                The chocolate on each sweet is velvety and the fillings are well thought out and of the same quality as the more expensive ranges.

                I think these are good value for money and are ideal as a present or just a treat for yourself .

                The chocolates are beautifully wrapped in an eye catching range of metallic colours. They taste fantastic and are a good quality product as you would expect from Thornton's.

                Around Christmas they do come in a lovely presentation pack with a sharing bowel, which is made of white ceramic and is a wavey square shape, and are a lovely alternative to the tired out old Roses. Would also make a lovely adult Easter present.

                The packaging is very nice as the box opens side ways so you can easily acces all your sweets without having to tip them everywhere.

                To sum up good value, tasty adult chocs.


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                22.02.2010 19:32
                Very helpful



                For £3.50-4.00, you could do a lot worse.

                I was given these by a relative who purchased them and changed their mind. The box was unopened, and all the chocolate safely in tact, so I was able to have them all to myself and devour each last one purely for the purposes of this review (of course).

                What does one get when they purchase a box of these? The answer is a fairly generous 250g box of thorntons chocolates - and more specifically an assortment of 6 different types.

                These are: Soft Caramel, Creamy Fudge, Double Chocolate Croquant, Crunchy Praline, Orange Crisp and Chocolate Truffle.

                Like any box of chocolates, everyone has their favourites, and everyone may find one or two that they generally avoid. For me, the Praline was a no-no. Due to a very mild nut allergy, and a general adhorence for the taste, I completely avoided these - so you'll have to try yourself if you want insight into these particular ones.

                As for the others, they are actually very nice indeed. At first I was a bit disappointed. The Creamy Fudge and Soft Caramel weren't all that special, and I wasn't initially sure what croqaunt was - so I believed my options to be limited.

                However, the Creamy Fudge and Caramel grew on me, and the Croquant turned out to be the nicest of the bunch - a mix of white and milk chocolate. Add do that the more established favourites of the Chocolate Truffle, and Orange Crisp and it was overall a very tasty and luxurious mixture of pleasant chocolate in a pleasing array of variaties.

                I don't believe the ingredients they use are quite as rich or sumptuous as many of the Thorntons i'd previously tasted, but it is still very pleasing compared to many chocolate boxes out there.


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                  21.02.2010 12:44



                  Not worth the money, buy other chocolates at Thorntons.

                  Sadly not worth the price paid for in Thorntons, seriously disappointed.
                  Don't be sucked in by the Thorntons brand name, stick to their other chocolates for satisfaction.

                  I bought these as part of a valentines gift for my girlfriend, and we haven't bothered finishing the box, as they're not worth the calories. As a comparison, the small 90g square chocolate bars were much, much better.

                  Many others have posted detail about the wrapping and packaging so I'm not going to repeat. They're shiny, individually wrapped and look pleasant enough as a gift.

                  They're basically just fairly cheap chocolates in a shiny wrapper. Nothing actively bad about them, but just not particularly good value compared to better chocolates...in all honesty I prefer Roses and Quality Street to these. The croquant were the highlight, orange crunch also nice, truffles were poor, praline tasted odd, fudge too fluffy, no caramels in the box!


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                  14.02.2010 12:44
                  Very helpful



                  On the whole a nice box of chocolates to give as a gift, or to recieve of course.

                  Over the festive period I received a few box`s of chocolates from various people and I am still trying to make my way through them all, Last night I opened a box of Thornton's Moments to enjoy whilst watching a film and enjoy them I did (and the film by the way).

                  It was a 250g box and in it there was a very nice selection of chocolates, they were as follows:

                  SOFT CARAMEL:

                  The caramel was harder than the name suggests, I had expected it to be quite a runny caramel but it was instead a chewy but soft caramel and I would not have it any other way, it was delicious.

                  CREAMY FUDGE:

                  Fudge is never my favourite centre in a box of chocolates but as far as fudge goes these were ok, not too sickly and not crumbly which is one thing I hate with fudge.


                  This is a white chocolate and milk chocolate sweet the white on the bottom and the milk on the top, it has tiny pieces of Croquant through it, which I gather is little more than caramelised sugar but it certainly sweetens the chocolate up and was a nice tasting different taste from most other chocolates.

                  CRUNCHY PRALINE:

                  Milk chocolate block with praline pieces throughout it, my wife loved these ones so I seen little of them but I did taste them and they were nice but not really my thing.

                  ORANGE CRISP:

                  Crispy orangey sugar pieces through a nice milk chocolate, so far so good but they seen fit to put shredded pieces of orange peel through these too and they lost me there, didn't like that at all.

                  CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE:

                  This was my favourite from the selection, a delicious sweet truffle centre that melted in the mouth, it had a rich taste of chocolate that overpowered the milk chocolate it was wrapped in and it was simply delicious.

                  Overall this was a very decent box of chocolates and having found out you can get the 250g box for under three quid right now from Asda, I think they are great value for money and being from Thornton's they are of course very good quality.

                  As with all chocolates though sadly these are not good for the figure, each chocolate has 39 calories and 2.1g of fat and when you consider I ate three quarters of a box last night, I think I had better go for a jog. LOL


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                    18.11.2009 19:52
                    Very helpful



                    Stash these!!

                    Review of Thornton's Moments chocolate selection

                    My other half had his birthday last month and he was given a box of these chocolates by my daughter. She is a chocoholic and was hoping (I presume) that he would open them straightaway and let her dive in.....She was sorely disappointed as he didn't! Anyway on with the review!

                    ==The Product==

                    A boxed selection of six different Thornton's Chocolates. The box I am reviewing is the 250g size, however the chocolates are also available as 650g box in supermarkets or a 650g bowl on the manufacturer's website.

                    ==Packaging and Contents==

                    Moments come in a slightly out of the ordinary box, flat on the reverse, yet semi domed at the front. The recyclable cardboard box is wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper. The box is rather distinctive as it is decorated with images of the actual chocolates and their ingredients and has a clear plastic panel through which you can see the individually wrapped chocolates.

                    A brief description of each chocolate, nutritional values, allergy advice and company information can be found on the reverse.

                    Inside the box nestle the chocolates, they are fairly small in size yet there are plenty of them, sadly I didn't think to count them for the purposes of this review and I must admit that they are all gone now!

                    Each chocolate is coated in a foil wrapper, there are six varieties within the box. To describe each chocolate I have indicated the wrapper colour, the box's description, my interpretation of the sweet and a summary of each one.

                    Red wrapper:
                    "Soft Caramel"
                    "Rich, smooth flowing caramel cloaked in a chunky milk chocolate dome."

                    A soft centred chocolate. The caramel is very sweet and has a slightly cloying after taste. The chocolate is smooth and creamy and this was the best part of this particular chocolate.
                    Summary:- OK

                    Pale gold wrapper:
                    "Double Chocolate Croquant"
                    "Crunchy chocolate dome made from layers of milk and white chocolate with croquant pieces."

                    A semi hard centre this time, rich tasting chocolate and a pleasant crunchy texture.
                    Summary:- Lovely!

                    Orange wrapper:
                    "Orange Crisp"
                    "Indulgent chocolate truffle laced with real orange zest and crispy pieces."

                    Another semi hard centre. Really tangy orange flavour and delicious crispy pieces within a truffle centre, encased in chocolate.
                    Summary:- Very good

                    Deep gold wrapper:
                    "Creamy Fudge"
                    "Luxurious, velvety butter fudge made with demerara sugar and coated in milk chocolate."

                    Soft centre of gorgeous fudge, the buttery flavour of the fudge melts on the taste buds as you bite through the chocolate casing.
                    Summary:- Fudge to die for!

                    Cerise wrapper:
                    "Crunchy Praline"
                    "Exquisite golden roasted hazelnut praline wrapped in milk chocolate."

                    A hard centred chocolate. This is the king of the box in my view. A deliciously nutty praline and smooth creamy chocolate. Crunchy, yet not hard, rich and very, very tasty!
                    Summary:- The best!

                    Brown wrapper:
                    "Chocolate Truffle"
                    "Silky chocolate truffle smothered in Thornton's delicious milk chocolate."

                    A soft centre. If the Crunchy Praline is the King of Thornton's moments, then this has to be the Queen! Totally addictive, the truffle is everything a truffle should be, light, yet rich in flavour with a silky texture.
                    Summary:- A close runner up for the position of my favourite!

                    As you may have guessed, my other did share his present with me----eventually!

                    ==Ingredients, Allergy advice and Nutritional Values==

                    I won't bore readers with a long list of ingredients and nutritional values. This is a confectionery product and we all know that it is going to contain sugar, sugar and more sugar, the calories are going to be high and nutritionally it is not going to score very well.
                    Sadly chocolate is not yet included in one's Five a Day quota!

                    Briefly, Thornton's Moments are suitable for vegetarians, they contain No artificial colours or added preservative. The product does contain nuts, milk, soya, eggs, gluten and wheat, so consumers sensitive to these ingredients should exercise caution.

                    Each chocolate contains an average of 39 calories, which if you can limit yourself to one or two chocolates is not too bad. I have no will power...enough said!

                    ==Price and Availability==

                    Available from Thornton's website for £3.99 or from many supermarkets.

                    The usual price of the 250g box is £3.76 in most supermarkets, however in the run up to Christmas the following special offers can be found:-

                    2 x 250g boxes for £6 in Tesco and Sainsburys or 2 x 250g boxes for £5 in Asda. A good deal for those Christmas presents!

                    Information about the Thornton's company and their range of products can be found on their website:-

                    ==My Thoughts and Conclusion==

                    A real winner from Thornton's in my opinion. Out of the six chocolates in the box, there was only one that I wasn't totally impressed with and even that was perfectly OK, simply not as good as the other five!
                    This is a lovely chocolate selection at a fair price from Thornton's and I would recommend them to others.

                    Thank you for reading.

                    ©brittle1906 November 2009

                    NB My review may be found on other review sites under the same name, brittle1906


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                      13.11.2009 18:00
                      Very helpful



                      Buy some!

                      My mum gave me a box of these the other day to try as in our family, we are all huge chocolate fans! I have seen these before in Tesco and other larger supermarkets but have never bought them myself.

                      Thorntons Moments are of course made by chocolate brand Thorntons. They come in a rectangular cardboard box with a plastic window to see the product inside. The box stands tall rather than lying down and is predominantly cream in colour with lots of pictures of the yummy chocolates on! The box tells me that they are 'a selection of favourite centres smothered in milk chocolate.'

                      Opening the box I was greeted by lots of chocolates wrapped in metallic paper. I turned the box over to see what the chocolates were and was quite shocked to see there were only 6 different varieties. However, looking at the flavours I was quite happy about this as usually I end up leaving half a box as I only like half the flavours. The flavours in this box are as follows:

                      Soft Caramel: This is always my favourite in chocolate selections and always the one I reach for first. Biting into this one I was not disappointed, the chocolate was rich and tasted of very high quality. The caramel was sticky and sweet and was just the right consistency.

                      Creamy Fudge: Again, the chocolate was of good quality and was thick surrounding the fudge. The fudge itself was quite crumbly, but held together well and tasted very creamy and buttery.

                      Double Chocolate Croquant: This was another favourite as it contained layers of both milk and white chocolate (my favourites!) with crunchy bits in. The chocolate was solid and thick and both kinds were smooth, rich and creamy. The crunchy bits were an added bonus as they gave it a good texture and made it more interesting.

                      Crunchy Praline: Usually I hate praline and would hand this over to someone else but after eating one by accident I noticed how subtle they tasted so I happily ate the rest of these! The praline was mousse like and soft and was wrapped in creamy milk chocolate.

                      Orange Crisp: I dont usually like orange. However, similar to the praline this had a very subtle flavour. The chocolate was mainly truffle which was soft, creamy and smooth and it had crunchy, crispy bits in which I really enjoyed. I find these bits usually get stuck in your teeth but these didnt and melted in the mouth easily.

                      Chocolate Truffle: This is another personal favourite in a box of chocolates and I was not let down by this one! The truffle was smooth and had a good flavour and melted in the mouth really well.

                      Overall, I really enjoyed this box of chocolates and was amazed to find there wasnt a single one I didnt like (more for me!) The chocolates were of Thorntons high quality and I really liked them all. So would I buy them myself? Absolutely.

                      These are available in a 250g box for £3.76 (Tesco), they are currently on a 2 for £6 offer.


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                        29.08.2009 17:39
                        Very helpful



                        Thorntons chocolates

                        Apart from shoes my other big weakness is chocolate, I have already munched a bag of minstrels today and will shortly be off to the gym to make amends however the other day I was bought a small box of chocolates from Thorntons as a hank you from someone who had stayed at our house and it was a nice thoughtful gift as they need not have bothered.

                        Contained within the box were a selection of Thorntons chocolates with a variety of different types, the only downside for me was the fact that one of them is a praline which I'm not a fan of. Most of the chocolates are pretty traditional and ones that you come across in lots of selection boxes but they are still pretty good even if they are predictable.

                        My favourite has to be the caramel one which is lovely milk chocolate with a creamy caramel filling all inside a purple wrapper. I also liked the combination of milk and white chocolate which was Double Chocolate Croquant which had a slightly crunchy centre to it and was rather pleasant.

                        I was not sokeen on the Chocolate Truffe which combined milk and dark chocolate, for some reason the milk chocolate seemd to dominate suggesting that it was not great quality dark chocolate.

                        The rest of the chocolates were pretty good and rather moorish however they were not exactly very big and personally I like my chocolates to be a bit less traditional with more variety to them, so while these are perfectly nice to eat they are not the best selection box that I have had from Thorntons. Not sure what the price is I'm afraid as they were a gift.

                        Now to get my gym stuff and head out for some sweaty pain.


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                        Enjoy 6 different centres: soft caramel, creamy fudge, double chocolate croquant, crunchy praline, orange crisp and chocolate truffle.

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