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Thorntons Summer Collection

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Brand: Thorntons

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2010 13:19
      Very helpful



      Taste sunshine, even on a rainy day, with this lovely collection.


      A brief history of chocolate may be found upon the Thornton's site at http://www.thorntons.co.uk/ThorntonsSite/category/History_of_chocolate/ It makes for very interesting reading. The site has so much information on it. I have just found out that although Thornton's main concern is food safety, they also review ethics, health and safety, employee pay, employment conditions and environmental policies and practices, when purchasing the products needed to make their chocolates. Good to know.

      *Thornton's Summer Collection*

      I purchased a packet of these today, as I was felt I needed a little treat. At £2.69 per 99g bag, they are affordable enough to treat yourself or they would make an ideal gift for someone. There are many to flavours to choose from in the range and I found myself drawn to these (oh, and the Praline Collection if the truth be told). If you buy two, the price you will be charged is £5, not a huge saving but every penny helps.


      The packet is a yellowy colour, and Thornton's is emblazoned at the top of the packet. Summer Collection also stands out, lower down and in dark brown font.

      There is a see through viewing window at the front, and the sight of the contents is what made me decide upon my purchase - I originally went in to buy toffee.

      The packet is not large, and only contains 8 chocolates, but they are of extremely high quality, and one or two at a time will suffice. There are 6 different varieties within.


      1. Chocolate Mousse - Light chocolate mousse, covered in milk chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate powder to finish it off.

      This has a thick coating, and you can hear the chocolate crack as you bite into it. The centre is very light and fluffy, it is very much a mousse like texture, and it's not heavy at all, like a truffle.

      2. Strawberry Crush - Strawberry and double cream mousse. It's coated with white chocolate and is decorated with tiny pieces of dried strawberries.

      This is has a velvety texture to it. The strawberry mousse is fresh and light. It's like eating a fresh strawberry dipped in white chocolate. This is pure indulgence! Yum.

      3. Orange Presse - Orange and double cream mousse and coated in milk chocolate.

      It has a lovely appearance as it is drizzled with an orange icing.
      I'm not a big fan of the orange and chocolate combination. To see three of these chocolates in my bag, upset me a little - that is until I tried it. This centre is a very light mousse as before, but the flavour is very subtle - it's not a zesty orange flavour. It is enhanced by the milk chocolate. Most chocolates with an orange flavouring are usually in dark chocolate, and are of an intense flavour. This is very softly flavoured and it surprises me to say that I like this.

      4. Peach Melba - Raspberry and double cream mousse with a hint of peach schnapps. It is coated in milk chocolate and has a sprinkling of caster sugar for decoration.

      This one is heaven. I thought I had chosen my favourite until I tried this. Please Thornton's - do a box of these on their own! The flavour is divine. The raspberry is the first flavour you taste, but the peach lingers on your taste buds for a while after you've finished. Bliss.

      5. Vanilla Mousse - White mousse with hints of vanilla, coated in white chocolate with a dark chocolate decoration.

      I think this one is probably the prettiest to look at. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds. It is partially coated in the dark chocolate, enough that you get the hint of the dark and the white chocolate together. You would think they wouldn't mesh very well but they do. The bitterness of the dark is complemented by the sweetness of the white chocolate. The vanilla is subtle, and is slightly overpowered by the dark chocolate, so much so, you can hardly taste it.

      6. Lemon Meringue - Creamy and zesty lemon layers in a white chocolate cup. This has been sprinkled with real meringue pieces.

      The thickness of the white chocolate is amazing. You get a little cup of chocolate and at the base is a lemony mixture, almost like a lemon curd. The middle layer is made of a lemon mousse, light and fluffy. It is then capped off with a further layer of white chocolate. It is sprinkled with tiny, little pieces of real meringue. The pieces are little but when you bite into it, there is enough there for it to actually add to the experience, not just look pretty. This one is my favourite out of the whole packet, closely followed by the Peach Melba.


      The list of ingredients doesn't make very easy reading, so I will omit it, if you don't mind. These are suitable for vegetarians. Warning! These are, however, unsuitable for anyone with allergies or intolerances to nuts, milk, soya, gluten and wheat. They are approximately 67 calories each.


      In conclusion, I was well aware I was purchasing a fruity, summer inspired collection, but these are all a bit samey, mores the pity. It's not the flavours, they are great - it's the texture, they are all mousse centres. A couple of hard or chewy centres would have been nice to add an alternative texture. A fan of quality chocolate will find them hard to resist, just as I have done - oh, how I suffer to write these reviews! :o)


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