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Brand: Twix / Type: Orange

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2004 16:41
      Very helpful



      I've got something quite exciting to tell you about tonight. Something extraordinary and unprecedented. I've just come back from swimming. Which could well be the thing I had to tell you, since it also fits the bill quite nicely, but stick with me. Housematey and I had popped into the off licence afterwards, as you do. We dripped across the shop, clutching our soggy towels and giving off chlorine fumes. After blindly grabbing a bottle from the usual spot, we approached the counter, and passed the dangerous c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e display. I tried not to look at the seductive shiny packages, all hinting at soft silky pleasures, but I couldn't help sneaking a little peek. And there in the middle it was, brazen as you like. An Orange Twix. Oh yes, I know. Orange. And Twix. It's a combination that someone who likes, say, orange chocolate and twixes would be unable to pass up. And I happen to be just such a person. Two of the little temptresses had landed on the counter without housematey and the visa card even noticing. I bounced back to the house, and barely made it inside the door before I could resist no longer, and had to tear into the foil. Now, a normal twix, for those of you who have been living on another planet, is a finger of biscuit with a thick layer of caramel on top, all wrapped in milk choc. It is one of the kings of the choccy bar world. It's tangoed brethren have a little twist. The biscuit itself is chocolate flavour, dark dark like a chocolate brownie, and the caramel layer on top is tinged with orange oil. I was expecting a normal twix with choc-orange covering, so my first bite suprised me with the unusually dark insides. But whatever the compostion is, wherever the orangey flavouring resides, it's darned good, and I can't think why they haven't done this sooner. Especially after the long lived success of the 'limited edition' orange kit kat. And that my friends is the sad news: this naughty littl
      e two fingered delight is one of those pesky limited editions itself, so get yourself off to your nearest confectioners asap. If you want to find and savour one of these masterful treats from masterfoods yourself, keep an eye out for the usual gold twix packaging with bright orange ends. It's well worth the 37p or so, assuming you are a choccy orange fan. As for calorific and fat content, luckily it doesn't say on the packet. Which I could assume means there is none, but even I am not that deluded. I'm justified in scoffing them all down, because I've just swum 40 lengths. Any other dieters out there should steer clear, and rest assured that you needn't try one, just know they are very very nice. And if the rest of you can't find any, it's cos I've got there first...


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